What is the best in ground basketball hoop for driveway?

To dig out the best in ground basketball hoops for driveway, we had to do something like moving a rock from the west to the east. Yap, after spending years of enjoying Basketball and testing dozens of goal Systems, we’ve found the secret list of those rock solid basketball systems perfect for installing in 4 cars or bigger driveway or in the backyard.

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Serious Players love the H-Frame In-Ground Basketball Goal System from Spalding and Lifetime 71525 Height Adjustable Basketball Hoop is one of the most favorite choices of the budget customers to install in their driveway.

Both of these have height adjustment facilities along with other cool features and from breathtaking basketball match to afternoon sweat secreting practice, the performance of the first one is pretty excellent.

It has a 6″ Square pole which ensures maximum stability. The other hoops we looked at may have excelled in two or three features, but did poorly in others. Actually the first one is the best one to keep you warm till the evening to make your basketball dreams come true.

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Basketball hoops for outdoor games always should be stable and that’s why we prefer in ground hoops over portable ones and the H-Frame In-Ground Basketball Goal System meets this criterion to the best.

Most of the basketball hoop manufacturers emphasize features that ensure the maximum satisfaction for the fitness enthusiasts. Here, we can’t but represent the term FITNESS because we’ve never seen any basketball player who is overweight or physically unfit.

The first and foremost aim of our effort is to achieve the fitness and stay in a great shape. From our life long experience, it has been proven that after practicing this sweat secreting sport for six months, it is impossible to have unwanted fat in your body. However, to ensure the stability and longevity, the pole of our most favorite basketball system has been designed in square shape and made of steel.

We love the H-Frame In-Ground Basketball Goal System because it does almost everything right. Most of the other basketball hoops we considered had a few serious flaws. This hoop fulfills all the core features that every serious player finds important.

It has a great 3/8″ thick tempered glass backboard which confirms the superior rebound benefit so you won’t have to waste your energy on picking up the ball each time you throw it. Listen to what our friend Erica says about this hoop:

It also has a U-Turn™ Pro lift system which provides the infinite height adjustment convenience from 7′ to 10′. You know, for a newbie, 10′ is too high to practice this sport without being blown away soon. Again, 7′ is not a standard height to enjoy basketball for the advanced players. So, this basketball hoop makes it easy for you to select the height which suits you best.

I have enjoyed basketball with this system for the past 18 plus months, throwing the ball over 100,000 times on its 72″ x 42″ tempered glass backboard. Yes, most of the time I fail to throw the ball through the ring and that’s why you didn’t hear my name as a basketball player. I enjoy this sport as a means of keeping myself in great shape.

The one point where the H-Frame In-Ground Basketball Goal System falls a bit short and that is its height adjustability. Yes, it has the height adjustment feature, but it is only from 7′ to 10′. To me, it would be better if it is 5′ to 10′ so that my sweet Jessie also would be able to hang up on its ring. She is now only 7 years old. If you want to enjoy basketball with your kids, it may not then be the best choice for you.

In that case, you may consider buying Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball Goal System. You’ll be astonished and pleased to see that the height of this basketball system is adjustable to as low as only 5.5 feet. Not only it has the feature of awesome adjustability, but also it possesses all the basketball playing aggressiveness including dunking and hanging.

Beside its height adjustability, if you are conscious about high performance game quality, the rust armor package and other excellent features surely will satisfy you. So, you can check its other features and details on Amazon.

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what are you looking for

You know, I’m not a psychologist. So, I don’t know exactly what are you looking for. But, if the above basketball hoops aren’t suitable for you, then you can think about Lifetime 71525 Height Adjustable Basketball Hoop.

I’m personally yet to have it. But, one of our playmates has got it very good. She told me that she can easily adjust its height from 7.5 to 10 feet using only one hand. Okay fine, I’m not asking you to trust her. You yourself check its features and customer reviews on Amazon.

It is not an easy job to consider a particular basketball goal hoop as the best one. There are hundreds of basketball systems from the dozens of famous manufacturers out there in the market.

Among these huge collections, very often it becomes so difficult to find out the most suitable one for the customers. Because, most of the time, customers aren’t experienced basketball players. They didn’t spend hours after hours researching the ins and outs of any basketball hoop system.

But, the reality is that they might want to see their kiddies in the NBA, they themselves may like to practice it with a view to burning fat, or even they may expect a college basketball championship trophy from their son or daughter.

