The Secret Of Steroids For Bodybuilding: Side Effects Can Ruin Your Health

Morning shows the day and Title shows the Content. We know, what steroids are and we also know that using steroids without any medical prescription is against the law of the United States of America. From the title of this post, you might guess that this post is encouraging you to not to use steroids for any fitness purpose. Yes, I personally do not like to use steroids for bodybuilding because of it’s side effects.

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When I was only fifteen, I used to go to Florida Keys for snorkeling with my uncle Rob Snyder (since 2011, he is no more with us). Once in a while, I saw a man with a bigger body than average there. I just became astonished to see him. His shape was so attractive that I could not but looking at him for couples of minutes and after coming back from that trip I shared this with my friends.


As a result, I come to know about bodybuilding and I have started to go to gym regularly. It is natural to see a lots of giant figures in the gym. First time it was my dream to build my body just like them. My uncle Rob Snyder is very friendly to me. So, I used to share everything with him and I told him that I like to build my body like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Nothing important my dear uncle told me, but he did rudely ask me to not to take any drugs on the ground of bodybuilding. With due respect to him, I never tried any steroids and I achieved a state championship trophy in the bodybuilding discipline with a few other local trophies.

I know you love your body, so, choice is yours and also decision is yours. I am nobody to ask you to not to take steroids. If you are a professional bodybuilder, or athlete and wish to take part in upcoming olympic events, and need to enhance your performance overnight, then I will not discourage you nor will encourage you to take steroids.

But if you are just like me and love to build your body only because of your hobby or want to improve your performance in your recreational activity, then you  should be aware of the side effects of using steroids.

Steroids are recreational drugs. A lots of professional athletes, gymnast and bodybuilders use steroids to enhance their performance. Even football players also take those drugs though it is prohibited by the NFL (National Football League). Professional athletes love their fame much more than their health, so they do so.

Again, I am telling you that, if you are not a professional athlete, you should then be aware of using steroids. Most of the newbies in the world of bodybuilding and athletics guess that, using steroids can help them to build their muscles and improve their performance overnight.

Yes, this is a common sense. Let’s see a study and then think about the exactness of the common sense. Oh, this study was applied to not mere two or three people, but it was applied to forty three people of average body weight between the age of nineteen to forty. Most of them have some athletic or weight training experience.

They had been splitted into four groups with four different rules and regulations. The first group did not practice any exercise and were not permitted to take any steroids. The fourth group were given just the opposite rules and regulations of the first group. Fourth group were bound to practice regularly and also take those recreational drugs regularly.

The third group did practice regularly without taking any drugs and the second group were not given any permission for practice but they had to take steroids regularly for ten weeks, because that experimental study was ten weeks long.

The result shows us that, the third group were able to build four pound of muscle in ten weeks and the fourth group made thirteen pounds of muscle in same period of time. Feel free to visit here to see the full result.

From this experimental study, you can see that you will be able to grow four pound of muscle without taking any drugs within only ten weeks if you practise regularly. So, what leads you to take steroids while these drugs can not do any good to your muscle without hard work?

Okay, let me disclose those facts:

Whenever you visit to a gym or athletic center as a newbie, you see some astonishing figures and start to think that, you have to find out the secret, what have made those figures such awesome and you have to do those things to make your figure just like them. The same thinking might come to your mind, when you see an athletic magazine or photos of bodybuilders on their social media.


This same feeling also may come to your mind at the sight of the sales page of any recreational drugs or supplements for bodybuilding. You may also expect to build your muscle or enhance your performance very quickly, and may think that steroids are the perfect solution for your expectation.

But, I think the most effective cause of such rubbish thinking is the trust and experience. It is natural that, someone who have achieved the thing we hope to achieve always bring a trust to follow them. And there is also a proverb and that is – “Seeing is believing”. So, whenever you see such a person, you start believing them and counting on their method.

However, I am asking you to stay away from those recreational drugs or anabolic steroids, because from the experimental study it has also been proven that, you can develop your figure without using any steroids. It is also true that, though drugs can make a man look smarter within a very short time, some of the smartest person in the athletic and bodybuilding world have never touched any type of drugs to improve their fitness. Moreover, there are a lots of side effects of using any drugs to improve muscle and performance.

Now, let me show you a few Side Effects of taking Steroids for Bodybuilding:

It is such a sensitive subject that to convince you to not to use any steroids after forming a positive decision of using those contemptible things in your mind, is not an easy matter. Because you will see an ovation of steroids in the sales page of the marketer of those infernal things. But if you are aware of your health and future, you will also see the following side effects of using steroids in many places of your social circle.

Chest: Development of chest is the very primary target of a new bodybuilder. Wide and well shaped chest is their dream. Side effects of steroids are also seen so deeply on the chest. Long time use of steroids enlarge a man’s breast which looks so ugly. Breast tissues are formed in the chest of the male steroid users and with the passage of time, the breast tissues turn into the formation of lumps under the nipples. Can you imagine, how ugly will it look?

Blood Poisoning: You might know that blood poisoning leads to blood cancer. As using steroids without prescription is illegal, most of the users do not change their needle and even they share their needles with others to not to labeled themselves as addicted. As a result, they fall into prey of blood poisoning.

Skin: Use of various types of steroids can repugnantly affect their skin. In this case skin pores are being roughly affected and skin loses it’s beauty. Red blotchy and messy acne are also the outcomes of the use of intoxication or steroids.

