Best Fishing: Kayak Fishing At Night

I request you to be aware of the rules and regulations of recreational fishing before going out to enjoy fishing this night and luckily if you are also from Massachusetts, then here is the rules and regulations of kayak fishing at night for you.

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You might have the best fishing kayak, but did you ever enjoy fishing at the moonlit night? As it is not my profession, but my hobby, I try to go out for fishing each full moon night. The beauty of the full moon is beyond our imagination and fishing at such a night is heavenly with a little touch of mythological fear.

I am sure, you better know what is fishing, but for the sake of the beginners, fishing is the activity of trying to catch fish from the wild. That won’t be called as fishing if you catch them from your aquarium or from the pond or lake where someone is farming fish.

Why Kayak Fishing:


Unlike commercial or subsistence fishing, recreational fishing or sport fishing is catching fish for pleasure. Instead of fishing net, you will need reel, rod, baits, line, landing net and hooks to enjoy fishing as a sport. You may easily catch fish from the bank of the river, but a kayak and full moon will add unimaginable pleasure to your fishing experience.

Recreational fishing is actually the aristocratic art of fly fishing which can be done both in fresh and saltwater. In this type of sport, fish are usually caught by using artificial flies, which you need to cast with a fly rod and a fly line. The fly line is very heavy to cast it to the target point. But, if you are on your kayak, then it will be very easy for you to reach the target.

If you are expecting billions of dollars from this sport as prize, then this is not suitable for you. If you love moonlit night, if you have a deep feeling for nature, as George Santayana says – “The earth has its music for those who will listen”, so, if you like to enjoy that music and like to buy the best fishing kayak, then the kayak fishing at moonlit night surely will please you and it’s a plus if you already have a kayak.

Specialty of Night Fishing:


If you don’t have any friend who love angling or fly fishing, it might seem nothing but wasting a huge amount of time to you because, each summer, a lots of inexperienced anglers go home empty-handedly. Most of the greeners can not catch fish at their first trip but, it doesn’t mean that they had a poor time.

Floating on a kayak in the river is a very delightful outdoor recreation and surely it will add extra pleasure if it is in the moonlit night. Can you imagine, how romantic will it be if there is your sweet beloved beside you. Yes, most of the time I get my sweet wife alongside me there. I never became upset if I couldn’t even catch a single piece of fish in my beginning trips.

However, fishing is one of the top most refreshing sports in the United States. It is thought to be the second to swimming here. It will give you the complete release from the hustle and bustle of the city life. It will also de-stress you from all of the concerns and suspensions of your professional life. Moreover, it will remind you the joyful days of your early childhood. All these happens to me, so that, I have become a great fan of fishing at such amazing night.

How To Catch Fish From The Very First Fishing Trip:

You might have heard that, the greeners can not catch fish at their first trip. There is a chance for you to make this statement FALSE. Let me make it clear. The one and only reason of being failure in very first trip is their inefficiency and ineptness. If you learn how to catch fish, if you know what should be with you before being there, then certainly you will be able to catch fish on your upcoming trip. So, let’s see exactly what you need to take with you.

As, I am not talking about big-game fishing, so, I prefer inflatable kayaks. You will get colorful kayak under only 100 USD. But, a kayak is such an equipment, which will be with you for years after years and you are not supposed to buy this conveyance every year. That’s why, I have chosen SE 370 Inflatable Sport Kayak by Sea Eagle.

Of course, a conveyance should be stable, durable and reliable. My kayak has all these advantages. Moreover, it is lightweight to carry because it is inflatable. As I don’t like to go alone, I was looking for a kayak which is capable to carry at least 250 kg. Actually poor capacity of any water conveyance frighten me and fortunately I have got SE 370 Inflatable Kayak the maximum load capacity of which is 650 pounds.

The next most important thing is tackle box. It is a suitable box to keep up all the necessary fishing tackles like lines, rods, sinkers, hooks, lures, floats, reels, baits, spears, nets etc in touch. Just like packing a backpack for backpacking, you need to pack each and every tackles into your tackle box. If you forget to take a minor thing with you, your fishing trip may face a major trouble.

Suppose, now you are in the middle of the lake and you have forgot to bring drinking water. What will you drink now? So, be careful to your tackle box least you left anything necessary. You know, this is another reason that the first time sport fishers fail to catch fish. I am not sure, how long will your trip be, and I even don’t know exactly what you will have been needed there.