So, they need a reliable basketball goal system, though they don’t know which will be the best one and from our About Us page, you’ll come to know that the aim of our endless effort is to help those customers to choose possibly the best sporting goods according to their expectation.

Who This Is For

A basketball hoop is for the people who love basketball and want to play this amazing sport. There are a lot of people who just love to enjoy the NBA or other tournaments on television. They don’t need any hoops or basketball system. As per I know, another group of people need this sports equipment. Can you guess who they are?

overweight man or woman

Didn’t you see any overweight people? They do a lot of things to burn their fat and as time goes by, they become bored of doing boring exercises. So, they start searching for something new and you know, playing basketball is very effective as well as very interesting to burn extra fat. It also helps us to stay in shape. So, overweight people can consider buying it for better results.

But, particularly an in ground basketball set is the best option for those who want to practice it, those who are passionate about it and also want to win tournaments like college basketball trophy or something more challenging. If you want to improve your basketball skill, if you need to practice a lot, if you expect an honor from playing basketball, then an in ground basketball system is for you.

How We Sorted

I don’t know exactly how many manufacturers are there in the United States, but I’ve seen dozens of different basketball hoops and tested about 50 of them in my 10+ years long run in this game.

I didn’t buy all those 50 hoops, but did get the opportunity to test those because I have enjoyed basketball with numerous teams and players. In the last 2 months, we, the Sporting Goods Info family, have visited our well acquainted playmates and basketball enthusiasts.

We’ve enjoyed dunking and hanging with them, scrutinized their hoops and finally talked to them about their equipment. We’ve asked a lot of questions regarding their hoops. We tried to know how satisfied they are with their hoops and the result is that not all of them were satisfied.

Not all the basketball hoops were good enough, but a few of those were truly excelled the dimension of satisfaction. That is how we did the job with a view to representing the quality basketball goal hoops to our audiences.

As a basketball fan, I’m sure, you know that there are 3 types of basketball hoop out there and these are in ground, portable and wall mount. In our primary list, there were also a few wall mount and portable hoops.

But, my personal experience was not so good with wall mount and portable systems. A portable one is very easy to move here and there. A portable one is less stable than in ground and I didn’t dare to enjoy hanging on any portable one though my weight is not more than 140 lbs.

wall mount goal system

You may prefer wall mount if your game room is very small. But, to enjoy the taste of playing basketball to the fullest, there is nothing but an in ground basketball hoop. A portable one is okay only if you live in a rented apartment.

About me, I didn’t get a single reason for purchasing anything else rather than an in ground one while there is a large backyard in my house. So, no one is fittest to all. But, don’t worry! From our very short list, you will get the best fit for you. Just keep reading if you are looking for an in ground basketball hoop system for your team or family.

Stability Is The Key

For even a newbie, it is not a problem to throw a ball through the ring after practicing 100 times. But, can you imagine the excitement of that person after that very first successful throw of the day? Can you control the emotion of your friends, when they earn the biggest points by making a success throw? Yes, I just beg you to realize that basketball is full of excitement and thrill.

It is very difficult to keep ourselves away from hanging after a successful dunking. So, stability of a basketball system is the key. You won’t be able to do this if your’s one is portable. To enjoy hanging after making the biggest points, you must need an in ground goal hoop.

To me, there shouldn’t be any limitation in sports. There also shouldn’t have any restriction of expressing inner feelings. But, how will you enjoy this freedom if your basketball pole can’t bide your weight. I think you are now caring enough about the Key and that is stability.

In ground basketball systems ensure the stability to the most. Wall mount goal hoops are also stable but not free from some deal breaking features. There is a chance of being injured in wall mount systems.

But, it is widely used because of its budget price and other striking features. If you have any issue in budget, you may consider checking this wall mount basketball hoop on Amazon.

How We Tested

There are 3 hoops in our tiny list, but we did run our test process over 50. It was a long time consuming procedure. We’ve spent about 200 minutes on each basketball system. We did create a list of our friends who have a basketball system. There were approximately 500 friends in our first list. We made a phone call to all those friends and discussed our intention.

From the phone call, we come to know that there are 57 unique in ground basketball hoops among those 500 friends. We used a spreadsheet to make our job easy. Over the past 2 months, each morning, we talked with 2/3 of our friends who have the same goal system and visited one of them in the afternoon.

We’ve listened to them, talked to them and not only this, but also we played pretty matches with them. I checked out 50 of those 57 different basketball systems with my own hands. The process was really very enjoyable. From the experiment, I discovered that people love to share their Sporting Goods with others. They like to tell stories regarding their recreational equipment.

