3 Best Outdoor Basketballs to Dunk Like A Beast

Before diving deep into the realm of the best outdoor basketballs, you’ll be surprised to know that a research on the “U.S. Trends in Team Sports” by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA) shows that over 26 million Americans play basketball. So, I feel proud to be a big fan of basketball and haply you’re also a big fan of this amazing team sport. Thousands of the basketball fans go for the indoor ball! But, I don’t wanna miss the shouting saying – “come on Jessy, shoot Jessy, shoot, shoot, shoot” from my neighboring basketball fans.

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As you know, playing basketball outdoors is absolutely different from playing it indoors. The surface of the outdoor court is rough and unsmooth and even the weather condition is ungracious because of the sunlight and wind. The secrets of the great outdoor balls become noticeable here. An outdoor basketball should come with excellent grip, amazing durability, pebbled recessed channels, excellent consistency, maximum air retention capability and also should remain sweat-free even in the hot summer game.

So, to get full control over your shooting and dunking with authentic bounce of your ball in your driveway or street courts, there are so many factors to consider, which is really time consuming as the retailers show you hundreds or thousands of outdoor basketballs to choose from. But, don’t worry, I’ve done the hard work to make all of your outdoor games entertaining and enjoyable.

After 3 weeks of researching and talking to the several basketball players and coaches, my dad (a college basketball coach) now firmly believes that the Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Basketball is the best basketball among all we have hand picked and so do I. This ball is specially designed for outdoor games. We love this ball as it comes with a durable rubber cover which ensures a long lasting playing experience with incredible gripping. It has also some other cool features to evolve your dream of becoming an unpreventable basketball shooter. Scroll down to discover those secrets along with some other top favorite outdoor balls.

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3 best outdoor basketballs of the Year

The balls we’ve listed here maybe weren’t the best back in the 1970 and most likely some other balls will be regarded as the best in 2050. But, at this time, because of their outstanding performance, record breaking sales volume and enormous customer reviews, the following basketballs are widely regarded as the best –

Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Basketball

There’s no demur to say that the Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Basketball is the first choice of all of our college friends and even it’s the first recommendation of our coach. Indisputably it’s an ideal ball for any type of outdoor basketball game. Ensuring all the NBA requirements and specifications including official size and weight, this superb basketball comes with the NBA logo which makes me feel that we’re another NBA team roster, sometimes I forget that I’m a girl.

However, about the performance of this ball, our team captain says that this ball is exactly what I was looking for to practice some passing drills in my driveway. In addition, this brilliantly designed ball comes with lime green and blue stripe which give it an outstanding look. One more thing, which makes this ball more choosable is its availability in multiple color combinations which can help you to pick a ball that matches to the color of your team jersey.

Superb grip, authentic bounce and eye catching color, the ball comes with all these peculiarities. And there’s no scope of being anxious about its longevity as this ball is aptly intertwined with a solid rubber cover which will allow you to make hundreds of shots, thousands of dribbling and countless dunking only with a single ball. What else should we expect from a ball?

I don’t know your answer for this question, but, definitely we, the most aggressive rebounders, expect something more from the best basketball and that is nothing but the unbroken focus on the game. If a ball needs to be inflated during the game time, that won’t be a good thing and this surely will destroy your focus. But, this Varsity Outdoor Rubber Basketball from Spalding will never let such disgusting thing happen to your game. Moreover, it offers a non-slippery touch which is a must to stay focused to the game on any outdoor court.

You know that the basketball game is full of excitement. So, all the time during the game, players have to be busy in running, dribbling, passing or shooting and as a result, players have to secrete a copious amount of sweats and their palms also become sweaty. So, can you imagine what could be if your ball can’t absorb the sweating from your palms? But, thanks God! This ball is very skillful to absorb all the sweating and to keep the ball non-slippery as well as non-sticky. Sounds good? You can buy this fantastic basketball on Amazon.

Cons of this Ball:

However, we’ve also noticed some issues in this ball. Maybe nothing is perfect in this world. So, having such striking features, this ball is not completely free from frailties. One of the issues we’ve noticed that after a few weeks, the color of this ball becomes faded. Another issue is that it’s not a perfect ball for the professional tournaments. Now, if you think that these aren’t any deal breaking issues for you, then you can click on the image below to check it’s surprising price on Amazon.

Spalding NBA Street Performance Rubber Cover Basketball

Possibly the most perfect ball for the professional outdoor basketball tournaments. This basketball has also the huge amount of customer reviews on Amazon. Actually, this is another awesome outdoor basketball from Spalding. Non-sticky grip, remarkable longevity, amazing wide channel design, authentic bounce, most exciting NBA logo, official size, all these impressive features at a budget price, incredible, definitely incredible. But, with their NBA Street Basketball, Spalding has made this true. If you can’t believe me, go and check its customer reviews and price on Amazon.

