Best Kids Trampoline To Detach Your Kids From Video Games

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Is your kid spending too much time on playing video games?

Is your kid’s attitude worsening because of his/her ceaseless gaming?

Don’t worry, try to replace the time that your kid would usually spend on the video games with other activities and giving them one of the best kids trampoline as a gift would be an excellent idea. Fresh air and Exercises are extremely needed for your kid’s physical and mental growth and you will be happy to know that trampoline fulfills all these health requirements and it is also one of the most popular addition to the backyard garden. You can also let your kids to play basketball.

However, you might have known that because of the exposed heavy metal frames, there is the possibility of injury in trampolining. But I am now going to introduce a few trampolines which is specially designed for kids. The metal frames of these trampolines are beautifully covered with thick pads to keep your kids out of injury.

One more thing before buying a quality trampoline you should know that, the traditional trampolines are available at the most cheapest price. But, whenever comes the safety matter of your kids, as a conscious parent, I can’t recommend you any poor quality trampolines.

Ladybug Jumper Kids Trampoline:

To push away your kids from video games, Ladybug Jumper Kids Trampoline is peerless. Kids love deep and bright colors and this colorful jumper can cheer up everyone in the family with its eye catching appearance.

pure fun ladybug jumper kids trampoline

Robust construction, easy to assemble system with compact size will delight you must. Its sporty red and black plushy sides and cheery ladybug like cute face are a great addition to captivate your sweet kids. You won’t believe me before presenting this specifically designed kids friendly trampoline to your children.

This Ladybug Jumper is specially designed for the kids between the age 4 to 10 and its weight limit is 150 pounds. This kids trampoline incorporates some vital safety features which are very effective to protect your kids from any injury.


Removable soft ladybug face to add extra cuteness.

Fixed tender padded handrail for balance.

Completely covered springs for your kids safety.

30 High performance dual steel spring system.

ASTM, TUV/GS & CE Certified for safety.


Kids can use its removeable ladybug face as pillow.

Helps your kids to develop muscle.

Easy to assemble.

Favor them to improve stamina.

Padded handrail assist them to get balanced.

Seems to be attractive and a very fun toy for kids.


Not suitable for adults.

The handrail bar is not adjustable.

It is too easy to take off the foam from the handrail by the kids.

Kids 7 Feet Trampoline:


Little Tikes is a renowned manufacturer of children’s toys. They have designed Kids 7 Feet Trampoline for preschool and elementary school children who are not older than 10. This one is also safe for your kids. Though it has no handrail, it is completely covered with 7 foot high net to provide much more safer protection to your little kids.

There is large 21.65 square feet jumping area inside the net. There is also attached mesh bag outside the jumping area to store shoes and loose clothing. To keep the trampoline stable while jumping a kid into it, it is structured with heavy steel poles, but for the utmost safety of your kids, these poles are fully covered by rolled up foam pads.

There is no chance of falling off from this trampoline while bouncing because of its safety enclosure which is made of durable PE netting. But, you have to be careful to use this safety enclosure whenever you like to let your kids bouncing. I am talking about this because I have seen one of my neighbors not to set up this safety nets only because of his laziness.

Another countable thing is that, all of its springs are covered by the pad protector and you know, springs provide excellent propagation for leapfrogging. 7’4″ diameter, 100lbs weight limit, 21.65 Sq. Ft bouncing area, blow-molded plastic frame and extreme safety enclosure have made this a reliable starter trampoline for your small children.

As I have heard from two of my other neighbors, this trampoline is durable, suitable for bouncing hours after hours if you have more than one kid to use it and sometimes their friends also bounce into it and easy to assemble only following provided instruction.
From further inquiry, I have also seen a few of its limitation. It is not suitable to place this bouncer into bedroom or anywhere inside the compartment because it is much more larger than the previous one. So, you have to have a family garden or large playing room to place it.

