Snorkeling in Florida Keys: My Favorite Sunday Leisure Activity

What are the daily routines of the most successful sportsman? This was a burning question to me when I was a teenager. This is I think a big and important question also for other teenagers trying to achieve success in life. Another inseparable part of the life of a teenager is leisure activity, but I am not interested to talk even a single word about the definition of that inseparable part because you already know this.

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Waking up from bed, washing face, drinking some nutritious juice, reading news headlines, reviewing daily goals,  going out for job, coming back home again after sunset and going to sleep after dinner. This is the very common picture of our daily routine which at times makes us bored and effortless. So, we need to recharge ourselves to be enterprising and venturous to march forward to the success.

That is why leisure activity is an indissoluble part of not only teenagers life, but also everyone’s life. As it belongs to sports, our life is already a competitive race, so I do not prefer any competitive sports to choose as my leisure mate. You may love reading, but adventure attracts me most. Yes, Clearwater Snorkeling in Florida Keys is my favorite sunday leisure activity.

What Is Snorkeling:

Hiking is another adventurous recreation on foot, but unlike scuba diving, snorkeling is the adventure of underwater world without any heavy equipment. Snorkeling is just the practice of swimming on the surface water wearing a water/diving mask. The name of this swimming activity is snorkeling because there is a snorkel in the diving mask. To enjoy an advanced and safest experience of snorkeling, try this snorkeling mask from Amazon.

My Favorite Snorkeling Spot:

Use of this mask allows you to enjoy the underwater beauty and attractions for a longer period of time. Using a diving mask you even can breathe while your face is down under water and your eyes are enjoying corals, reef, crystal blue water, tropical fish, snails, jellyfish, sponges, sea turtles, nurse sharks and many other sea life. Yes, really you will see a lots of underwater creature while snorkeling in a coral area like Florida Key.

Maybe you also know that, coral reefs are live animals and they are built by millions of tiny polyps and algaes. Another more interesting thing will surely astounded you that, the Florida Keys’ reefs are the only living coral reefs in the United States of America. Coral reefs are so brittle and fragile that a slightest touch of your finger can easily damage and kill them.

precaution of snorkeling

Precaution of Snorkeling:

So, first of all before enjoying snorkeling in clearwater, you have to learn how to swim. If you don’t know swimming, you may kill a lots of tiny living animals like polyps and alages. So, to enjoy the awesome taste of snorkeling to the fullest, practice swimming in the nearest swimming pool.

How To Enjoy Snorkeling:

The ocean has everything to cease our thirst for adventure or discovery and snorkeling is the most easiest way to enjoy the nature’s best marvelous realms and it’s attractive gifts. The main key to enjoy snorkeling is relaxation and feeling comfort in the crystal blue water. So, you need to know the best size of your diving mask, fins and you have to know the necessary tips for using those things from an experienced snorkeler. But, don’t worry, if you know swimming and go for your first snorkeling with a team, a team member surely will assist you.

how to enjoy snorkeling

Most Popular Snorkeling Spots In Florida Key:

From the name “Florida Key”, it might seem to you to be just a single snorkeling spot there. But, the reality is that, there are a lots of snorkeling spots in Florida Key. To experience a better snorkeling, Islamorada, Cheeca Rocks, Alligator Reef Lighthouse, Hen & Chickens, Coffins Patch, Marathon, Sombrero Reef, Looe Key Reef are the best not-to-be missed Florida Keys snorkeling spots.

Vivid Experience In Florida Key:

snorkeling in florida key

A few weeks ago, I have visited one of these lovely snorkeling spots. I am not interested to mention the name that particular spot here, but I promise that I will share everything I have seen and enjoyed there:

This was not my first time snorkeling with my friends, but this time I like to say that, I have enjoyed much. Not only were the reefs beautiful and teeming with amazing tropical fish, sting rays, sea turtles, eels, jellyfish, sponges, and snails, but the staff was incredibly helpful and friendly.

stingray fish

An awesome snorkelling adventure that one was. Michelle (staff) was also amazing. We met her in the booking office on the day we booked the trip and we had the extra pleasure of having her on our outing too. We had a never-to-be-forgotten experience of enjoying a lot of colorful and amazing sea life.

