Trampoline Exercise Videos For Beginners

Welcome back to the Sporting Goods Info again. We have published a few posts on the benefits of trampolining earlier. Here is the benefits for kids and you will get interesting benefits of trampolining for adults right here. So, in this post, which is on the trampoline exercise videos for beginners, we are not interested to repeat the benefits of this workout. If you still need to check out the benefits of this exercise, you should have a visit to those posts before scrolling down to this page.

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Why Trampoline Exercise Videos Are Important:

fall down from trampoline surface

You know, trampoline exercise is very helpful to our health and this exercise is even more effective than jogging or running. But, there is also a risk of falling down from trampoline bed due to the lack of balance. You might have seen a lot of 4-5 years kids jumping on a trampoline. So, it may seem to you that it is very easy.

Yes, jumping on a rebounder or trampoline is very easy only when you know how to jump on it. And, as it is a subject to practical performance, so, it is much better to have some video instructions beside a detailed text guide and in this post, you are going to get both those things for free.

Instead of full body workout guideline, in this post, you will just get the step by step exercises for the lower part of your body. The more muscle means the less fat in your body. You know, your lower part that means your squats are the largest parts of your figure. So, it is better to maximize your workout and improve the squats first which is also a must to enjoy hiking or backpacking to the backcountry.

Step By Step Rebounding Workout Videos:

Exercise helps us to keep ourselves healthy and fit and all of us believe that “health is wealth”. But, raunchy workouts can importantly minimize the effectiveness of any exercise. So, to enjoy the benefits of trampolining to the fullest, here is the step by step videos on squats for you.

Basic Bounce:

This is the very first step of trampoline workout for health purpose. You know, warm up is essential before starting any physical performance, and basic bounce will warm up your body. Moreover, it is the first move to start trampolining for the beginners. If you can’t perform this move properly, you shouldn’t do any other moves immediately. Now, let’s see, how to do this move.

Ropeless Skipping:

This is another easy move for the beginners. This move will improve your confidence to jump on a trampoline bed. It is also very funny to perform skipping without holding a jump rope. Jump Rope itself is also very effective cardio workout. You can check out the benefits of jump rope in the another post of this site here. However, ropeless skipping on trampoline is much more interesting than basic Jump Rope on the ground. Watch the video from YouTube.

Jogging on Trampoline:

Jogging on a trampoline is a little easier than ropeless skipping. All the above three workouts are need to be performed to warm up the body and to habituate you to your trampoline transacts. After practicing a few weeks, you may skip any one or two from these three workouts. But, it is also more enjoyable to practice multiple moves rather than a single moves for five minutes. Now, let’s enjoy the video.

Knee to Elbow:

This move is suitable for the advanced people. If you do not practice the previous moves well, this move will surely kick out you from the trampoline bed. So, before performing this new move, please practice the above moves at least for two weeks.

In this trampoline move, you have to raise your knee while jumping and make it closer to your knee. To imagine the move, just stand out now beside your bed, put your feet at the distance of shoulder width. Now, rise up  your right knee and then bring close to your elbow as much as you can.

First time it may seem to be a little puzzling, but after practicing the move for five to ten minutes beside your bed, it will be then easy for you to perform on your trampoline. This move not only will strengthen your squat, but also it will burn your belly fat. It is very very effective to keep yourself slim fit. And after practicing a few minutes, you will come to realize, how much this workout is necessary to lose weight. Watch the video now to better understand this new move.

High Knee:

If Keen to Elbow seems too much difficult to you, you can practice High Knee. This move is easier than Knee to Elbow. To perform this move, you won’t need to use your elbow. Keep your elbow as you wish and just rise up your knees one by one.

To get the best result from this practice, you need to do it as fast as possible. It is nothing but standing on the trampoline surface and start running without leaving the place. That means it is mock running. It surely will entertain you. So, let’s check out the video to be entertained.

Single Leg Squat:

Now you are going to enjoy that workout which will build up your squat. Can you seat down and then stand up standing only on a single leg? You may have a try it right now. It is easy to seat down and stand up repeatedly for 100 times standing on both leg.

But, doing the same thing standing on a single leg is so much difficult. It is also very effective to improve balance. And when it is performed on a trampoline, it becomes more tough as well as more effective to burn out calories. To practice this exercise, you have to be very careful to land on the middle of your trampoline bed if it is too small. Be sure that after watching the video of this workout, it will be easy for you. So, here you go for video instruction.

Basic Squat:

You can do this anywhere and almost everywhere. It is not must to be on the trampoline bed to perform the basic squat. But to be an expert to perform the next move, it is important to practice this move on your mini trampoline. You even can practice this before the single leg squat. The result will be just same.

Get on your rebounder (mini trampoline) and stand keeping your feet at the shoulder distance again. Now you don’t have to raise up your knees, but you have to seat down and not completely down and again stand up as soon as you seat down.

Do this for at least 20 times and then take a 30 seconds rest and then again do this. In this way try to do this 5 sets and 20 times in each set. So total will be 100. It is really more amazing to do basic squat on trampoline. The following video will surely help you.

Jump Squat:

This is the most interesting trampoline workout for the beginners and also the most effective one. This rebounding move is really really very helpful for them those who want to lose their unwanted weight by doing trampoline exercise.

Generally kids love jumping and over sized people fear to do this. It needs much energy and power to jump on the ground. But, jumping on a trampoline is very low impact activity. So, you can do this without any fear of injury in your bone joints.

Jumping while standing straight is very easy, but squat position jumping is a little difficult. Don’t worry, after a few days of regular practice with healthy diet, you will start loving it. Who doesn’t love strong squats? And you know, the universal truth is we have to give something to get something better in return.

You will give your time to your trampoline, you will give your labor and in return, your trampoline will give you the great shape. No need to go the gym for hundreds of minutes each day for the great shape. You can achieve it staying at your home. Just buy a trampoline and start practicing these rebounding workouts. Here is the video instruction of Jump Squat.

Actually there is no expert in our team to capture and edit videos. So, you are watching those videos on this page which are not published by the Sporting Goods Info. But, from our deep research, these videos have been considered as the best resource to us for better trampoline exercises specially for the beginners. So, we have embedded them to our post.

Another interesting thing for you is that, if you love outdoor adventure, if you are a big fan of high mountain and nature, you then may go out to have a hiking. Hiking will improve your knowledge base and also help you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoor world. Here, the amazing thing is that, hiking requires strong squats because you have to walk miles after miles in hiking and the above trampoline exercises will strengthen your squats for sure.

However, if you put your concentration to those videos, and practice carefully, you will be an expert to perform those basic moves. One thing you should remember that, those moves are not to train you to be a professional athlete or gymnast, but to help you to burn your extra fat or to achieve a great shape by doing these workouts.

So, you will not see any extraordinary moves in these videos. All of these trampoline moves are very easy and suitable for the non athletes. Anyone can easily learn those moves and also can perform these to fulfill their expectation. If your expectation is to lead a diseases free healthy life, this videos will surely help you to fulfill it soon.