But, my special recommendations will help you to create your perfect checklist. Remember that, you won’t need to take with you everything from my special checklist. Just try to generate your own idea from my recommended tackle list to make your next kayak fishing night trip more enjoyable.

Fishing Trip Packing CheckList:

Check List Check List
Fishing License.

Weather Conditions.

Practice Fish Identification.

Be Aware of Local Restrictions, Rules and Regulations.

Watch Instructional Videos.

Sharpen Knife/Hooks.

GPS/Fish Finders.

Tackle Box.

Live Bait.

Bait Net.

Bait Bucket.

Fish Stringer.




Landing Net/Cradle.

Line (Specific to Type of Fishing).

Line Clippers.

Needlenose Pliers.


Rod Case.



Waterproof Boots.


Long Underwear.

Rain Suit.




High Energy Food/Snacks & Drinks.

Water Bottles.

Knife & Sharpener.

Lighter/Matches with Case.




Plastic Bags.

Measuring Tape.

Toilet Paper/Paper Towels.

First-Aid Kit.

Life Jacket.



Fishing Techniques:

What do you think now. You may paddle your kayak to a lake, stream or river, but I highly suggest you to have a day paddle to your chosen spot before finally heading out to fishing at moonlit night. It will bring a faith and courage to your heart when you will be there at night. Now come to the point of fishing techniques.

Different fishers use different techniques to catch different types of fishes. I don’t know how to catch large fishes. I usually catch fishes at best 5 – 6 pounds. If you also expect the same size, then let’s dive deep into the kayak fishing techniques.

To become successful at the very first trip, Catfish will be your ideal target and summer night is the best to catch this fish. Catfishes are the habitant of warmwater. They usually feed heavily during the midsummer to make themselves bigger and the best time to catch them is 10 p.m. to 2 a.m when they move out of the deep water to feed.

5 to 15 foot deep river channel is their favorite place to hangout for food. It is really thrilling to catch catfish at night while you don’t know how big monster is sniffing your bait under the water. That’s why, I don’t like to encourage you to go there alone. If a giant fish of 10 pounds swallow up your bait and there is your beloved or any one of your friends beside you, then you won’t have to miss that fish.

I really enjoy this thrilling in the moonlit night and all you have to do is, after casting your bait into the dark water, sit back beside your mate and wait for the sprawling. You can use brandling or shrimp as your bait for the catfish and don’t forget to keep Landing Net in touch with your hand. To be more clear, let’s check out the techniques step by step.

Step By Step Fishing Guide:

Step 1:

After being there with all the necessary tools and fishing equipment from the CheckList at night where catfish is available, first of all tie your hook on the line. A simple clinch knot is enough to tie a hook to the line. And then set up your rod and reel.

Step 2:

In this step, you need to attach a bobber and a weight to your line. As the water in a river or stream is flowing and swift, so it is better to to attach weights or sinkers to your line about 10 inch above the hook to keep it in the targeted place. A bobber makes fishing easier to the greeners. An expert angler doesn’t need bobber. With a bobber, you will instantly come to know the strike to your bait from a fish. As soon as a fish tap the bait, the bobber begins to jerk and whenever your bobber goes completely under the surface of the water, you will have to rise your rod quickly to stick your hook into the mouth of the fish.

Step 3:

After attaching weights to the line, now you need to bait your hook to attract fishes. Try to stick your bait to the hook securely and firmly. At least you have to be sure that the bait won’t be able to wriggle and make himself free from hook when you cast your bait into the water.

Step 4:

Now you should cast your line to your targeted point. Spincast Reel makes it easy to cast a line. If you don’t have any reel yet, then my recommendation is to buy a Spincast Reel.

Step 5:

In this step, you have to show your patience. I enjoy this time by watching the beauty of the full moon. You can also enjoy this time listening a story of water nymph from your mate. Just ask your mate to tell the story. Some fly fishermen start reeling in very slowly to make the fishes fool. But, you shouldn’t start reeling back in as soon as you’ve cast. Watch your bobber with care and if you don’t see it jerking even after 10 – 15 minutes of your casting, then you might consider to cast your bait somewhere else and wait again. Don’t forget to check out your bait after 10 – 15 minutes.

