About Us

Our mission is to publish the world’s best guides to buy Sporting Goods and to make your happy life as satisfying as possible. We are just a little Team and all of the members of SportingGoodsInfo are from Sports Background. There are Body Builder, Fitness Expert, Biker, Hiker, Scuba Diver, Boxer, Sailor, Traveller and big fans of outdoor sports in our team. The idea for SportingGoodsInfo came to us as most of our neighbours or their kids come to us and ask, which one should I buy, how should I use it, how to take care of my bla bla bla. So, it is natural that if we start writing a blog about Sporting Goods, a lot of sportsman and outdoor lovers will get our blog as a valuable resource to take their decision and we did so.

SportingGoodsInfo is a project that we are deeply passionate about. We test various types of sports products and then try to write recommendations with a proper instruction to use a specific equipment. We also write guidelines to take care of your sports equipment. Not only that, but also we write most of our website entries, try to respond to reader questions as soon as possible and we constantly search for new sponsors.

We do most of the day-to-day tasks for SportingGoodsInfo, but we have had a lot of help from our friends and family members along the way. We also receive help from some of our school friends to write content for SportingGoodsInfo. One more thing you will notice that we do not put much importance on video instruction. Yap, we can not put much importance on video instructions, because we do not have any expert cameraman in our team. But we try our level best to make proper use of other means of instructions to cease your thirst.

We spend much of our time and energy into SportingGoodsInfo because we love outdoor and we like to share our sublime joy with all of our friends. SportingGoodsInfo is a project that we work on outside our nine-to-five job. We just earn affiliate commissions, when our respectable readers choose to buy our independently chosen exclusive sports equipment. Hope someday we can find a way to turn our passion into a full-time job, but for now we are just happy enough to share our knowledge and hopefully spread some enthusiasm for outdoor sports.

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