Top 10 Necessary Equipment For Women To Create a Home Gym

burning fat at home

Who doesn’t love fitness? Who doesn’t like to achieve a bikini body? But, the problem is that every girl doesn’t love to go to the gym and they believe that achieving fitness isn’t possible without hitting the gym. Am I right? Definitely I’m right, because I’ve seen a lot of girls talking about this issue … Continue reading

Tips For Maximizing Your Workout Productivity

Maximizing Your Workout Productivity

Because of our 9-5 jobs, very often, we don’t have the luxury of choosing when we do our fitness workout. As a result, we may be forced to compete with crowds and wait times at the gym during peak hours. I’ve personally experienced this many times at several different gyms. Here’s what you can do … Continue reading

How to Choose Best Elliptical Machines under 500

Elliptical Machines For Fitness

Elliptical machines are stationary workout equipment that stimulates running, walking or stair climbing. They help in providing effective cardio workouts, improve aerobic capacity and in burning calories. The best elliptical machine under 500 should essentially be joint friendly so as to lower the risk of sustaining injuries. There are three main types of elliptical machines … Continue reading

Must Have Good Habits To Maintain A Great Shape

some good habits for fitness

Taking a holistic approach to fitness and well-being, along with meal plan in off days and on days and other few things, we should also assess how healthy our home is. Aside from investing in hepa-filters, cleaning the carpet to get rid of dust and other irritants, and keeping the bathroom squeaky clean, there are … Continue reading

Fitness Motivation Tips for Getting Back to The Gym Again


Let me just say, it feels damn good to be back in the routine. After exercising pretty sporadically over the past month, I’ve finally gotten my groove back, so to speak.  Admittedly, it’s definitely a challenge getting back to the gym after some odd weeks with only one or two bouts of exercise in between … Continue reading