This way, we tested and finally picked 3 hoops which are superior to the rest of those 50. And as it wasn’t possible to check all the hoops available in the market, so, it isn’t impossible to exist any better options out there.

But, you see, we’ve spent much time in creating a small list of three reliable in ground goal hoops. So, you can count on our choice if you don’t want to waste your valuable time doing the same thing which is already done by us.

3 best in ground basketball hoops for driveway

Here you’ll see the result of our 2 months long experiment. Yes, I’ve worked really so hard because it’s my pleasure to provide a price worthy and reliable suggestion with you. So, now let’s see which one is on the top of this tiny list.

[1st Choice]

H-Frame In-Ground Basketball Goal System

I’ve already talked about this system. For the last 18 months, it is one of my most favorite playmates in the afternoon and it has become the number 1 basketball hoop according to our 2 months long experiment.

If you visit my backyard, you’ll see that this excellent hoop is absolutely made of high quality components. Before diving deep into the anatomy of this in ground hoop, let’s have a short tour to its manufacturer’s reputation.

Our top favorite H Frame In Ground Basketball Goal System is manufactured by Spalding. Didn’t you hear about Spalding? Okay, this is an American sporting goods manufacturing company which was founded in 1876 by Albert Goodwill Spalding. The company is best known for its basketballs. The most amazing truth is that Spalding is now the official basketball supplier to the NBA.

To me, it is more than pleasure to use a basketball equipment from that manufacturer who is the official ball supplier to the NBA. Spalding also supplies basketball to other associations including WNBA and ABA.

However, H Frame In Ground Basketball Goal System has some excellent features. If you play basketball, you’ll notice that a crystal clear tempered glass backboard is very effective to keep the players motivated to make awesome throws in practice session and you know, “Practice makes us Perfect” and now clear backboard is a requirement of NBA.

Moreover, in any indoor tournament, this type of backboard lets the spectators enjoy the match without any hindrance. Did you ever enjoy any NBA or other match from the gallery? If your seat is just behind the pole, then you’ll feel the necessity of the crystal clear backboard.

Maybe it is not so important in a garage or backyard basketball match, but, another amazing feature of this tempered glass backboard is that it provides a superior rebound, which is a must while practicing.

This basketball system comes with aluminum trim and steel framed backboard. It’s pro lift system makes the height adjustment facility very simple and easy. You can easily adjust its height from 7′ to 10′. I usually keep it to 7.5′, but, whenever my friends and/or neighbors visit my backyard, I then lift it up to the 10′ and my Jessie becomes the referee.

A single piece 6″ Square steel pole brings the high quality robustness to the infrastructure of this basketball hoop. That’s why the stability of this impressive hoop is beyond your imagination. I always enjoy hanging after each close dunking and I also get extra fitness advantage from frequent monkey style hanging.

Spalding is aware that you may expect high level performance from your boys and girls. So, they have included positive lock breakaway rim and heavy duty safety pad to this ostentatious basketball hoop.

Another noticeable feature of this basketball system is that to let you play like a pro, the backboard of this system is made of glass and you know, glass is the most expensive backboard material and it provides the best bounce of your ball. That is why I love this hoop.

Flaws of this Hoop:

You know, nothing is perfect in this world. An in ground basketball system is too heavy to lift alone and so this one is. Moreover, the installation process is a little difficult if you don’t have any knowledge about making concrete mixture.

You also need to be very careful while installing the hoop and placing the bottom of the pole into the concrete ground. I didn’t get this process so difficult because I called my neighbours and they helped me to install the hoop. I think this YouTube video will make the installation process easy.

[2nd Choice]

Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball Goal System

You have also heard about this goal hoop. This is another awesome hoop about which you surely will hear that it is a high performance Gym quality in ground basketball system. Gym quality means you are free to use it as a means of your hanging beside dunking. You should do this now and then if you like to burn your fat or want to stay in an awesome shape.

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This hoop is the master of height adjustability. Unbelievable! You can adjust the height of this hoop only to 5.5 feet if you need and you can also set it to 10 feet if you want. This is the most suitable one to enjoy basketball along with the family members and neighbouring kids. It also will be the best choice, if you want to train your children the high performance basketball skills.

You may now ask me that why didn’t I put it on the top of our list. Yes, this is really a good question. I didn’t put it on the top because I’m a crazy fan of Spalding. The backboard of this hoop is also made of high quality tempered glass and it’s 72 inch. As I’m not an excellent basketball player, I prefer the bigger backboard. If 72 inch is okay to you, then you can undoubtedly consider buying this one.

