Top 10 Outdoor Recreational Activities of America

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The philosopher Aristotle said –

“It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.”

And from our early age, we have been listened that “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”.

So, we love our health, we like to be healthy. But, do we know, how much our health is dependent on recreation?

Well, recreation is an inseparable part of our day to day life. There is no happiness without adequate recreation. Among all forms of recreation, outdoor recreational activities are very popular and these types of activities are also very effective to keep ourselves healthy. When our recreational activity engages in excitement, physical challenge, or risk, such as in mountain biking or rock climbing, it is sometimes called to adventure recreation.

Outdoor or adventure recreational activities are pre-eminently physical, though, at times they may also be mentally satisfying and spiritually rewarding. So, these activities are always physically demanding and want us to be in excellent physical form. Most outdoor activities require various technical skills that may not be so easy for most of the people to acquire and the sense of achievement encourages us to get full control over those skills.

People generally like to engage in recreational activities in during their free time. Unlike any leisure activities, recreation is socially rewarded and sometimes it has moral value. So, we feel proud to get a chance to participate in this type of activities. Examples of recreational activities are boundless including sports, music, games, travel, reading, arts,  crafts, and even dance. We can also call recreation as a social instrument because of its contribution to the development of our society. However, our main topics is popular outdoor recreational activities and this includes various types of sports. Among thousands, the most popular activities of this time are listed here.

Mountain Activities:

Trekking, Mountain biking, Motorbike expedition, Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowshoeing, Ice climbing, Mountain climbing, Canyoning, Skyrunning.

Forest Activities:

Wildlife safari, Camping, Birdwatching, Elephant safari, Tree climbing, Adventure park, Mushroom hunting, Orienteering, ATV riding, Paintball.

Beach & Sea Activities:

Snorkeling, Scuba diving, Parasailing, Sport fishing, Windsurfing, Clam digging, Swimming, Sand Running, Water sports.

Fresh Water Activities:

Angling, Whitewater rafting, Kayaking, Canoeing, Waterskiing, Jetskiing, Rowing, Waking.

Aero Activities:

Gliding, Ballooning, Flying, Paramotoring, Skydiving, Paragliding, Wingsuit flying.

Desert Activities:

Camel safari, Desert Jeep safari, Sandboarding.

You know, on a single page, it won’t be a good idea to discuss about all the activities listed above. So, we are going to see the details of top ten activities that are full of adventure, romance and achievement. Mainly these activities are so much popular to American people, because they are adventure lover by born. Be aware of one thing that, we are here, not to compare one activity to another one. So, let’s see which one is the best choice for us.

[10] Mountain Biking:

top 10 outdoor recreational activities mountain biking

Joe Breeze is generally credited with introducing the first purpose-built mountain bike in 1978. But, there is a great confliction on the invention of mountain bike. A lots of information and misinformation is twittering around us. So, if you put much importance on the history of the origin of mountain bike, there is a reliable resource here for you.

Unlike road biking, mountain biking is the sport of riding bicycles mainly over rugged terrains. In this sport, we use specially designed bicycles which are fit to any terrain but best for mountain riding. Mountain biking can also be broken down into various categories, but the majority of those biking falls into the two main categories, Trail riding style and Cross Country riding style.

Great passion, endurance, core strength, balance, bike handling skills, incline jumping with bike and self-reliance are required for this sport and no need to go to hill to ride this bicycle. It can be performed almost anywhere from a backyard to any country back roads. To not to face the misfortune of mountain, we need to be expert in repairing our bike if it is needed, we need to carry necessary equipment including water bottle, protective gear including helmets and gloves, small bike accessories and map navigation is a must for mountain biking.

[09] Mountain Climbing:

mountain climbing

From the desire of being a great Alpinist, we start climbing mountain. In the 18th century, mountain climbing becomes popular in America. To see the details of the history of this sport, don’t wait to visit wikipedia. A lots of US citizens of every age enjoy mountain climbing or hiking. This is one of the most challenging and difficult sports. As, americans are adventure lover, so, they love to take challenge to put their foot as high as possible.

Unlike playing Basketball (one of the most popular indoor sports of the United States), Mountain climbing is a very dangerous sport. It can call the angel of death only because of a single misstep. It is such a risky recreational activity that should not to be taken lightly no matter how easy your chosen apex might seem. Moreover, rains and thunderstorm can easily defeat you any time. After these all dangers, it is so popular only because of it’s high challenges. We do not tempt you to go out for climbing a mountain near you. If you want to do it, do it at your own risk.

