10 Reasons Highest Paid Athletes Wear Best Luxury Watches

Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Dwayne Johnson, Jordan Larson, Michael Phelps, Simone Biles, Pele, Lynn Jennings, Muhammad Ali; not only the United States of America, but also the whole world remember their name with utmost honor because of their contribution to the sports as well as to their nation.

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You might think that, the career of a professional athlete is very short because injury is an inseparable part of athletics. But, all of those athletes are shining stars in their chosen sport and most of them have gone on to greater success after completing their athletic career and the rest of them are still contributing to their sports team.

The one and only aim of an athlete is to defeat the world in the stadium. So, it is natural to see only a few of them as the winner and all of the winners are the highest paid athletes of the nation. Moreover, wearing the best luxury watches on their wrist, every successful athletes become an elite class because athletics teaches noble manners and gives the highest blessings to its dedicated worshipers.

Yes, there is an interrelation between luxury watches and elite class. Have you ever seen any cheap watches on the wrist of:

Bill Clinton,

Mark Zuckerberg,

Bill Gates,

Steve Jobs or any other elite person?

Wearing an expensive watch is not any extravagant activity, but it is a wise investment if you can afford it. It is not any pride, but it is an honor to have such a watch on the wrist. One of the famous quotes of Clive Owen is: “Jewelry isn’t really my thing, but I’ve always got my eye on people’s watches.”

Why not it would be an honor to have those watches, while there is a history behind every authentic watches. Average people used to buy watches namely from Adidas, Festina, Seiko, but it is just a dream to have a watch either from Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breguet or Audemars Piguet and only elite class can make this dream comes true.

In 1972, Audemars Piguet introduced world’s first stainless-steel authentic luxury watch, the Royal Oak. To celebrate the company’s 150th anniversary, in 1989 Patek Philippe unveiled the Calibre 89 and declared this watch as the most complicated watch in the world“. Breguet is the first manufacturer of the world to produce wrist watch and in 1910, Rolex first time advertised their awesome creation Rolex Oyster Perpetual by submerging it in their watch shop aquariums.

I think, now you have realised the difference between the average watches and the costly watches. In this case, price is not a considering matter. It is the economic disposition of common men to expect the best deal for the lowest price.

But, there are a lots of people in the world, who feel pride to possess world’s most aristocratic things like luxurious watches. In this way, those watches become the symbol of social respect and a dimension of nobility, peerage and aristocracy. Elite class people love to buy such hugely expensive watches not only just because they can, but they also want to elicit their majesty.

You might have heard about the Chopard 201 Carat Watch the worth of which is 25 million dollars. This watch is the most glaring piece of jewelry ancillary made by Chopard in 2000 that brings an entirely new meaning to the best luxury watches. But, this post is not about that type of timepieces because, they are not available in the retail shop. So, let’s see a few world class luxury watches here which are available for the sophisticated elite athletes.

5 best luxury watches for the money

Audemars Piguet 18K Yellow Gold Royal Oak Luxury Watch:

Royal Oak, what a beautiful name is! Not only the name is beautiful, but also the timepiece itself is wonderful. You will be excited to see the Extra Thin Royal Oak Watch in yellow gold color. Audemars Piguet have manufactured this watch and you know, Audemars Piguet is famous for their masterhood and flawless craftsmanship which you will get incredibly in each piece of watch.

Audemars Piguet had manufactured their first skeletonized timepiece in 1921 which was a luxury pocket watch and the wonderful Royal Oak for men was created in 1986. In 1993 they disclosed the Royal Oak for women.

This luxurious timepiece can exclusively reserve power for up to forty hours. Everything of this beautiful watch is hand finished and it has dozens of attractive polished angles. Along with its yellow gold color, an ultra thin case will win your heart and surely you will be satisfied to wear it on your wrist.

The Royal Oak Yellow Gold Automatic Watch is the most beautiful skeletonized tourbillons out there. Octagonal shaped 41 millimeters ultra thin case diameter gives it possibly the best look. The thickness of its case is only 9.5 millimeters, the case is made with Rose Gold and its dial window is made of Sapphire Crystal. For your better consideration, sapphire is a much more durable crystal rather than mineral or acrylic crystals and of course it is the most expensive crystal.

Dial color of this watch is blue with “Petite Tapisserie ” pattern and its hour markers are pink gold applied. Another amazing feature of this aristocratic timepiece is that the Royal Oak hands are designed with luminescent coating. an 18-carat rose gold bracelet with AP folding clasp and water resistant to 20 meters has made this timepiece unimaginable.

About the mechanism of Royal Oak Extra Thin Watches, Audemars Piguet quoted that “Our hand-wound watches are celebrated for their reliability” and about complications, they say “By defying gravity, it enhances precision”. Now let’s see the next one which is suitable for women.

Audemars Piguet Diamond Pave Automatic Ladies Watch:

This is an excellent timepiece for fashionable women. As I have seen, women are more elegant and this piece of authentic watch can fulfill their desire. As you have already known about Audemars Piguet, Diamond Pave Millenary Self Winding Chronograph is their another lovely invention.

