The lost album of bike riding to my Dreamland

As a riding bug, I always keep myself busy in searching for the overseas riding events. As a sweet fruit of that search tree, last year I heard that there was some sort of big bike riding race going on in France, so I thought I’d go check it out. I even got a sweet … Continue reading

An Interview In My Dream With My Dream Basketball Player

favorite basketball player

As an aspirant player, I badly wanna improve my basketball shooting skills. Yap, I’m satisfied with my coach, but my expectation doesn’t meet the reality. I always wished for a chance to get the shooting training from my favorite basketball player and of course my dream shooter Stephen Curry and fortunately I’ve got the chance … Continue reading

Interview With The World’s Worst Jump Rope Challenger


We, the Sporting Goods Info family, love to read Interviews because it is inspirational. We get motivated to spend more time on improving our athletic skills from reading Interviews. Sometimes, we come to know about new skills and new exercises from the interview of a successful athlete. You may have heard the success story of … Continue reading