Jump Rope Vs Running: Which Is The Best Cardio For Professionals

Who doesn’t love a great shape? In my student life, I regularly used to go to gym. But, at this time, as an elementary school teacher, though my responsibility is to spend only 19 hours a week in the classroom, I am to work about to 12 hours a day and 5 days each week. Moreover, there are also other research works for my profession. So, I’ve to consider jump rope vs running for the sake of maintaining my fitness.

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You know, I can’t manage time to go to gym, since I have joined the school. I always wanted to keep myself in a great shape as it was in my student life. My husband suggested me to run with him. But, it takes at least 30 minutes to complete the workout and no elementary school teacher have such enough time to spend for their hobby. So, I was looking for a better option which will cost me less time.

For 19 months after joining the school, I couldn’t do anything for my shape. As a result, I had lost the control over my shape and weight. My husband started mocking at me. However, from an angel, I came to know about jump rope vs running and I started doing Jump Rope. Seeing me doing rope jumping each morning, my husband had become more biting to me. But, I was fully determined to my new workout and as a result, after only 12 weeks he now also competes with me in Jumping Rope. Now, let’s see what an expert say about jump rope vs running.

It is more challenging to remain in great shape rather than achieving this blessing and one of the hardest parts of trying to get back in great shape is deciding which workout should be adopted while there are a lots of recreational activities which require excellent physical form. Most of the professionals or service holders don’t have enough time to go to health club or gym to lose their weight and to keep themselves in shape.


Tell me, how you will have time to go to gym if you are to spend 12 hours for your profession or business. So, you might like running which requires only 30 minutes or less time to burn your extra fat and is also very effective for getting rid of belly fat. But, the surprising fact is that, running is just wasting your time with a high risk of injury unless you are a professional sprinter or marathoner.

Negative Effects of Running:


Before disclosing the superiority of Jump Rope over Running, let’s see some risk factors of running. Whenever, it comes to talk about running, I can’t but saying that, can you imagine, what would happen to your car if you roughly drove it thousands of miles, what would be to your car if an inexperienced driver drove it in the city.

Exactly the same thing happens with jogging or running. Most of the runners don’t know how to run because most of them don’t take any lesson on running from any expert, but the professional runners. Here are a few risk factors of running:

Overuse Injuries:

Though, there is nobody to prove that running isn’t healthy, injuries from the overuse of specific limb will appear to you. The more you run, the more your knee joints and other joints become weak. It happens because of the very fast repetition of the same movement with extreme force in running.

Pallid Face:

Because of excessive running, the fat beneath our facial skin hugely be burned out. So, you might notice that most of the runners have pallid face. Actually too much running decreases the beauty of our face and no husband love a pallid face.

Crackling Knees:

As because of too much running, knee joints become weak, runners face a problem of crackling knees. If you run regularly without warming up yourself, you may notice a clicking noise inside your knee caps which may cause pain in the knee joints.

Pain In The Buttocks:

Just like the knee joints, there is a joint inside the buttocks. Because of the overuse of those joints, a pain may appear also in the buttocks which is further known as “dead butt syndrome”. Usually the pain begins from the gluteus and can be worsen if you don’t take a break from running to take proper treatment.

Black Toenails:

This is a very common problem happens to runners. If you do a slight mistake to chose your running shoes and if it is not the best fit for you, then you will experience this problem. Black toenails caused by the bleeding underneath your toenail and bleeding underneath the toenail caused because of an ill-fitting shoe.

Along with these problems, runners also face mucus problem because running quickens the breathing rate. Outdoor weather also plays an affective role to this problem. There are both cool air and dry air in the outdoor and in such a weather, it is very easy to happen mucus. Moreover, many runners run by striking their heel instead of their forefoot. Heel striking produces three times extra forces which damages the foot structure. So, jumping rope is safer than running to keep yourself in a great shape.

As you have been known for the decades that running is the best cardio workout to burn belly fat and to keep yourself in a great shape, so, it is not easy to make you believe that another workout is better than running. If you want to keep yourself away from the risk factors of running and also love to enjoy the pleasure of perfect shape, you should take a short break from running and start practicing jump rope. If you can trust an elementary school teacher, then soon you will see the benefits of jump rope.

Is Jump Rope Reliable As The Best Cardio Workout:
Whenever it comes the option of jumping rope vs. running, I always prefer the first one. Unlike jogging, Jump Rope forces to push the oxygen into the most of your muscle tones. No need to trust me. Just start doing jump rope for 2 – 3 minutes and you will realize how effective and challenging it is for you. Just a few minutes will perspire you because it engages more muscles than jogging does.