Unlike the Extra Thin Royal Oak Yellow Gold Watch, its 18-carat white gold case is hooked with a black leather strap having a white AP folding clasp with it. It is really amazing to wear ferocious black leather on the wrist. It’s designed with a two toned dial.

The case of this luxurious piece is also made using 18-carat of white gold and diamonds. Its width is also 39.5 millimeters and case thickness is only 8.1 millimeters. White gold Roman Numeral hour markers from 7 to 11, black numeral hour markers from 12 – 6 engraved in white bed with offset center dial have added a glamorous look to this magnificent timepiece.

It’s mechanism will also please you. This luxury wrist watch is decorated with 32 eye catching jewels and this beautiful time machine can reserve power for up to 40 hours, so no need to worry about its power reservation capability. One more thing will attract you to wear this timekeeper and that is brushed finished edges with 192 Top Wesselton round shaped diamonds. Oval shape, analog display and the sparkling diamonds with white gold has made this watch a perfect ornament for female athletes.

Marine Tourbillon Rose Gold Chronograph:

Maybe you were waiting for this one, because rubber bands are the best choice for sportsmen. Yes, Breguet represents this luxury sports watch with a rubber strap. You know, Breguet is the world’s first manufacturer to produce wrist watches in 1810. It is one of the oldest watchmaking companies.

As a pioneer of watch making technology, Breguet invented the Tourbillon and Marine Tourbillon Rose Gold Chronograph is one of the most sports looking luxury watches manufactured using this technology.

Diameter of this round shape amazing sports timepiece is 42mm, which thickness is 14mm with sapphire caseback in rose gold metal. Water resistant to 100 meters. This hand-winding watch can reserve power upto 50 hours. Total number of components of this watch is 282 in which 28 are precious jewels.

Rubber bands, small seconds on the titanium tourbillon carriage and Roman Numerals have given the striking sports look to this wrist clock and scratch resistant sapphire crystal has added an extra advantage to it. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your favorite sports watch.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Rose Gold Ladies Watch:

Here is nothing to say about Patek Philippe because you already have known about this company. Calatrava is their awesome invention of ladies watches and now I am talking about their Calatrava Rose Gold Ladies Watch which has been chosen by my beloved.

This watch is a great example of timelessness in feminine classic perfection which is designed for the women who like to devote their attention to the essence of luxurious beauty. This sterling wrist watch does not indicate any date or seconds. All of its focus is only on the hour and minute and that is why my beloved has chosen it.

Rounded rose gold case with cream colored dial has made this timepiece excellent. If you also like to wear a seconds indicator less expensive watch, here is the details of this watch from the official website of Patek Philippe.

Rolex Daytona Oyster Perpetual Ice Blue Dial Mens Chronograph Watch:

Now you have come to the best choice. Rolex Daytona Oyster Perpetual Chronograph Watch is impressively fitting for the highest paid retired sportsman. The dial of this formal luxury watch is spectacularly decorated with three ice blue chronograph counters. This exclusive ice blue rare color is reserved by Rolex only for their exclusive models.

The protective feature of this royal timepiece is that its 40 millimeters oyster case is guaranteed to protect this watch from being affected in the depth of 100 meters of water which definitely ensures its robustness and desirability. Moreover, this masterpiece is designed with Swiss-made calibre 4130 automatic movement.

This luxury watch is also distinguished from other ones in terms of design. That is why Rolex Daytona Oyster Perpetual Ice Blue Watch is the first choice of most of the timepiece lovers. There is a blue Parachrom hairspring into the heart of the watch which offers a greater stability in the variations of temperature which is another remarkable protective feature of this high end luxury watch.

Automatic self winding, ceramic bezel, precious platinum band, analog display with platinum case, anti reflective sapphire and round shape surely will impress you to have this watch on your strong wrist. There is a wise saying you know: “In presence of the Moon nobody sees stars” and to me it is the moon in the sky of the sybaritic timepiece.

It is high time we moved to our main topic. Can you remember the topic of this post?

We know how much valuable time is and we see a lot of watches on the lots of wrists. You know, I am sure that all of the watches have not the same value. That is true because, everybody can not spend a large portion of their hard earned money on wrist watches, but, like other elite people, the tale of the highest paid athletes is different. We see them very often to spend their cash on the best luxury watches. Now, let’s see what is their reason behind doing this.

[10] Art:

Sports or athletics is an art and all of the successful sportsmen have been dedicated to the art for a long time. So, it is common for them to have a deep love for art. And you see that, luxury watches are also an art. Let’s make it clear.

It takes a lot of time and patience to design a luxury timepiece, which is definitely an art form. Not only this, but also every design work is a part of art. So, think deeply. You will see that wearing an art on your wrist is also an art and I have already said that athletes have deep love for art. So, they like to wear this type of art piece.

[09] Attention:

An authentic luxury watch automatically communicates on behalf of you. You might have noticed that if you have experience in delivering speeches standing before the audience. A good speaker does not speak only through his mouth.

The hands and movement of such orators do also speak. When they start speaking, audience become attentive to them. But after a few seconds, spectators lose their attention as a nature and just then, any good speaker move his hand here and there using an art.