Well developed skills and adequate learning can just minimize the risk. Always go with an experienced mountaineers and don’t start your journey alone. This is not such a sports to start alone. The more you learn, the more you will be fit to go to high. Learning will help you to know what it takes to be safe and secured in the mountains. Only adventurous spirit can lead a person to go out for mountains.

[08] Snowboarding:

snowboarding in winter

Snowboarding comes from skateboarding and among various styles of snowboarding, Boardercross, Freestyle and Alpine Snowboarding are very popular now. It is such an adventure recreational activity that involves descending a snow-covered mountain slope while standing on a snowboard attached to feet. It is one of the Olympic Racing sports. In Snowboarding Racing, riders are to complete a downhill course constructed of a series of turning indicators, placed in the snow at short distances apart. A turning indicator consists of a tall pole, and a short pole, connected by a triangular panel. The rider must pass around the short side of each turning indicator to win the race.

Like any other mountain sports, snowboarding is also not free from awesome risks. The average rate of injury for snowboarding is about four to six per thousand riders per day. Injuries are frequently happen to them especially those who do not take any training from experts. 25% of all injuries happen to first-time riders and about to the rest of all injuries occur to those with less than a year of experience. So, try to understand the importance of practice and experience in snowboarding.

Snowboarder Magazine is a reliable resource where you will get news and video instructions of snowboarding. Most of the skilled and expert snowboarders expect to take part in Olympic competition. Though, it is a recreational activity, but you can earn a huge honor with a lots of money from it. The world will remember you if you win an Olympic trophy.

[07] Birdwatching:

birdwatching from balcony

Birds are the most beautiful gift of nature and nature is wonderful because there are birds and flowers in nature. The activity of enjoying the beauty of birds is called Birdwatching. It is a part of wild life observation, in which observation of birds is a popular outdoor recreational activity. Birdwatching is a ticket to the world’s largest live theater to enjoy the beauty of colors. It is also a pastime that can be enjoyed by everyone in everywhere.

Birdwatching is a very fast growing recreational activity in North America. More than 46 million people have taken Birdwatching as their hobby and they spend huge money on it. You can start Birdwatching in many ways. The first one may be going to the balcony. No, it’s not funny. If there is a garden or forest near your house, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of birds from your balcony or even from your bedroom through the window.

A lots of people like to spend their holidays travelling to all corners of the United States of America only to watch various species of birds. There are about to ten thousand species of birds, but only a few BirdWatcher have seen seven thousand of them. A few of people even travel to Africa, Australia and Asia only to cease their thirst of Watching Birds. There is a lot of gifts for you if you start BirdWatching. But you have to have some primary knowledge about birds. Don’t worry, Birdwatching Dot Com will help you to start your journey to enjoy the beauty of Birds.

[06] Camping:

camping with beloved

Camping is such a famous recreational activity that we all know very well about it. It is just sheltering in the open air. Camping is enjoyed in conjunction with other outdoor activities including but not limited to Birdwatching, Climbing, Fishing and Hunting. Enjoying the moonlit night while camping is such a thing we just can not express it in words. It is an awesome experience.

There are several forms of camping like, Adventure Camping, Dry Camping, Backpacking, Canoe Camping, Bicycle Camping, Winter Camping and so on. To step out for camping, you first need to know that, a lot of equipment is needed for camping. You will spend a week or more days in back country, even may be in a terrain where no habitation is available. So, be careful about your camping equipment and don’t be lazy to check your luggage twice.

Unlike Rock Climbing or Mountain Biking, Camping is very simple and enjoyable if you just don’t forget to pack any necessary accessories. If it is first time that you are thinking about head out for camping you should have a look at this Guide. After reading this short guide, you will come to know the ins and outs of camping equipment. Camping is an activity which will strengthen your mental ability and will maximize your experience. So, take a preparation to step out for a short camping this weekend.

[05] Sport Fishing:

sport fishing in childhood

In the play Riders to the Sea by John Millington Synge, we see that some people are bound to go for fishing to maintain their survival. Some one may go for fishing only because of it’s profit. Do you think these are Sport Fishing?

There is another type of fishing out there and that is recreational fishing or sport fishing which is performed only for pleasure. Usually recreational fishing is enjoyed with a rod, reel, line, hooks and a wide range of baits. So, you need to buy these equipment if you are a newbie in Sport Fishing. It is a divine like feelings to catch the first fish from the water. The memory is just unforgettable.