Plants need raindrop or water to grow fruits and muscles need oxygen to produce energy. The more muscles involved in a workout, the more oxygen you need to provide to your body cells. That’s why you start breathing more faster after doing only a few minutes of jump rope.

Moreover, jumping rope takes less time to incorporate more muscles, requires greater techniques and secretes more sweat to burn more calories in less time than running. So, definitely Jump Rope is reliable and obviously adoptable as the best cardio workout. If you want to buy a jump rope right now, here is my recommendation from world’s best retailer Amazon.

Why Jumping Rope is More Effective:


If you try jumping rope only for five minutes, you will come to realize that it freshens all of your body cells and muscle tones. Not only this, but also considering a lot of other benefits of this workout, this is more effective than running. Let’s check out a few of other helpfulness of Jump Rope:

Free From Risk:

Jump rope is completely free from any risk factors. There is no chance of any injury in this workout. Just try it and experience it.

Free From Side Effect:

Unlike running, this workout is also free from any side effect. You can easily do it for longer time by adopting short intervals. Blood pressure may be hampered because of the excessive running, but rope skipping won’t do any harm to your health.

Abdominal Aptness:

Nobody can deny that running helps to secrete fat from belly, but you should know that in the jumping rope workout, with the appropriate coordination of the back muscles, the erect posture and long axis forces the abdominal muscles to hold your core more tightly to exude fat more effectively.

Ineffectiveness of Ineptness:

Anybody and even a three year old little kid can run without developing any skill. But nobody can do Jump Rope without achieving the proper technique. Don’t worry, the technique is not so difficult thing to achieve. The rope itself is your trainer and you will start performing mistakes. Rope will be frequently stopped by your legs until you learn how to do it properly.

Running Skill:

The most interesting thing is that Jumping Rope is also very effective to develop running skill. This workout is also very helpful to enhance jumping ability and to improve waist and knee strength.

Upper Body Improvement:

This practice is also helps you to achieve the great shape of your upper body. As you turn your rope using your forearms, biceps, triceps, core muscles, backrest and shoulders, naturally your upper body gets into the awesome looking great shape.

Weight Loss:

In terms of weight loss, Jumping Rope is much more effective than running. According to the Harvard Health Publications, 15 minutes jumping rope at a moderate pace (120 per minute) can give you the same cardiometabolic exercise result of the 30 minutes of jogging or running at a pace of 12 minutes a mile. So, the benefit of rope skipping is double than running to burn weight.

Timing and Balance:

You need to jump at just appropriate time to perform smooth skipping and you land impartially on both feet. In this way, Jumping Rope helps to improve timing and balance.

Suitable for All:

This practice is suitable for all and even for non athletes. Running requires a pair of high quality shoes and other costly running gear which may drive you away from running, if you are not a professional athlete. On the other hand, rope jumping requires only a cheap rope to remain in a fat free shape. So, you easily can experience the benefits of this practice.

Less Time-consuming:

Yes, Jump Rope is less time-consuming than running. That’s why it is more effective for those professionals and service holders who are unable to spend 30 minutes for exercise because of time restriction. To keep yourself fit, it requires only 10 minutes if you choose jump rope.

At this point of discussion, we now can definitely say that jump rope is the ultimate winner in contrast between Jump Rope Vs Running. So, it is high time we put our effort to know everything to practice jump rope everyday.

How To Jump Rope To Burn Weight:

It is very easy to learn jumping rope. It can be done about anywhere like in your bedroom, balcony, on the roof or in the family garden. You even can do this in the sports field or in the gym room. I love to do it on the roof in the rain. You will get some advanced jump rope tricks here and now I am going to show you the 5 minutes jump rope workout in 3 categories (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced) which will help you to keep yourself in shape.

Beginner’s Workout:

Do jump rope for only 25 seconds at the pace of 80 to 120 runs per minute (RPMs) and then take an interval of 5 seconds. So, total is 30 seconds. Repeat this routine for 10 times. It will take only 5 minutes to complete this routine. As a beginner, this will be enough for you and after two weeks you can move to the intermediate workout routine.

Intermediate Workout:

Do it only for 20 seconds at the pace of 150 to 180 RPMs and then take a short break of 10 seconds. Again, the total is 30 seconds. Repeat this course for ten times which will take total 5 minutes to be completed. You can also continue this routine for next two weeks and then you will be fit enough to perform the advanced workout routine.