To ensure the rock solid stability, it comes with 8×6 inch one piece massive pole. Moreover, one inch thick complete high impact padding set provides a safe and injury free playing environment. Ultra durable stainless steel hardware and safety features make this hoop as one of the most popular driveway basketball systems. If you are in search of the top quality in ground basketball goal hoop then this one will cease your thirst.

A happy customer of Pro Dunk Platinum basketball hoop says that he inspected the poles of various brands (as we have done in our two months long test) and did get this one just better than the rest.

He also mentioned that everything was nicely powdercoated and there were complete padding set to ensure safety for the players. He even didn’t forget to share his installation experience. If you follow the video we’ve shared below, then it will be easy for you to install your in ground hoop.

Cons But Not Dealbreaker

But, before purchasing this hoop, you should be aware of the fact that this hoop is a heavy weight equipment. Though its adjustability is very easy to handle, you may face issues if you make any mistakes in your installation process.

You know, digging the deep hole and pouring the concrete into that hole is the most difficult part of installing any in ground hoop. So, it is better to hire somebody to complete the installation procedure if you don’t have necessary equipment and enough confidence.

[3rd Choice]

Lifetime 71525 Height Adjustable Basketball Hoop

Based on the popularity of the Lifetime 71525 Height Adjustable Basketball Hoop among our friends, it becomes the 3rd most favorite goal hoop. You will also get a lot of customer reviews of this basketball hoop on Amazon. If you want to buy quality sports equipment but, don’t like to break the bank then look no further.

This basketball goal has been manufactured for high intensity play. It has 54 inch sports look backboard which is made of polycarbonate. To reduce the manufacturing cost, the backboard of this system has been made of this material instead of high expensive tempered glass. But, to provide a quality bounce, the company has used sturdy Makrolon polycarbonate to design the backboard.

This goal hoop has a 3.5 inch round steel pole and a pro rim with nylon net. You can also adjust its height from 7.5 to 10 feet. The height adjustability of this system has been improved with the Power Lift height adjustment mechanism which makes the process of height adjustment so easy. Moreover, the backboard frame of this hoop is blow molded with pad to ensure your safety and protection.

Whatever you think now, you may consider buying this basketball goal system if you know the history of the company. The name of the company is Lifetime which was founded by a conscious father. No, no, he wasn’t a Father of CHURCH.

He was a resident of Utah and he just wanted to create a better basketball hoop for his family. The idea was started from a garage in Riverdale, Utah. If you are also a resident of Utah, you can now then have a visit to Riverdale.

But, the company is now well established as his passion of building something better expanded so fast beyond his primary project. The company was founded in March of 1986 (I also was born in 1986) only with 15 employees and of course with a view to manufacturing durable and long lasting products for consumers and now the company has over 1500 employees all over the world.

These are our top 3 in ground hoops. You know, nothing is flawless in this globe, nothing is perfect on this planet. So, these 3 also aren’t completely free from faults. To me, the most annoying thing is the installation process which I have already disclosed.

If you want to enjoy a better basketball then there is no other way but overcoming this difficulty because in ground is the best solution. To justify my speech, it is better for you to visit one of your friends who have a portable basketball hoop.

Whichever you buy, proper installation is must to enjoy the basketball to the best. If you make any mistake in installing your goal system, a great basketball hoop will seem to you as the worst one. So, you have to be very careful. It is better to call professionals to install your basketball hoop. But, if you want to do it yourself, then here is a guide for you.

How to install an in ground basketball hoop

Watch the above video carefully. The process may vary from brand to brand, but the basic surely will help you to install your in ground basketball goal system correctly. Among the various types of in ground installation processes, this one is the easiest way to install your in ground hoop. If your basketball hoop is just like that one which is shown on the above video, then it will be easy for you to complete the job properly.

This easy installation system is available only with the expensive in ground basketball hoops and there’s something to be considered before starting the installation process. In this type of hoops, you will get an anchor system which must be set in concrete. So, first of all, you have to choose the right place to set that anchor.

anchor system

You may install your basketball hoop in your backyard or in the driveway. Wherever you install, the main thing to consider is how much available space do you have behind the pole and in front of your backboard. Yes, you have to have enough space even behind your pole if it is height adjustable. You need to go to the back of your pole to adjust the height. So, you’ll need enough space there.