12 Feet Jump N Dunk Kids Trampoline:

With a view to keeping your kids actively involved in indoor and outdoor activities, Skywalker Trampolines started their journey in 2004 bearing a belief in mind that “trampolines and other game equipment should be safe and fun”. If I am not wrong, you also think so and 12 Feet Jump N Dunk Kids Trampoline meets both those features.


No-Gap enclosure system, a soft basketball hoop, Weight capacity up to 200 lbs and 95 Sq. Ft jumping area will surely attract your growing kids. This Jump N Dunk trampoline has so many mind blowing features like reinforced T-Socket construction, tightly woven polyethylene enclosure net, UV protected polypropylene jump mat and galvanized rust resistant steel frame.

You may think that you will have to constantly fix its breakaway basketball hoop, but, you won’t have to do so because Skywalker Trampolines has used advanced technology to add the basketball hoop. So, it even doesn’t need to be touched for a long time.

I just become amazed to see my only daughter Amelia jumping on it. She is now only thirteen and since 11 it is her most favorite playmate. I never seen her being injured. First three months I exceedingly supervised her. She is also very careful that she never allow her friends entrance on the mat while she enjoy bouncing and she lets them only one by one. So, if you now consider buying this trampoline, then feel free to check its details on Amazon.

Why Should You Let Your Kids Bouncing On Trampoline:

Trampoline is very effective entertainment equipment to push away your children from video games. As you have known that exercise is a must for kids to remain healthy, you might want your kids to run every morning. But they may don’t like to run each morning or evening, because they are kids.

So, you have to find out another way to ensure their health and jumping on trampoline is the solution for you. Moreover, it has been reassured from the result of a NASA study that, ten minutes of bouncing on a trampoline can provide just the same fitness results as 33 minutes of running can give. Then why not to get into the physical and educational helpfulness of trampolining for kids:


Trampolining teaches devoutness and persistence. It generally takes time to become skilled on each trampoline flip. But, as trampolining is so much funny, kids often show their highest persistence until they can perform that flip rightly.


Children generally try to perform new moves on trampoline. They don’t like to count on any instruction in performing those moves. If it is not too difficult to them, they become successful. In this way they gain self confidence.

Foundation for academic success:

Regularly jumping on trampoline, kids begin to learn how to keep balance, and how to remain in the circle or boundary. The learn how to control their legs and hands while landing and how to achieve success. These are very essential foundation for their academic success.


You will see that trampoline leads your children to achieve such royal quality like leadership. Yes, as I have seen, you might also notice that, after getting a good command over a new move, your children will call their friends and playmates and then will show them the new move. If they also feel interest to perform that move, they will ask your child to teach them and then your kid will feel better and command them the steps. That is how leadership will be achieved.

Thirst for success:

Like any other popular outdoor activities, trampoline rises the sense of being success in the deep heart. As kids love to learn new moves, they eagerly like to show their utmost persistence to learn new moves and love to show off those moves to others, they actually become habituated to achieve success. This effect is also seen into their education. They also willingly try to cut a better figure in their exam.

Brighter athletic future:

There is another opportunity for your kids if you like. Bouncing on trampoline will develop the muscle and bone. Your kids will become stronger and healthier. They will be fit enough to take a seat into the inter school athletic championship.

Taking Challenge:

Trampoline also helps your kids to take new challenge. You know, there is also a possibility of injury in bicycling or skateboarding. Though there is the possibility of injury in trampolining, your kids dare to take the challenge. Not only this, but also your kids will learn how to overcome the challenge. But, you should not overlook your part. Always supervise your kids, instruct them well and support them to take new challenges by offering them a safe trampoline experience. To ensure safety, check out the “Is Trampoline Safe For The Kids” below section.


Bouncing on the trampoline strengthens muscles and bones. Thus it helps to improve fitness and flexibility of nerves and veins.

Cardiovascular health:

Trampolining is the best cardiovascular exercise. Regularly jumping on trampoline only for 30 minutes can significantly improve cardiovascular health of the kids.