At that time their watches begin glittering because of the reflection of available light on the wrist. Thus the watch gain the attention of the audience again which is a continuous process. People very often look at your hand and if there is a priceworthy watch on your wrist, it attracts them much. To enjoy this heavenly feeling, they love priceless watches.

[08] A Subtle Display of Wealth:

We know, “first impression is the best impression”, and to make you aware of their aristocracy, like any other elite class people, the richest sportsman also wear a luxury timepiece. Rather than a beautiful poor woman, a well-dressed gentleman with a glaring watch on the wrist is more likely to attract attention.

Luxurious watches are extensively respected and easily recognized by the mass because of their rareness. A cheap brand is seen here and there, but to see a Rolex Daytona or Royal Oak Tourbillon is not so easy. So, just imagine that how aristocratic it is to wear such a watch.

Vainglory is not a good practice, but, such watches exquisitely exhibit wealth and opulence in such a way that is not be self-aggrandizing. To experience this reality, you just need to have a glance at the expansion of luxury watches among the world’s most successful athletes from Serena Williams to any NFL players.

[07] Stand Out From The Crowd:

A well paid sportsman anywhere can easily be noticed with a sterling watch. You know, there is only a few watches which can specify elite class from others and everybody willingly or subconsciously admire aristocracy and that is why we cryingly expect it..

Though there are a lots of ways to stand out from the crowd, but having a luxury timepiece on the wrist is the most modest one because, you already have known that, it belongs to art. Whether, you are a sportsman or a businessman, if you have the balance to expedite a purchase of any one from the above watches, then you should visit to your nearest reputed retailer.

[06] Investment Value:

If you are a businessman, you will easily understand the business value or investment value of the best luxury watches. If your father or any other close friends are involved in business, you then also take their help to realize the investment value of the above mentioned timepieces.

You may think, luxury cars are the pinnacle of personal status which have a resale value, but I just can tell you that, they lose a significant amount of their value in contrast with exotic luxury watches. I am not sure, but maybe this also is an important reason because of which, we see those priceworthy watches on the wrist of the world class highest paid athletes.

[05] Emotional Value:

Not only investment value, but those watches have also emotional value. We usually don’t look at our smart phone, when we eagerly wait to celebrate birthday, marriage day, special achievement, or any other anniversary. Each elite sportsman has such numerous occasions, so they may wear such mind blowing watches.

A cheap watch may become unbefitting for such festival, but a royal class watch surely add some extra bonus to those party. Hopefully, there is a good chance that even your future grandson is going to celebrate your marriage anniversary with your favorite timepiece on his wrist.

[04] Timelessness:

Did you ever think, what else in your life is skeletonized for such a long period of time for your pleasure rather than a luxury watch. This type of watches are being kept on wrist for decades and being passed down from old blood to new bloods.

It is just like a dream that, a little kid becomes young enough to wear the watch which once upon a time was on the older wrist. Yes, it is timelessness which attracts the richest athletes to buy a piece of ice blue timepiece. It also remind them their young unforgettable days.

[03] Exclusiveness:

Exclusiveness is the most appealing feature of luxury watches. Everyone loves to have something special in their fashion and a high priced timepiece is such a fashion that can not be copied by the common people and you can not deny that exclusiveness is about to be a social status.

However, wearing a prestigious crystal sapphire watch can’t be reduced to the aspect of “showing off” in any party. If you don’t want to show off, then there is another reason for you to buy a luxury timepiece and that is, owning something rare brings the divine wind of peace and achievement to our heart. Try it to experience it.

[02] Craftsmanship:

Craftsmanship is another important thing that watches from the elite brands like Patek Philippe or Audemars Piguet are much more costly than those are from Casio or Citizen. It takes hours after hours from top skilled watchmakers to be designed and crafted these luxurious watches. Craftsmanship is such an inseparable part of authentic high end watches that Patek Philippe was so much pleased to make the Calibre 89.

It is the Craftsmanship which can not be possessed by the common watchmakers. So, the rich athletes don’t like to miss the real pleasure of having the result of such priceless craftsmanship on their wrist. I think it is another reason, they love luxury watch.

[01] Gift:

Generally roses and chocolates are thought to be a good gift idea. But, is it enough to celebrate someone, who is the only one for you, with only roses and flowers? Luxurious watches are exclusively a presentable gift to that special one and hopefully to that beloved one.

A piece of luxury timepiece is the best gift to surprise that special someone, by whom you want to be remembered years after years and even after your death. This is the most beautiful gift that will continue to give a sense of feeling pleased for years to come. Any of the above mentioned watches is such an special gift you can offer that can remind the recipient of your love, generosity and loftiness so often and surely for so long.

As I have seen, sportsmen are generous. They employ their full dedication to their duty and someday they become the most successful as well as the highest paid athletes of the time. They earn a lot and become rich enough to buy those watches. As there is no miserliness in the character of athletes, so they love to wear those luxurious wrist watches whenever they can afford. Someday, I will gift such a watch to my sweet beloved.