Step 6:

This is the most amazing point of fishing. If you see your bobber jerking, you will need to start reeling in very quickly to prick the fish. To do this, just give your fishing rod a sudden jerk to the upward. If you have a fish on line, it will instantly start fighting back and your line will follow the fish. Don’t use your reel to pull up the fish, because this technique is suitable only for the small fishes, but you are hunting catfish. Use your arms to pull it and don’t loosen the line, because a loose line is the golden opportunity for the fishes to fly away. When you have got the fish tired and as well as reeled in near your kayak, let your partner catch the fish using your Landing Net. And finally to remove your hook from the mouth of the fish, use Needlenose Pliers.

Sport fishing is not so difficult if you follow these steps. The pleasure of catching the first fish is beyond the imagination. Moreover, the beauty of the moonlit night is also unimaginable. It becomes more amazing when you are on your kayak in a river and it is a plus to learn something about the species of fish which you are going to catch.

Tale of Catfish:

Catfish is my favorite prey. It is catfish because it has moustache like cat. This moustached fish keep themselves hiding during the fall and winter season. They love warmwater. So, they are found in the river channel during the summer. They come out from the deep holes in this season and start moving upstream or downstream. Channel catfish may be as large as 40 pounds, but the general size is about to 5 pounds.


They have sharp eyesight and incredible power of smell to find and attack on their prey. That’s why they love to hangout even in the night. Their keen smelling strength makes it more challenging to catch them in the river. They become less frantic in the low light and in the moonlit night. So, you need to be a night owl to catch them easily and I prefer the time between 10pm to 2am though, this isn’t the only time to hunt them. I always try to reach my destination spot before 10pm.

Muddy river bed, deep scoured out heads of pools, undercut banks of the river and deep holes indicate the availability of the catfish. So, it is better to search them in this type of area. Finding out a good location is always an extra advantage to any type of fishing. If you can find out a location where catfishes are abundant in number, none of your kayak fishing trip will be failure. If you also want to catch another species of fish, World Fishing Network will then be a good resource for you.

Reasons to Love Fishing:

Now you have realized that I love fishing. Truly I enjoy fishing as my hobby. There are lots of recreational activities to enjoy the weekend. But, I can show you a few reasons which will convince you to step out for fishing this full moon night.

Social Honor:

You might have known that having a luxurious watch on the wrist is an honor. Sometimes, fishing also add a dimension of honor to your social status. Moreover, by purchasing a license for fishing and paying extra taxes, sport fishers contribute to the funds of the wildlife conservation programs. So, fishing is the indirect expression of love for nature and wildlife. Anglers also contribute to keep the water clean. Now, can you tell me, why won’t we love fishing?

Stress Relief:

Fishing is very helpful to reduce stress. It leads you to test the taste of freedom. Spending a few hours in fly fishing on a kayak helps me to release myself from the monotonous and stressful environment of the daily routine.

Family Ties:

You will come to face that sharing the experience of fishing helps you to strengthen your relationships with friends and family members. Sharing the fishing experience creates such a sweet helm in the dining table that I can’t but stepping out regularly.


You know, even a bad day of recreational fishing can defeat a day in the office. Your most successful office day is not completely free from all kinds of anxiety but, each and every day of fishing is full of fun and enjoyment. This is such a recreation where there is sense of failure.

Self Achievement:

Fishing plays an important role to develop personality and social existence. It teaches us to respect the nature, it says us to love the nature, it leads us to enjoy the beauty of the nature. Like any other adventurous skills, fishing improves self-esteem.

Evergreen Skill:

Yes, the interesting fact about fishing is that, though you can catch catfish only in summer, but the skill of fishing is evergreen which can be enjoyed at any age in any season.


The most interesting and appealing reality of kayak fishing is that it has a way of fulfilling the everlasting desire of pursuing, chasing and catching. The thrill lies in its challenge. Can you imagine, how much thrilling is to catch a 4.9 pounds catfish in the dark. It just seemed to me that we were fighting with a gigantic crocodile that night.

People of all ages enjoy fishing each year. They not only enjoy kayak fishing, but they also relish big-game fishing and other variations like Fly Fishing, Lure Fishing, Saltwater Fishing, Competitive Fishing etc. You can also enjoy fishing with your kids. If you really want to enjoy fishing with your kids, here is a few tips to get your kids excited about it.