Exercise in disguise:

The most interesting benefit of trampoline is the Exercise in disguise. Very often, kids don’t like to take part in sports or exercise activities. They like to show laziness to these sweating workouts because of their addiction to the video games. But, trampoline offers exercise workout to the kids in such a funny and appealing way that they can’t deny.

There are lot more benefits of bouncing on trampoline. Even NASA, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, believes that “rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man.” So, to know more about its benefits, you might also like this page. Actually, not only for kids, but there is a lots of benefits in trampolining also for teenagers and adults. Lets check out a few of them at a glance:

  • Improves lymphatic drainage and immune function of the human body.
  • Increases bone strength and develop skeletal system.
  • Helps to improve digestion system.
  • More effective than running for ankles and knees.
  • Stimulates mitochondrial production.
  • Improves physical endurance and balance.
  • Increases energy level.
  • Circulates oxygen throughout the body.
  • Develops muscle tone.
  • Supports the thyroid and adrenals.
  • And above all, trampolining is the most funniest exercise work out.

Some Funny Trampolining Moves List:

Trampolining or jumping on trampoline is so attractive because there is some funny moves. These moves are really funny not only to perform, but also to enjoy. But, be aware that your kids should not practice these moves without the presence and supervision of any instructor.

Seat Drop:

This move is really amazing. It is being performed only for fun. A seat drop skill consists of you sitting down when you land on the jumping mat. To perform this skill, performer just need to bounce normally at the beginning. But, whenever they reach the peak, their hips become sharply straight together with their feet obviously in front of the upper body. Here you will get the details of Seat Drop.

Front Drop:

It is more funny as well as much dangerous move than Seat Drop. A front drop is the move where the expert performers doing a normal bounce at the beginning and then land down in a way that laid out flat on the front of their body just like we used to sleep on our belly.


Straddle is also known as toe touch move which is very popular among the expert trampoline bouncers. In this move, a performer fully stretches their legs just like the flying wings, while they remain on the peak. A performer need to do a lot of leg work to show off this skill. It can also be done without being on trampoline. Have a look on how to do a toe touch jump here.

Tuck Jump:

It is just being folded like tuck on the air. Tuck jump is a little easier than previous moves. Any kids even can do this. As, a performer goes higher straightly on the trampoline, they fold waist and rise their knees to be holded in the arm bond.

Basic Bounce:

This is the very primary step of trampolining. You can practice it anywhere along with your kids to prepare them for trampolining. It is nothing but jumping on the trampoline bed very easily and safely without any difficulties. It is very important to get a good command over this primary move to be able to perform another moves. Have a look at this starter guide to be the primary instructor of your kids.

How to Choose The Best Kid Trampoline:

If you love to see your children jumping on the trampoline happily for long time, you then have to give them possible the best one. So, you should know what features must have in the best trampolines.


The first and foremost feature of a considerable trampoline is the safety. The safety of a trampoline depends on its solid frame, pad, springs and enclosures. The frame and springs must be covered by the thick pad, otherways your kids may get injured and safety enclosures protect them from falling off the trampoline bed.


Quality is another important feature. If a trampoline is made with poor quality accessories, then it won’t be able to entertain your kids enough. The frame of a low quality trampoline might be broken down soon, it’s jumping bed may be torned within no time. The quality products assure you to experience the longer use. So, before choosing a trampoline, don’t forget to check out its quality.


You will not get any high quality trampoline at the most cheapest price. So, I don’t like to talk much about price. Just be sure that you are going to get the exact value of your cash which you will expend to buy a quality trampoline for your kids.


Yes, size is also a considerable aspect. If your kid is only 3 or four years, you then can choose a very small trampoline like Little Tikes 7′ or Ladybug Jumper Kids Trampoline. But, for a children over ten years, those small size won’t be suitable. So, you then will need to buy a larger size like Jump N Dunk Skywalker Trampoline. There are also bigger sized trampolines than this one, but I think, those are suitable for adults. For your wise consideration, all of the above mentioned trampolines fulfill the requirements to be enlisted as the best children’s trampoline.

