Interview With The World’s Worst Jump Rope Challenger

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You may have heard the success story of a lots of sportsmen, you might have read the blog of world jump rope champion Adrienn Banhegyi. But, today we will talk about the world’s worst jump rope challenger. He himself says that he is the worst because he never win any championship. Moreover, he never become qualified to participate even in the state championship.

You are thinking that, why we are going to talk about him today. No, we are not going to waste your valuable time. Though, he never won any challenge, he is very popular to his neighbouring kids. He is the only one we have ever seen to practice jump rope for more than two decades without expecting any prize. In addition, he become successful to lose weight only practicing Jump Rope. So, let’s meet him.


Sporting Goods Info: How are you Dear …………………..?

Worst Challenger: I feel pleasure if anybody call me “Worst Challenger” and it is also a great pleasure for me to have a chance to sit before you.

Sporting Goods Info: Should we pick your photo to publish on our website?

Worst Challenger: Actually, I don’t like to show my face before completing my mission and it is about to impossible to complete the mission.

Sporting Goods Info: What is your mission?

Worst Challenger: I don’t know is it any good mission or not and I even don’t think about the recognition of my mission. I just want to turn my jump rope 10 thousand times within only 60 minutes.

Sporting Goods Info: Wow, it’s a great mission. We hope, soon your mission will be completed and our audience will see your nose and surely you will be the world’s best jump rope challenger after completing your mission. However, how long have you been jumping rope?

Worst Challenger: I am practicing Jump Rope for more than 23 years.

Sporting Goods Info: How many prizes have you won during this long period?

Worst Challenger: Actually, there is no prize in my poor bag. I just practice it because I love to see my figure in a great shape and you see, Jump Rope helps me to remain in my expected shape.

Sporting Goods Info: Yep, we see you have really a bomb figure. Would you mind to share with us the secret of such a great fitness!

Worst Challenger: Sure, it will be my pleasure. The one and only secret behind my fitness is Jump Rope. I never won any traditional prize, but I think, my fitness is much more valuable than any traditional prize.

Sporting Goods Info: How jump rope came into your life?

Worst Challenger: In my teenage, I was an overweight boy. My grandfather always told me to lose weight. But, I have least interest to run. I was also a big fan of rich food. One day, my grandfather gave me a jump rope and told that, “no need to lose your weight my dear, eat whatever you like and whenever you like. Just play with this rope”. I became jubilant to have a chance to eat everything, but I didn’t know, how to play with that rope. So, I replied to him – “How can I play with it?”

As, I didn’t show any unwillingness to play the rope, next morning, my grandfather took me to an unknown castle like house. We were waiting in front of the door. He called shouting “Lolita” and a cute girl of 6 or 7 years came to receive us. I was then introduced with her. I never seen such a beautiful girl. However, she took us to the roof and started playing the rope. I don’t know exactly why, but I have learned doing jump rope from her and since then I am regularly practicing jump rope each morning.

Sporting Goods Info: Did you lose weight doing jump rope?

Worst Challenger: Yah, I didn’t know that my grandfather had given me that rope to lose my weight. As I played the rope everyday, he gave me my favorite foods whenever I wanted. But, surprisingly, after 10 or 12 weeks later, I noticed that my weight was slightly reduced. Noticing the fact, I became motivated to jump rope better than ever and started trying to avoid rich foods. As a result, within the next 3 weeks, my weight was reduced up to 5 pounds. From then onwards, I always try to improve my jump rope speed and now I can turn my rope more than 7 thousand times within an hour.

Sporting Goods Info: Amazing. Okay. What do you now think about Jump Rope? Is it good for anyone?

Worst Challenger: Of course, Jump Rope is a good practice for everyone. I have already told that, I have learned this from a 6/7 years girl, I have started it in my teenage and still I am doing it without facing any problem. If it would be a problem for the kids, then her parents wouldn’t let her to practice skipping. If it would be a subject to harm for the teenagers, I then wasn’t tempted to do that. Moreover, Jump Rope has a lots of health benefits. But, if you are over 35, you should visit a cardiologist before starting not only jump rope but also any exercise workout.

Sporting Goods Info: You are saying that, jump rope helps to lose weight, you have also proven that, it is good for everyone. What makes jumping rope such great exercise?

Worst Challenger: Actually there are few side effects of any other weight loss exercises. The most famous way of losing weight is running. But, there is a high risk of injury in running with other negative impacts on the body. And jump rope is completely free from any risk, it requires less time to lose weight, it improves cardio health. I am not sure, but I think these have made jump rope such a great exercise.

Sporting Goods Info: Fine, there is a comparative study between Jump Rope and Running here. We also know the superiority of jump rope over other cardio workouts. Now, we like to know from you that how many times do you recommend someone to jumping rope each week?

Worst Challenger: If it is your hobby, then I have nothing to say. You can enjoy it as much as you can do it. Each day I turn my rope more than 30 thousand times without facing any negative effects. If you want to do it to lose your weight, then you should practice it daily at least for 10 minutes and if you are in a great shape and like to remain in that shape, you can practice it only three days a week.

Sporting Goods Info: Undoubtedly a great recommendation. It seem to us that you are teaching jump rope. How much is it true?

Worst Challenger: Oh no, I do not like to teach it professionally and I don’t have any intention to do that. I just love Jump Rope and if anybody wants me to show them the proper way of starting it or improving it, I then feel free to show them the way. I also don’t mind to show the step by step guide for only a milk candy. Nothing else.

Sporting Goods Info: If you told us about what an average day of you looks like?

Worst Challenger: Sure, I wake up early in the morning and then go to my backyard. Before rising the sun completely, I finish 15 thousand of turns. Next to that, I love to take a long shower and then breakfast. Oh, it’s my apology that, I have forgot everything. I just can remember that, I complete my next 10 thousand of turns in the afternoon and the rest of 5 thousand is performed at night just before going to bed. Actually, I feel nervous. May be that is because, I never appeared to any interview befor this day.

Sporting Goods Info: No problem, it’s okay. Do you like to quit now?

Worst Challenger: No no, I am fine. Next question please!

Sporting Goods Info: Cool down. You are not on any job interview now. Okay, If you had to choose only one person who had the deepest impact over the course of your jump rope career and that inspired you enough, who would that be?

Worst Challenger: Another perplexing question. However, it is a little easier than the previous one. I even don’t know who is that single person. May be it is my grandfather, might be it is Lolita. It also might be true that both of them.

Sporting Goods Info: Should we ask you a personal question!

Worst Challenger: Nope, don’t ask anything like that please! I’m sure, you will ask me to say something about Lolita and I am not interested to share anything about her.

Sporting Goods Info: Okay, okay. Your perception is correct. So, let’s change the topic. It is not possible for anyone to keep at anything for years after years without achieving any success. And we have known that you’re continuing your jump rope for more than 23 years without winning any challenge. So, we feel like knowing that what does success mean to you?

Worst Challenger: Very good question and the answer is also very easy. To me, success is not to win a challenge, but success is it keep practicing. A famous line from A Grammarian’s Funeral by Robert Browning, “Earn the means first. God surely will contrive Use for our earning”. So, I never give up practicing Jump Rope. Everybody knows the previous world champions but, who knows the next?

Sporting Goods Info: Mind blowing answer. Can’t realize what to ask you now. So, no more question today. We hope, soon your mission will be completed. And to our honorable audience and readers, if you like to start jump rope, if the Interview of the world’s worst Jump Rope Challenger inspired you, if you also want to lose your weight practicing Jump Rope, then this resource surely will help you.