Oedema: Another great negative impact of using steroids is oedema. It is such a terrible condition where the affected user becomes over bloated and you know, how difficult it is to maintain an over bloated figure.

Rupture of Tendon: Tendon rupture is also caused because of the use of those toxic liquor or cream. Users feel themselves stronger than actually they are. So, they try to lift up heavier weights than their body is actually fit for and as a result they face the problem of muscle tear and tendon rupture.

Bones: If I am not wrong, bones are the most firm and strong element of our body. But this super strong element of the body also can not get rid of the negative upshots of taking steroids. It extremely affects the height of its teenage users and causes bone pain to the user of the people of any age.

Liver: I am sure, you also know that liver is the most largest organ of our body. The role of liver into our body is to filter detrimental toxins from the blood and restrain the nutrients for us. It also plays another vital role of managing chemicals such as cholesterol, proteins and sugars in our body. Use of steroids can cause liver cancers and irreversible liver damage. Not only this, but also illegal use of steroids damages and affects our stomach, heart, kidneys and even eyes.

Baldness: You know, baldness may also cause from the use of steroids. Recreational steroids kill the hair follicles so that, new hair cannot grow and gradually baldness appears to the user’s head.

Face: If you like inflated cheeks on your face, then it is not a problem for you. Higher water retention in human body causes from the use of steroids and this leads its users face to be rounded with inflated cheeks and unnecessary facial hair is a common phenomenon for the females who use steroids.

Brain: While our strongest element of the body can not get rid of the terrific side effects of the use of steroids, it is so easy for our brain then to be affected by steroids. The users of those offal drugs are seen to get involved in various types of violent acts and their behaviour also become rude and aggressive. High level of anxiety is also happen to them and they become lunatic or mental patient. Sleeplessness, depression, high level of paranoia, feelings of euphoria these are the very common morbidity of using steroids.

Actually, this is enough for a person to not to use steroids for muscle development or performance enhancement. But, I love my readers. So, I always like to provide everything as clearly as possible. Now, if you have decided to not to use steroids, reading a few more lines will satisfy you for sure and also will help you to stay firmly on your right decision.  

Steroids not only affect your body and health, it also ruin your personality and I am sure again that you don’t like to lose your personality. Friendly and amicable behaviour is lovable to everyone. But using steroids can lead your personality to be fulfilled with pride, rudeness, mood swings, irritability, disrespectfulness and hallucinations.

Steroid abuse also may decrease your mental ability to take decision. Those who use steroids for long time, they have the reputation of making poor judgment and indiscreet decision in any important aspect of life. They also start practicing falsehood. If you know anyone closely who use steroids, and if you observe him/her, you soon will discover that in most of the cases, they tell lie a lot. Moreover, you will be sorrowful to know that they do not keep any promise.

I think, nobody likes to down their personality this way because, this also ruins social reputation of the victim. They usually don’t like to take part in any social activity and it becomes difficult for you to rely on them in any necessity. The victim very often keeps their door locked and they use towel to cover up their acne and that’s why they don’t like to get mixed with others.

As a result, day by day they become separated from their friends and family. Even they don’t like to show off any exclusive recreational skills for which they  were previously reputed. Now and then they distressingly disappoint their friends and family members and I am confirmed that you don’t like to hurt your kinsman and friends.

How To Quit Using Steroids For Bodybuilding:

Now you are happy that you didn’t use steroids, but what about to be if you were a victim and now, after reading this post, you want to quit using steroids. It is so hard for steroid users to visit to a doctor because using steroids is illegal. You know, this is the very first challenge on the track to recover your health and the sooner you realize it, the better it will be for you.

My dear friend, the first thing you should do to quit using steroids, is to gather all the data regarding steroids and its side effects to you. Then feel free to visit to a doctor or Drug Rehab Center near you.

You should be honest with your doctor to share your problem. You shouldn’t hide anything from the doctor. This means you will need to tell all the drugs taken by you, the length of usage, the dosage and schedule cycle, as well as all mental and physical side effects which you have been faced.

You should also keep in your mind that, you should not terminate using steroids abruptly. Sudden discontinuance of using any drugs may cause worse result to our health and you also need an improved diet while quitting steroids. That is why you need to visit to a doctor when you decide to not to take any drugs anymore.

One more thing and that is, only visiting to a doctor is not enough to quit such a bad habit. You have to keep running your bodybuilding or athletic activities. Beside this, it will be a plus for you to start practicing mixed martial arts. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) helps to posses mental as well as physical strength and you cryingly need both of these strengths to get rid of such an evil habit like taking drugs for recreation.


Now the good news is that, if you can quit the bad habit, you will also be able to regain your health and fitness. All the spots and acne will be removed from your skin soon if you follow your doctor. You need to drink enough water each day and you have to secrete sweat hugely to repossess your physical beauty and mental peace.

There is also a huge example of building body without using any recreational medicine. A lot of stars build their muscle naturally. Just look back to the older bodybuilding legends and surely you will see world class heros like George Turner, Reg Park, Jack LaLanne, The Great Gama and Bill Pearl. All those gentlemen are the shining examples of the natural bodybuilding process.

Beside your bodybuilding, you can also practice other athletic sports. Any new recreational activities may bring a new dimension of refreshment and joy to you. This will also help you to stand firmly on your decision of quitting steroids for bodybuilding. Here is the details of a few popular Outdoor Recreational Activities any one of which you might also try. Best Wishes For Your Health.