Once we reached the spot, we were introduced to the beauty of the ocean. There were large Iguanas and brown geckos running around on the beach side that we felt like we were in Fiji, Bali, Fernando de Noronha or on any other tropical island. We were also astonished at the abundance of snorkelling trip operators out there.

With a view to getting a fantastic snorkeling experience, we started searching for reliable recommendations by asking couples in our inn pool who they had used and if they had had a satisfying experience and we talked to a couple of companies that had been recommended by most of the couples and as a result we got the best one.

vivid experience in florida key

The girls in the office were really good looking, gracious, pretty and friendly, but Michelle was undoubtedly better and exceptionally friendly than those girls. However, I was a little nervous about going as I had not snorkeled in a couple of years, but Michelle was encouraging me with a lots of fun and her humour was extremely enjoyable.

We did choose a sunset trip and our tour left the dock at 5:25pm And took about to two hours to complete the desired snorkeling adventure. Mr. Dave was our tour Captain, he was well-shaped, handsome, enthusiastic friendly and just  awesome. Sarah was our snorkel instructor and guide watch. She was also friendly and super nice talkative.

It took us about half an hour to get about seven miles out into the ocean and to that wonderful Coral Reef. We had full sixty minutes in the water. The water of the ocean was crystal clear and the reefs were so beautiful. The white sand between the coral was milk white and reflected lots of light to reveal the colorful coral fishes. We saw three sting rays, a few barracudas and lobsters, sea turtles and enormous fishes and amazingly the fishes were swimming all around us.

coral fish

Once we got back in the boat it took another half hour to get back to the inn. We got to enjoy the beauty of sunset as the boat drove back. It was a great experience to see the sun sinking in the ocean water.

sunset beauty
I have enjoyed this so much that, I am sure that, that one is not my last snorkeling tour and I will be going out to another Florida Key spot within a few weeks. Actually, I love snorkeling out of my professional athletic career. I like to see the underwater creatures. Their color just captured my heart. If you do have also a deep feeling for the colorful underwater creatures, you can start practicing swimming and go out to Florida Keys as soon as you get an opportunity.

snorkeling in evening

If you consider visiting any of the snorkeling spots mentioned above to experience your first crystal blue water journey, you should not take it as easy as drinking a glass of lemon juice. Many snorkel trip company may tell you, it is so easy leisure activity that, you can just get snorkeling gear, wear those gear, get on boat and jump into the ocean water.

But the reality is that, though it is a very easy and enjoyable sport, without knowing swimming, without a few basic skills, good equipment, and carefulness about the ocean condition, a first time snorkeling experience can potentially be the most dangerous one with full of funk and scare.

Tips For First Time Snorkeler:

In your first time snorkeling, you might face fear of water, exhaustion and boredom. Water also may flood your snorkel tube. But, luckily all of these bad experiences are avoidable. So, let’s see, how we can make our very first experience full with fun, joy and entertainment:

Unlike scuba diving, to adjust a diving mask to your face, just choose the fittest one from different size and shape. This will prevent water to flood your tube. Clean your mask frequently and don’t touch it inside to keep it free from getting foggy. You can also use an anti fog product for better experience.

You also should not hesitate to wait for longer time to get a dry snorkel from your trip company. A snorkel with splash guard will do better and get the fittest fins. Swim slowly to keep yourself away from tiredness. One more thing you should keep in mind that, first time you have to choose a calm spot and most of the spots remain calm in the morning. It will be more brilliant decision to choose a spot that has lifeguard facility.

In this way you can avoid any unwanted circumstances and make your very first snorkeling experience an unforgettable event of your life. Wishing you to have the best taste of  snorkeling in Florida Keys.