Now, after allowing the enough space, paint lines for your desired basketball court and point the right place to set the anchor system. Watch the above video again to understand the anchor system. Right now, the first thing you need to do is digging a hole according to the manufacturer’s instruction. So, don’t forget to read the user manual provided by the manufacturer.

Generally a 2 feet deep hole is needed which should be 2 square feet in diameter. Now, fill out that hole with concrete to set your anchor system. As you yourself want to install your in ground basketball goal system, it is very important for you to level the 4 nuts on the top of your anchor plate. Feel free to have a look at the above video to understand this step.

You have to level those 4 nuts from front to back and left to right. This accurate leveling ensures that your goal system will be set correctly. Now, bury your anchor kit into the concrete according to that video and don’t forget to level the anchor plate exactly and then wait for 3 to 5 days as the concrete needs to be completely dried out.

You’ve now completed the most difficult part of installing an in ground basketball hoop. The rest things are nothing but just following the step by step guide provided by the manufacturer like lifting up the pole, placing it through the anchor bolts and assembling the rim, backboard, pole pad and other stuffs. But, the process of installing a cheap in ground basketball system is a little different.

Instead of burying the anchor system into the concrete, you’ll have to bury the pole. In this case, there is an indicator attached to the pole, which indicates how much of the pole should be buried into the concrete.

You also have to be careful about keeping the pole exactly straight. It is better to bury the naked pole first and then wait for 3 – 5 days and then assemble everything. If the pole is installed correctly, it will let you enjoy the basketball for years after years whether it is expensive or a cheap priced basketball hoop. So, if you lack the confidence to install it yourself, you should then call the professionals.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Basketball Goal Hoop

what you should consider

To be blind is not any wise footing while purchasing the pleasure for the family. So, open your eyes and consider a few things before buying a new basketball hoop. Are you going to buy this only for a couple of days?

I think you expect a long lasting hoop. You also want a stable goal hoop to enjoy your afternoon. It’ll be more pleasing if you get the highest bounce from your backboard. Sounds good?

Okay, first of all, I just like the in ground goal systems because they provide the highest level of enjoyment in playing basketball. A lot of customers prefer portable one because they can move it easily.

But, I can’t even imagine that I’ll move my basketball system now and then and if it needs to be moved after years, it is not impossible to move an in ground system. That’s why I’ve purchased an in ground basketball hoop.

You know, a pole is the backbone of an in ground basketball system which ensures stability and next to it is backboard. A quality backboard provides the highest level of responsiveness. Another noticeable thing is the height adjustability. As you expect longevity with maximum satisfaction, you should analyze those things before buying.

I’ve already mentioned that the pole is the most important part of an in ground basketball goal system. There are several types of pole out there. You’ll see one piece pole, two piece pole, three piece pole, round pole, square pole.

If you are looking for the professional level of performance then one piece square steel pole will be the best option for you. This type of pole is very expensive. There are also variations in sizes. 4″ x 4″, 5″ x 5″ and 6″ x 6″ are very common.

Expensive poles are generally powder coated to ensure the rust resistance. This type of heavy square steel pole provides the rock solid stability. For the budget customers, round steel poles are also good. But, if you expect a pro level of performance along with hanging after successful shooting, then there is no alternative to square poles.

The next big thing is the backboard. Backboards are also of different sizes and different materials. Modern backboards are usually made of 3 materials. These are Glass, Acrylic and Polycarbonate. Among these 3, tempered glass is the most expensive backboard material which provides the maximum bounce and you know, the more bounce, the more pleasure.

Now comes the height adjustability. Generally a basketball hoop lasts for years. So, with the passage of time, your kids become taller. If there isn’t the option of adjusting the height, then you will have to buy a new one. Moreover, you may also enjoy basketball. It will be not of any issue if you can adjust the height of your system according to your expected level.

Height adjustment is also very important to improve the practice level. For your better consideration, all the above hoops are height adjustable. You should also check out the quality of basketball rim, safety pads, backboard frame and even the net. If you think twice before buying, then it will be easy for you to buy the most fittest one.

And above all, you should also be aware of the legal restrictions of your area. I mean, you’re going to buy an in-ground basketball system. So, it’s damn sure that you’ll install it in your driveway or backyard.

I just ask you to be sure that you’re legally allowed to do so. Because, unfortunately, a few of the US municipalities have strict rules against “unsightly nuisances”. Don’t worry! You can come to know about it from your municipality help desk.