How to Assemble a Trampoline:

Actually assembling a trampoline is not any difficult thing. You will get a step by step guide on how to assemble a trampoline easily within the box of your chosen trampoline. Moreover, there are a lots of instructive videos on YouTube which will surely help you. Here is a video from YouTube:

To assemble a trampoline you might need hand gloves to protect your hands from pinching. You will also need screwdriver, adjustable wrenches and a rubber mallet. Check out your trampoline box and read the user manual and then start assembling with the frame, add springs to the frame, cover springs with the spring protector, set trampoline bed to the springs and let your kids enjoy trampolining.

Where To Place The Trampoline:

A very consistent topic to discuss about. Actually it depends on the size of your trampoline. If your kid is only 3 or 4 years old and you choose a very small trampoline like Pure Fun Ladybug Jumper, then you can easily place your trampoline anywhere inside your compartment. You even can place it into your bedroom.

But, if your kid is a little older and you choose any one of the other two trampolines, then you won’t be able to place them inside your compartment, because those trampolines are too big to place inside. It will be suitable, if you have a large playing room for your kids. Don’t worry, if you don’t have such huge room. You can easily place them in the backyard or in your family garden.

How To Take Care Of Trampoline:

No need to take any care of your trampoline if you don’t expect longevity. But, if you love to enjoy the bouncing of your kids on that trampoline for years to come, then it is important to take care of your trampoline.

The best way to take care of it is to not to allow more than one children on the trampoline bed at a time. There is a weight limit for each trampoline. You should not cross that limit. You should also encourage your kids to follow the instruction.

It will be a plus, if you regularly check out the springs, frame, each and every joints at least once a week. You also need to clean up the trampoline bed regularly. And specially in winter, you should cover up the trampoline with a polythene mat each evening if it is in the family garden or backyard. You can also consider replacing your trampoline jumping mat to bring bring a new look and reinforced working efficiency to your old trampoline.

Is Trampoline Safe For The Kids:

No, if you don’t follow the guide, then trampoline is not safe for your kids. According to the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), “The risk of fractures and head, neck and spine injuries makes trampolining suitable only for structured training settings”. So, what do you think now?

If you want to make it safer for your kids, there is something you should strictly follow. First of all, having one of the best kids trampoline, you will be able to offer a safe device to your lovely kids. Again, if you really are aware of the safety matters, then trampoline is obviously safe for your kids. So, the safety of trampoline is completely dependent upon you. Observe the following image to be aware of the safety matters.


You also should be strongly rigid about the following points to keep your children 100% safe while making funny bounce on the trampoline bed.

  • Don’t let your children get on the trampoline without your supervision.
  • Teach your children to bounce off the trampolines before finishing the fun.
  • Teach your kids the primary lessons of jumping on trampoline.
  • Call an instructor to teach your children the advanced moves.
  • Don’t allow more than only one on the trampoline at a time.

Moreover, you have to have enough knowledge of bouncing on trampoline to teach your kids everything on how to avoid injury.

You know, to get enough knowledge about trampolining, you need to practice it first. Putting your feet on the trampoline bed for the first time is not any puzzling activity. It is as easy as rope skipping, even it may seem easier to you.

Jumping on the trampoline is so easy pursuit that it is okay to start with your feet on the trampoline surface and begin easy jumps with your feet slightly leaving the surface. And then gradually you can increase the distance between your feet and trampoline surface. You can watch this video from the facebook page of this website to exactly realize the trampolining. The following video will also improve your knowledge base on Trampoline Safety Matters.

Playing video games for long time is not any good practice. On the other hand, bouncing on the trampoline is very helpful to health. The invention of trampoline is really a gift for the growing kids. Hope you have got this resource helpful to choose the best kids trampoline for your children. And it is obviously must to follow all the safety precautions to ensure that trampolining is safe and fun for the kids. This is what I like to share with you today. Have fun to see your kids making fun on the funny kids trampoline.