Actually, there are lots of things to say about this ball. And, it’s also true that I’ve said everything regarding this ball in short. Don’t you believe this? Well, didn’t I say about the size of this ball? Yes, I didn’t exactly say that the circumference of this ball is 29.5 inches. But, does the official size mean anything else? When a ball comes with the official NBA logo, then the ball ensures that it fulfills all the NBA requirements including appropriate weight and perfect size. Moreover, flawless bounce, restrained dribbling, accurate shooting and restless rebounding – nothing will frustrate you, if these are made with the Spalding NBA Street Performance Rubber Cover Basketball. Here’s another review of this ball after a few months of use –

You know, just like the first one, this ball also comes with a high quality rubber cover to withstand all the adversities and animosities of the outdoor or street basketball court. It’s natural that the surface of the outdoor court is ornamented with the gravels, chewing-gums, dust, muds, snow, fog and even high temperature with glittering sunlight. That’s why, a normal or low quality ball can easily be the scapegoat on the outdoor court. So, to enjoy the exciting basketball game for seasons to come, you should choose a reliable ball made from the quality materials and in this case, Spalding never use any poor quality materials to manufacture their amazing basketballs.

Beside the materials, design is also a very important part of the ball. It’s 100% true that all the balls are spherical. But, this one is brilliantly designed with some embedded deep channels which allow you to grip the ball perfectly and confidently. If you’ve already played with this ball, then you know that how effective this ball is to make the free throws or three point shots. And to perform the successful crossover dribbling, this ostentatious ball is peerless.

When it’s outdoor, the performance of this ball is astonishing, surprising, tremendous, extraordinary and mind blowing. I’m not exaggerating. Thousands of happy customers are saying these epithets about this ball. In addition, this is the most widely used basketball. So, you can easily find someone in your friend circle who plays with this ball. I’m sure that they also will use at least one or two of those adjectives if you ask them to express their experience about this basketball which is specially designed for the outdoor games.

Shortcomings but not Dealbreakers:

However, I’m not gonna say that this is the perfect ball for all. After playing with an indoor ball, this one may seem too bouncy. Moreover, the grooves of this ball are shallow. One of my friend also noticed that his ball loses air very often. Maybe there was an issue with that piece and perhaps, all the balls aren’t defective as this ball has huge number of 5 star reviews. Click on the image below to check out the number of reviews of this amazing outdoor basketball on Amazon.

Spalding NBA Official Size Zi/O Basketball

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor game
  • Comes with composite leather cover to ensure high performance
  • It looks professional and feels genuine
  • Softer surface to provide tackier feeling
  • Foam backed design for excellent gripping
  • Meets all the NBA specifications
  • Comes in official NBA size and weight
  • Better control over the ball
  • Made of high quality materials
  • You’ll get this ball fully inflated and game ready

These are the topnotch features of the Spalding NBA Official Size Zi/O Basketball at a glance. The first 2 balls are made of rubber, but to ensure a better quality, this one comes with Zi/O composite leather cover. Moreover, to ensure a competitive playing experience both indoor and on the outdoor basketball courts, they’ve added a foam-backed design to this ball. And to allow you to handle the ball with utmost confidence and comfort, the ball appears in full ball pebbling. Feel free to have a look at this quick video if you don’t have enough time to read the full reviews –

Best of all, without compromising your ball weight or usual bounce, you can play with this ball in your driveway as well as in any indoor basketball court. This is the most prepossessing feature of this ball. So, from this point of view, this one is undoubtedly better from the first two balls as this one also comes with all the other exclusive peculiarities like official NBA logo to provide great look to the ball, official NBA size and weight to take your basketball skills to the next level, sweat absorbing dexterity to keep you confident, ultra durability to make you happy and high quality performance to make your games more challenging.

We didn’t put it on the first position of our short list because of its price. The price of this ball is comparatively higher than the other two balls of the list. But, it’s better to go for this ball if you like to play basketball to maintain your fitness. In that case, you may need take your ball to your gym. Again, if you’re serious about improving your basketball skills and you practice into a basketball club which has only indoor courts, then this ball also will be the best fit for you as you may practice with it in your club as well as in your driveway or backyard.

The outlook of the Spalding NBA Official Size Zi/O Basketball is another engrossing thing which can easily make you feel like buying this ball. You know, it’s the latent desire of almost all the college basketball players to participate in the NBA or WNBA games. At least, the professional look of this ball is as good as the ball used in the NBA matches, which very often evokes a feeling that – “I’m also playing those pro games”.

Cons: The best part of this ball is that it’s playable both in the indoor and outdoor. But, it may lose its authenticity of gripping if the surface of your outdoor court is too rough. It may lose its air a bit faster if you leave your ball under the direct sunlight. It also may lose its temper if you don’t hesitate to boil your ball in the hot water with  a view to clean it. But, you know, I’m sure that you love basketball. So that you also will take proper care of your ball which will allow you to play with this ball for months to come. Moreover, as this is a ball of moderate price, this one can be an excellent gift item to make someone happy. So, definitely you can consider buying this basketball on Amazon.

