An Interview In My Dream With My Dream Basketball Player

As an aspirant player, I badly wanna improve my basketball shooting skills. Yap, I’m satisfied with my coach, but my expectation doesn’t meet the reality. I always wished for a chance to get the shooting training from my favorite basketball player and of course my dream shooter Stephen Curry and fortunately I’ve got the chance last night in my dream.

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My Favorite Basketball Player at a Glance:

bio of my favorite shooter

  • Name: Wardell Stephen Curry II
  • Known as: Stephen Curry
  • Born: March 14, 1988
  • Listed height: 6 ft 3 in
  • Listed weight: 190 lb
  • Spouse: Ayesha Curry
  • Children: Riley Curry, Ryan Carson Curry
  • NBA draft: 2009 / Round: 1 / Pick: 7th overall
  • Current team: Golden State Warriors
  • Position: Point guard
  • Jersey No: 30
  • Net worth: $47.3 million (according to Forbes)
Disclaimer: All the conversations in this interview are entirely fictional. There’s no relation or connection between this content and the greatest basketball player who is represented here. This is a script from one of our readers from Lake Oswego, Oregon, who is a big fan of Stephen Curry, but never got the chance to meet him. And even we don’t know either did she really meet with this celebrity athlete in her dream or not.

I was so excited that I forgot to ask him some of the most common frequently asked questions. I even forgot to ask something on improving my shooting skills. But, I’ve asked him hundreds of questions and already have forgotten most of them. However, I can remember these questions which, I think, will keep you active until you can take your basketball shooting to your dream level.

The first question I’ve asked him is…….. Wait, wait! I’m not any rhetorician. If I want to make my conversations beautiful then maybe I will forget everything. So, without any rhetorical touch, I’m gonna represent my last night conversations with my favorite basketball player.

Myself: How did you become a basketball player?

His Reply To My Question: As you know, my dad was a basketball player. He had coached me to play this game. Growing up playing under the supervision of my dad, I was able to promote strong fundamentals of this game so early that helped me to outperform my contemporary playmates. With the passage of time, it becomes my passion and I’ve become a basketball player.

Myself: What an average day of you looks like?

His Reply To My Question: You may think that my average day is filled with dribbling, shooting, passing, jumping and rebounding, but it’s brimful with fun, pleasure and entertainment. I wake up as early as the sun rises and before eating my breakfast, I love to do some pushups and squats. I also don’t forget to make some free throws.

Beignets, french toast, sausage and an egg pizza make my breakfast so delicious every morning. Hmm, I’m a bit foodie. However, after leaving the dining table, I go to my gym room for 30 minutes and then I start torturing the ball on the court. After having a good try to most of the common basketball drills, I head to take a relaxing shower. And in the afternoon, I love to make some fun with my friends and family.

Myself: What’s your daily diet?

His Reply To My Question: It’s actually so tough to maintain a diet plan for the foodie. Moreover, basketball players need as many calories as they can get as they’ve to run and jump much more than the ordinary guys during their games. However, my sweet Ayesha is conscious enough about my daily calories and you know, she’s a famous food star. So, I always follow her suggestion and her recipe is so tasty and so healthy that makes me smarter to maintain my diet plan.

Myself: In what area do you feel you’ve improved the most?

His Reply To My Question: Shooting is an art in the game of basketball and most of the time I work on improving this art & I don’t know how much I’ve improved. But, if I’ve been asked to rank all of my basketball skills between 1 to 10, I’ll give the highest rank to my shooting. I love to shoot the ball and I try to put my best at it to make it best.

Myself: How many shots do you take per day?

His Reply To My Question: Today, I’ve taken only 100 shots but, it’s not the original picture of my daily routine. Actually, it depends on the importance of the day. If it’s a normal day during the off season, I usually make 300 shots a day. But, when I ripen myself for any upcoming tournament and want to sharpen my shooting, then it goes up to 500. It’s really an amazing experience to make hundreds of successful shots a day.

Myself: If you don’t mind, what’s going through your mind when you’re going to take a shot that could decide a game?

His Reply To My Question: As I strongly believe that basketball is the game of timing & position, so, in such cases, I try to gain a better position to ensure a good chance of rebounding for my team mates. It makes me confident that my shot will be missed. So, it creates no extra pressure over my mind and it makes me feel that whatever shot I’m going to take is nothing but just a simple shot that I’ve performed more than thousand times in practice. That’s it which goes through my mind while making any game changing shot.

Myself: What was the most important game you played?

His Reply To My Question: All those matches that helped me to create a new record of 402 three-pointers for the Golden State Warriors. I’ll never forget those games and surely will try to break that old record in the next season. So, I think, I’m yet to play the most important game of my life.

Myself: How do you prepare for a championship?

prepare for a championship

His Reply To My Question: A new day is a new challenge to me and every game is a new championship. So, I don’t have to do anything new to prepare myself for an upcoming championship. It happens because I know that there’s something to learn in every step of the way that can make me a better basketball player.

Myself: What advice has the coach given you that you’ll never forget?

His Reply To My Question: Nice question. It makes me remember my coaches with honor. They’ve given millions of advices which helped me to create that new record. I try to remember all of these priceless advices, but, maybe I’ll never forget this one –

practice a drill until you can’t get it wrong

Myself: What’s your most favorite basketball drill?

His Reply To My Question: BEEF

Myself: (I couldn’t dare to ask him to explain the BEEF at night though I didn’t know what it is. However, I come to know about this amazing thing from here which definitely will take my shooting to my dream level).

Again Myself: What aspect of your game comes easiest to you?

His Reply To My Question: Sometimes ball handling seems to be so easy and sometimes shooting. I don’t know which one is the most easiest aspect. However, as you know, shooting is also a part of ball handling. So, I think, it’s ball handling which comes easiest to me.

Myself: What aspect of your game seems to be the most difficult for you to master?

His Reply To My Question: Finishing a game perfectly is the most difficult thing for me to master. A good finishing can lead you to defeat your opponents. It requires not only physical performance. Intellectual excellence is also needed to finish a game successfully and I’m not so intellectual to finish all the games perfectly.

Myself: What has basketball taught you that carries over into the other areas of your life?

His Reply To My Question: Sense of timing and understanding the teammates are the best things that I’ve learned from playing basketball which helps me to understand my sweet Ayesha along with my two hearts Riley and Ryan Carson.

Myself: If you had to choose only one person who had the biggest impact over the course of your career and that inspired you, who would that be?

His Reply To My Question: Dell Curry, my dad.

Myself: Do you have teaching ambitions?

His Reply To My Question: It’s my dream. My dad had coached me. I also will teach the best secrets to my hearts. But, till this day, I don’t have any intention to be a traditional coach as I’m yet to learn a lot of things.

I said to myself: If I were one of his hearts!

Myself: If you didn’t play basketball, what sport would you like to play?

His Reply To My Question: Maybe volleyball, maybe Golf, I’m not sure.

Myself: What’s your advice to the aspiring players?

His Reply To My Question:

“Practice a drill – until you can’t – get it wrong”. I think, there’s no better advice for the aspiring players than this little one.

Stephen Curry is conceivably the greatest basketball shooter alive and definitely my favorite basketball player. I love watching him on the court and also off the court. I wanna be a great shooter like him and most of the time I watch his shooting stance in YouTube. I’m so happy that I’ve met him at least in my dream.