How To Make Your Kids Excited About Fishing:


Inspire your kids to visit water. Offer them a snorkeling tour or arrange vagrant ride to river side. You may visit aquarium or fish hatchery. At times, go for angling with your kids, let them grip the fishing rod, ask them to play with the minnows. Show them all the steps practically to catch fish and make them aware about releasing fish from the hook.

You can wisely use your backyard if you don’t have enough scope to visit waters. You can easily place a kids fishing pole in the backyard and let your kids to play casting. Your kids surely will be excited to have the opportunity to play fishing and by repeatedly casting, their accuracy and morale will be improved which also will benefit them in real sport fishing.

Sometimes, buy live fishes, I mean small live fishes, and let those fishes play in the pole water. Show your kids how fishes play and take food. Don’t forget to offer tasty foods to those small fishes and finally spur your kids to catch those fish using a fishing rod. It is better to buy them a tackle box now, so that they become more excited.

Now, your kids have seen how fishes swim under the water. It is perfect time to offer them a kayak trip to the nearest stream. If your kids look at the under water from the kayak, they will see the fishes playing there, just like they have seen it into the backyard fishing pole, but to watch it more clearly, they will be needed polarized sunglasses.

Tell your kids the name of the fishes they are watching, tell something more about those fishes, like how those underwater swimmers survive, how they get food, what they love to eat etc etc. If you can do this, your kids soon will be excited and start fishing with you. They also become caring to the nature. They also will be able to realize the necessity to keep the water clean. They will also get the opportunity to contribute to the environment. And you know, fishing is always beneficial to health, family, society and even to nation. So, let’s know a few benefits of fishing.

Benefits of Fishing:

It is often thought to be that fishing helps you to lead a more happier and much healthier life. Most interestingly fishing doesn’t require huge cash to invest in and anyone can do it. Age and physical fitness are not any fence to enjoy this sport. You will be astonished to know that about to 46 millions of american people enjoy fishing and one third of them are women. Why won’t they love fishing while it has a lots of benefits including the followings:

Fishing helps you to stay fitYou might think that, it doesn’t require fitness, so, how may it keep you fit. Yes, it is true that fishing itself is not a physically demanding sport, but you need to hike, ride bike or paddle a kayak to reach to a good fishing spot and you know hiking, biking and paddling are very effective exercise to keep you fit. Moreover, fly fishing requires you to cast heavy line which is also a good cardio workout.

Fish are the tasty source of nutrition. From your doctor, you will come to know that, omega-3 fatty acids play a vital role to decrease blood pressure, minimize the risk of brain stroke and improve the heart condition and fishes are full of omega-3 fatty acids. No other recreation can provide such nutritional benefits.

Fishing is a source of pleasure. Every sport is a source of pleasure, but the speciality of fishing is that it doesn’t bring any mental pressure. You will never feel that you have to catch fish to win the game. Fishing is so much pleasant that forgetting everything, you will want to pass a little more time in fishing and you will start remembering the memory of your early childhood.

Fishing helps you to enjoy the nature. Nature has the healing power to cure a lots of diseases. Nature also keeps us fresh and energetic and fishing is a bridge between you and nature. Our day to day life is becoming more complicated with the blessings of the advanced technology. Fishing creates an opportunity to unplug yourself from that complexity. This sport is also very helpful to improve mode and to decrease the post traumatic stress disorder symptoms.

Another amazing benefit of fishing is that it improves the concentration. This sport leads you to the close intimacy with nature and spending time with the nature works up to happen positive changes in the brain which sharpen your concentration skill. Moreover, practice makes a man perfect and you are to put a deep concentration on the bobber or line to catch the fish. In this way, fishing can improve your concentration knack.

Fun is something you can’t live without it and fishing is full of fun. It even brings more fun if you enjoy this fun with your kids and beloved and kayak is the best solution to enjoy this fun privately. If you just sit down beside a lake or stream, snakes might frighten you, redworms may disturb you. But, if you relax on your kayak in the water, then nothing will be able to annoy you.

Feel like stepping out for fishing right now. If you are truly interested to this sport, then it is too easy to start. Midsummer Moonlit Night, Kayak and other costly fishing tackle can provide you an extra layer of amusement, but you can easily do it anywhere at anytime with only hook, line, a long stick and bait. Just ask your neighbours to find out the nearest fishing spot and go there whenever you wish. If you are a total newbie, the above Step By Step Fishing Guide will teach you everything to catch your first fish. No more today. Have fun and enjoy fishing.