Advanced Workout:

Now the process is a little complicated. Now you have to do it using single leg and also with both legs just like the past. Just try to jump on the right leg without any rope and then on the left leg. Whenever you become confident, you then can start performing this routine.

In this step, first of all, do jump rope using your two legs (just like the previous routines) for 15 seconds at the pace of 180+ RPMs, then jump only on the right foot for 10 seconds at the pace of 150+ RPMs and then jump only on the left foot for another 10 seconds at the pace of 150+RPMs. Finally before taking the interval of 20 seconds, again jump using your both legs for 5 seconds at your comfortable pace.

In this step, total course covers 60 seconds. You can repeat this course for 5 times. If you like to burn more calories, you then easily can repeat this routine for 10 times and ten minutes of jumping rope is enough for a day.

Before you start, don’t forget to pick up the right jump rope. Size is an important factor, but the funny thing is that you can easily adjust the size according to your height. Recommended rope size for 5′ tall students is 7’. If you are just an inch taller, you then will need an inch longer rope, if you are 12 inch taller, then you will need 12 inch longer rope. Should I now expect that you will easily pick up the right size?

Garden with green grass bed is the ideal place for practicing jump rope but any place is suitable to perform this workout. Just try to avoid concrete surface if possible. You can use a mat to jump on inside your compartment.

Don’t hold the rope handles with your palms, but Grip them loosely with your fingers. A loose grip with fingers will help you to turn the rope more efficiently. Keep your elbows close to your body and keeping the rope behind your feet, hold the rope handles in front of you. Now you are ready to start and never jump too high. Only a few inches gap between your heels and the surface is enough because it is a very low impact activity.

How To Choose A Jump Rope:

To choose a jump rope for general purpose, you should be aware of the weight of the handles. If you don’t like to burn out your arms within seconds, you then have to choose light weight handles. Moreover, the handles should be comfortable to grip on, so that it won’t slip when your hands will secrete sweat.

If a rope is used by multiple users, and it happens when you practice it in the gym or sports field, then easily resizable ropes will be of the best valued. You should also be aware of the quality of the cable. Nylon coating cables last longer and plastic cables tend to turn faster. If you are an expert to perform this workout, faster cables will suit you best, but for the beginners, I prefer nylon coating cables.

We now have known how to choose a rope, we also known how to start practicing jump rope and it is already have been proved that jump rope is better than running as a cardio workout. So now, how about to have a glance at the benefits of Jumping Rope.!

Jumping Rope enhances the beauty of your skin. Only 10 minutes of jump rope each day will surely enhance the beauty of your skin. As it increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the body cells, so it is very effective to brighten up your skin and even it can cure acne.

To Improve Lymphatic System this workout is amazing. You know, the lymphatic system doesn’t have any pump. So it depends on the expansion and compression of the muscles to be freshen up and jump rope does this very well.

Just Like Trampoline Workout, jumping rope is also full of fun. It is so funny that you will surely remember your childhood while skipping. I am really happy to have this amusing workout for ten minutes each morning.

Jump Rope can warm you up quickly in winter. It is very effective to warm you up if you feel too cold in winter morning. Non stop skipping only for 5 minutes at the pace of 150 RPMs can secrete sweat even in winter season.

Jumping rope helps you to improve your coordination by forcing you to keep your focus on your feet at the time of performing it. You may not look at your feet all the time but did you notice that your brain is always aware of what your hands and feet are doing. It is yet to get such coordination in other exercises.

This workout strengthen your feet and ankles. Though it is a very low impact activity, it makes your joints stronger by repeatedly utilizing the slight movement. You know slap hurts, but massage with the same hand can please us.

It also improves bone density. According to Dr. Daniel W. Barry, a graduate of the University of Colorado School of Medicine, the best exercise to improve the bone density is jumping up and down and skipping is the best workout to do this.

To Improve Cardiovascular Health there is no better option than jump rope. If you want to enhance the efficiency of your heart and lung, you need to practice it regularly at least for 10 minutes each day.

Jump Rope is also very effective to improve breathing efficiency and breathing efficiency helps you to develop endurance, stamina, patience and toleration. Don’t hesitate to check out other benefits of breathing efficiency here.

Moreover regular practice of Jumping Rope only for 10 minutes can save you from expending a lot of your hard earned cash on medicine. This workout provides vital defense against a lot of fatal diseases like stroke, heart attack, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity and so on.

Now it is your turn to grab a jump rope, get done the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced workout for 12 weeks and be astonished by the different ways your body and mind get benefits. But, be aware of using any types of steroids to achieve the great shape.