What Should You Do After Purchasing Your Desired Basketball Hoop

We get the happiest moment after purchasing new sports equipment. It brings boundless felicity to our kids as I had seen when I purchased my favorite H-Frame In-Ground Basketball Goal System. It just seems to me that there is no happy family without sports equipment in their home. However, unlike a Fishing Kayak, you won’t be able to start playing with your new in ground basketball hoop.

The first thing you need to do after getting your new basketball system in your hand is to check out the box. Do it properly to be sure that nothing and not even a small bolt is not missing from the box. And next to that, it will be wise to plan for your basketball court so that you’ll find the right place to set your goal system. After choosing the right place, you can now start digging the hole.

To set the goal system, you will need cement and other materials. You also will need a grubber to dig the deep hole. If you don’t have those things, then it will be better for you to call the professionals to set your hoop.

And then, after completing the first part, you’ll have to wait for at least 3 days to let the concrete dry out. Kids usually become restless at this point, but nothing to do before that time period. Now, you’re allowed to complete the installation process and then dunking and hanging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will I get warranty if I buy from you?

Ans: Well, for your kind consideration, we actually sell nothing. We just try to recommend the best products from the best and trusted brands and the truth is that not all the manufacturers provide warranty. But, if you like to have a warranty for your chosen hoop, then there’s some good news for you. Some manufacturers provide warranty. As we know, Lifetime provides warranty.

Question: I have a height adjustable basketball hoop. One day the arm mechanism, which lowers and raises the hoop height, broke. Is there anyway to make a repair?

Ans: Cool down, no need to be so devised. If you’ve warranty for your purchased goal system, you should then get in touch with your manufacturer. They will solve this issue. And if there’s no warranty, then you can consult with those service providers who’re extremely expert in installing almost all hoops.

But, if you’re cocksure enough that you’ll be able to replace the trodden part with a new one, then you can buy only this specific part and then assemble it yourself. In this case, it’ll be better for you to buy that part from the same manufacturer and you can take help on reassembling your basketball hoop system from YouTube.

Question: Which basketball hoop is suitable in a 4 cars driveway?

Ans: Nice question. This is really important to know before buying a hoop for your family. 4 cars driveway is actually large enough for any basketball hoop represented in the above. You know, the largest size is 72” which is easily installable in a 4 cars driveway. But, if your space is shorter than 4 cars driveway, then you should consider buying a 48” in ground basketball hoop.

Question: Portable or In Ground Basketball Hoop?

Ans: It actually depends on the following facts –

  • Who will play with this hoop.
  • The purpose behind their playing (just for recreation or something serious).
  • Your estimated budget for the hoop.
  • Your expectation from the hoop.
  • Your dwelling place (owned or rented) etc, etc.

However, don’t worry, one of our well wishers have written a detailed guide including his experience to help you to take your decision and we’ve also published it for you. To get the details of his experience, go back to the top of this page and then jump to your favorite Basketball.

Hope this long discussion will help you to buy the most suitable basketball goal system. You know, it’s better to think twice before buying, so that, you’ll be happy after making your purchase. Okay, let’s move to the next question.

Question: How long should we let our kids to play basketball in a day?

Ans: It depends on your aim and the age of your child. If you want your kids to win NBA/WNBA cups, then you should let them play as much as they enjoy it. You just have to keep your eyes on their energy and nutrition to ensure their natural growth and wellness. But, if your kids are 5 – 10 years old and you don’t like them to be a professional basketball player, then one hour is enough to ensure their fitness.

Question: How can I take care of my basketball hoop which is installed in my backyard?

Ans: A very good question. This is one of the most important facts to ensure the longevity of your hoop. Your hoop may face rough weather in the outdoor. It even may face rain, sun’s heat, snowfall and storm at times. So, you should keep your hoop covered. You can use A large polyethylene piece to cover your hoop.

You should also keep your hoop covered if it is installed in your driveway. This will keep your hoop shiny for long time. Hope these answers will be helpful to you. You may have some more questions. Our comment box is always open for you and here you’ll get a few more common questions.

Before The Sunset

Yes, you can now enjoy basketball whenever you like. You know, a basketball hoop is a very personal choice. So, it is very natural that a hoop you like may not be listed there in our short list.

Okay, go for your preferred one. But, if you aren’t sure of what to buy now, then our short list surely will help you to choose the right one according to your budget. It is our pleasure to assist you to buy quality sporting goods.

Finally, we hope that your best in ground basketball hoops installed in your driveway  or backyard will keep you and your family happy for years to come.