Some Effective Baseball Practice Drills To Win The Game

Winning the national past time does not come without baseball practice drills during your team workout. Winning is the outcome of not only practicing but playing. This is why you and your team should look for any edge you can find. We mean any legal edge such as emphasizing practice to improve your game skills.

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You’ll come to know about baseball basics here and when it comes to baseball drills we all do our share of hitting practice. This is more of a skill and art form than most think. Practice is necessary but for some it just comes natural. Pitching too is a skill that requires practice, but not everyone can be a pitcher. This also takes some natural ability. But fielding is a skill anyone can improve upon with practice.

The hardest thing to practice and the most common cause of a game being lost due to an error is the bad hop ball. Coaches try by hitting the ball to the fielders, but there are usually 5 or more lined up and each one must take a turn. Constant alertness and readiness is needed to build up that reaction time. This is where the pitching screen comes into play with your baseball practice drills. This is a drill that can be done even at home.

Anyone can help you. The worse they throw the ball the better it for your practice. All they need to do is hit the pad. You can stand some distance behind and work on your footwork or stand close and build that reaction time. The choice is yours.

The more you practice, the better player you will become. In a short amount of time, your defensive skills will make getting a ball past you during a game nearly impossible. Yes, the downside is that the opposing teams will try to hit away from you, but that’s life. Now, look at the following drills.

One Knee Drill:

one knee drill

This drill will help you isolate your upper body. Most hitting drills focus on swinging while standing on two legs. That’s natural. You will be standing upright during the game, so why shouldn’t you practice that way? That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t help you in all areas. But, you know, the one knee drill helps players isolate their upper body while reinforcing swing form, control and balance. You’ll need several pieces of equipment, and at least one player for this drill, although two is preferred.

A Deep Look at the Drill:

To perform the one knee drill, you’ll need to gather your equipment. You’ll need several buckets of balls (at least two per swing). You’ll also need a hitter, a bat and possibly a partner if you want to try soft tossing the ball (a good addition). If you don’t have a partner, or the team is involved in multiple other drills, a tee can be used, as can a soft-toss machine. A tee is a good starting point here. Once your players have mastered the stance necessary and have become familiar with the drill, change things up by adding pitches, either from a soft-toss machine or from a live partner.

The hitter should kneel on the ground with his/her back knee and front leg extended out to provide balance. They will practice three swing styles here, one per round. For the first and second round described below, many hitters find it beneficial to choke up on the bat and tuck their free hand away (holding it behind the back works just fine).

For the first round, the player will mimic the moves in the bam bam drill that focused on using a dumbbell. Have them use only the bottom hand and lead with the elbow, before swinging through the ball. In the second round, the player should use just their top hand and should swing through the ball while ensuring a strong follow through. Finally, the third round requires that the player use both hands and adopt a perfect form while swinging. To be more clear, you can watch this One Knee Drill video guide.

Tips and Tricks:

If you’re trying to improve the hitting skills of the entire team, break them up into pairs, each equipped with a bat and a ball. One player will soft-toss the ball while the other goes through each round of hitting. Once that player has done several repetitions, have the pair reverse their positions so both get to hit.

If players are not familiar with the bam bam drill, run them through that one first. It’s a simple enough maneuver and will help develop the compact swing style needed. It will also ensure they’re familiar with the grip necessary for the first round of this drill. A number of other drills can be added either before or after the one knee drill. The tennis ball drill is a prime example of this (in addition to the bam bam drill mentioned above).

Unlike many other Baseball hitting drills, this one is very easy to do as solo practice so long as the player has a ball, bat and tee. It does require enough space to swing the bat, although using a softie or a whiffle ball in place of a standard Baseball will make it safer for indoor practice. Players with a partner can also practice this drill at home. If practicing on your own, set up in front of a bounce back screen or another elastic net type so the ball comes back to you after hitting.

Baseball Training Equipment:

Just now, you’ve known that to improve your baseball skills, you need to practice several drills, and to practice those drills, you’ll need a few training equipment. In sports, you know, the old saying that the best offense is a great defense is almost always true. When it comes to defensive baseball training goods, it seems to me that nothing before has ever been on the market like the Pitching Screen.

Most errors in a baseball game come from the defense missing the ball. There are errant throws that are un-catchable but a majority of errors that are committed during the course of a game are from the use of improper fielding techniques. Anyone that has played the game has had this experience. A ground ball is heading right towards you, you kneel down and get set and at the last moment the ball hits a mole hill and bounces away from you.

This is a totally unexpected move by the ball. There was no warning and very little time to react. Most of the time the ball goes by and the runners advance. The fielder is awarded an error. At the end of the inning your friends console you and tell you there was nothing you could have done. Your only thought is how embarrassing it was. The worst scenario is when it happens in the 9th inning and it costs your team the game.

Do you want to prevent the bad hop ball from getting by you?  Then take an active step into improving your defensive technique. The best baseball training equipment for this scenario is a pitching pad. This roll up pad was specifically designed to prepare you for the errant bounce. When using this tool, not knowing which way the ball will bounce does prepare you but you still have to be ready because you do not know which way it will go. This is the conditioning of the training. When this way of thinking is employed on the field, you will be prepared.

When it comes to being prepared, always expect the unexpected. This is what good baseball training aids can do for you. When it comes to playing ball, whether it is basketball or baseball, the proper reaction makes the difference between making the play and watching the play. But how could one ever train for the unexpected?

The experts at ATEC have found the solution. They developed a Practice Screen that will give you the edge when it comes to being ready to get any ball that comes your way. This specially designed screen will make the ball react differently each and every time.

By practicing with this baseball training aid, you and your teammates will not only have less errors in the game but will achieve a more potent defense overall. The reason being is that among all the baseball training aids available today; this one is proven to improve not only your skills but agility. By being ready for the unexpected, your reaction time, balance, footwork, ball handling abilities will all improve. This will give you more confidence that will help each and every time the baseball is hit your way.

You will see an improvement in your overall abilities after using this type of screen or pitching pad. A side benefit is your hand to eye coordination will be vastly improved. This will help with those hard line drives that are hit your way. Snatching them out of mid air will be second nature.

This little pad is easy to store and use and moveable to anywhere. Lay it out and it is ready for the use. This is the baseball training aid no ball team should be without from little league to major league baseball. As baseball training aids go, this one is now being deployed by professional teams to help improve their fielding techniques. This will help train in the basics. As everyone knows, without the basics, there can be no improvement. Have a try to this pad, one knee drill and other defensive drills and share your experience of unexpected.