Angling is also a form of sport fishing and I think it is the most easiest outdoor recreational activity. It requires no skills. Just buy some fishing rods and a few hooks and go to the river side and finally enjoy angling. If you feel nervous, then this Page will help you to catch your first fish.

[04] Scuba Diving:

scuba diving to enjoy water

It is another team sport which will represent the underwater world before you. Like Birdwatching, you will get the chance of watching thousand species of fish in Scuba Diving. It is adventurous as well as romantic if you go for diving with your beloved. But you need to meet the physical prerequisites for scuba diving.

As it is underwater activity, so, I do not feel  comfort to go with it because it seems to me so unnatural to breathe under water. I just can’t imagine how is it possible and it looks so funny to swim wearing fins and bearing gas cylinder on back. However, Every novice should follow the Beginners Guide to scuba diving to avoid any risk.

[03] Canoeing:

canoeing in the evening

Canoeing is a recreational sport which needs a single bladed paddle and a canoe to be performed in river, lake or any big source of water. If you love to spend much of your time on the water, then canoeing is a good choice for you. Its another activity which is completely free from any risk. But, for your kind consideration, swimming skill is must for every water sports.

The first thing for the beginner is to learn how to paddle. To know this, you can buy a canoe or go to a canoe club near you. Many people choose Canoeing as their main recreational activity for many reason. You may start canoeing to enjoy fishing, watching river side or even to impress your friends, especially your girlfriend. But, it is sure that, if you love water, you will enjoy canoeing too.

[02] Ballooning:

ballooning festival

From the very beginning of our life, subconsciously we enjoy the beauty of flying birds. The scenery of flying birds while coming back to their nest at evening is just like heavenly scene. Watching and enjoying these scenery from our early childhood, we start dreaming of flying in the sky. But, an airplane journey does not cease our thirst, and that is why Ballooning becomes a popular outdoor recreational activity.

If you like to know how it works, how a balloon leave the ground, This Resource will for sure be one of your favorite pages. Ballooning after the sunset can create amazing night glowing scene. People of every age love to enjoy this scene. To create such mind blowing scene, balloonist starts working just before sunset and when darkness covers the horizon, the balloons lit up just like big lanterns.

Taking part in balloon ride is not any difficult thing. It is as easy as following a floating balloon until it’s falling down to the ground. You can also enjoy balloon riding by visiting your nearest Balloon festival club. Summer is the best season to arrange balloon festival. Some festivals may don’t like to see their spectators near to their balloons. But, don’t be shy, balloonist feel pleasure to answer the questions of the spectators. However, if you feel like riding on balloon this summer, don’t hesitate to visit your nearest balloon club.

[01] Camel Safari:

camel dafari in desert

Camel safari is the most popular way to enjoy the beauty of desert. Just like horse riding, it is also a riding on a camel. The silk road, the moonshine, the oasis, sandstorms, these are the beauty of desert. You may have seen the scene of desert on the movie “The Mummy Returns”. Deserts are the kingdom of sand and with a view to enjoying the mystery of this kingdom, Camel Safari becomes the most popular means.

A desert is a barren area of land where living conditions are hostile for plant and animal life because of the lack of precipitation. Because of the rude environment of desert, plants and animals need special adaptations to survive their life and in this case, Camel is the super star in the desert. Camels are often called the Ship of Desert.

Camels are expert to neutralize changes in their body temperature and water consumption that cause death to the most of the other animals. Camel itself is a mysterious animal to defeat all the obstacles of desert. Sandstorms can not do any harm to camels, moreover, camels can easily eat  desert plants which are full of thorns. These occult characteristics have brought the designation “Ship of Desert” to camels. So, if you want to see the horrific deserts, it’s sacramental creature and love to ride on it, Camel Safari  will definitely meet all of your demands.

Out of these 10 outdoor recreational activities, there are a lots of other activities which also are a great source of fun, pleasure, entertainment and recreation. Bathing with Dolphins is another very amazing means of outdoor activity. Any recreational or outdoor sports activities refresh our mind and recharge ourselves to dive deep into our day to day works. Recreation always add a new dimension to our life and recreational activities, especially team sports teach us discipline, regularity, orderliness and so many other celestial virtues which help us to lead our life in a better manner. However, it will be our pleasure to see your favorite sports in the comment section. Best Wishes.