According to our research, these are the top 3 basketballs of the year. Yes, the list is too short. It contains only 3 balls. So, it’s true that there can be better balls in the market, because, we couldn’t test all the balls available in the market. Moreover, the aim of our research was not to promote any balls. So that, we didn’t think of enlisting 10 or 20 balls in our list. The secret is that almost all the balls are of high quality. So, it was really too difficult for us to create a very short list of the high performing balls for the real basketball enthusiasts. If you’ve enough time before purchasing your ball, then you can have a look at the details of our research process after the middle of this post. But, now let’s see a few crucial facts which must be considered before buying a basketball for the outdoor games.

Did you consider the followings before buying your best basketball

Thousands of fans buy basketball each month and a few of them cry. Yes, they cry for their ball because, buying a basketball is very easy. Go to one of your nearest sporting goods store, ask the shopkeeper to show you a few balls and buy one from those balls. But, choosing a suitable ball for your competitive outdoor games or a high performance ball for your skill improvement practice sessions is not so easy. To get one of the most fittest outdoor or street balls, you should consider these facts –

Basketball Material:

One of the most important facts to consider before buying an outdoor basketball is the material. It’s a common thought that quality basketballs are made of genuine leather. Yes, the most expensive balls are made of leather. But, those balls are suitable for indoor use. So, when you’re looking for an outdoor basketball, you should avoid leather balls. Because, leather basketballs have some serious issues, if you plan to use it in your outdoor games. As you know the environment of the street or outdoor court, the surface of the leather balls become bloated if it gets water, excessive sweat or even rain drops. Moreover, a small edgy gravel can leak your leather ball. It’s also very difficult to control a new leather ball because of its slickness. And above all, the most crucial issue is that these balls are highly expensive.

The best material for outdoor basketball is rubber, a quality basketball material at a budget price. Most of the high quality outdoor basketballs come with a rubber cover. This rubber cover ensures the longevity of your ball. It also offers a confident grip which is very important to stay focused to your game. The best part of this type of ball is that you can buy a rubber ball within your budget. The first two balls of our list are made of rubber. But, the problem of this component is that the rubber balls aren’t suitable for the exciting tournaments.

Another most popular basketball material is Composite Leather. This material is suitable for outdoor as well as indoor basketballs. The best example of a composite leather basketball is the 3rd ball of our list. If you don’t like the rubber balls and also ready to spend a bit more on your ball, then this type of ball can be your best choice. Though, it’s not genuine leather, but it seems like leather. This material can easily withstand all the adversities of the outdoor games. This type of ball is definitely recommended because of their excellence in bounce, gripping and durability.

Basketball Size:

This is another crucial factor to notice. Only selecting the right size can help you to improve your basketball skills as well as can offer the real excitement to your games. If the ball is bigger than the perfect size, then you won’t be able to control your ball. The suitability of the ball size depends on the age and gender of the basketball players. So, you should know the basketball sizes to choose the most suitable one.

There are three sizes. These are Size 5, Size 6 and Size 7. Size 5 is suitable for the kids who are not more than 11 years old. This size is also called the junior size. The circumference of this ball is only 27½ inches and its weight is about to 18 ounces. If you like to buy a street basketball for your younger brother or sister or for your younger children, then you should go for this size.

The size 6 is designed for the players between the 12 – 15 years range. This is also the ideal size for the female basketball warriors. The ball of this size is 28½ inches in diameter and the approximate weight is 20 ounces. So, if there’s a girl who wanna dominate the WNBA courts, you should then offer her a ball of this size. However, the another name of this size is the intermediate size which is also used in the middle school and high school tournaments.

The next size is 7 which is designed for the professional basketball players. This size is recommended for the players who wanna write their name in the NBA team rosters. Any other pro tournaments also run their game with the balls of this size. If your age is not less than 16, then it’ll be better for you to go for the ball of this size. The exact circumference of the ball of this size is 29½ inches and weight is 22 ounces. But, if the ball is inflated improperly, then its weight may vary a bit. You should also know that this is the official size of the NBA. If the selection of your size is wrong, your skill improving endeavour will go in vain as well as the excitation of your games will be lost. So, be careful about the size of your basketball.


Who doesn’t want to have a good control over their basketball? But, without the proper gripping, it becomes impossible. And, if you’re not allowed to grip the ball in your way, you then won’t be able to make good shots or nice dribblings. Moreover, the ball may become slick in the outdoor if it has not the perfect gripping structure.

To provide the cocksure gripping, the ball should be made of the high quality material. The ball also should be designed with the deep channels which enhances the gripability. You know, gripping of your ball is so important that if your ball fails to offer faultless gripping, you’ll then lose your focus on the game for sure. You’ll always get that the superb street basketballs are designed with pebblings and deep channels on their surface. For instance, all the balls in our short list. Remember that a good grip always enables you to control your ball during the game of outdoor basketball.


Did you ever seen an angel who likes to buy basketball each month? Actually, nobody likes to do this and all of us wants to buy a ball which will last for long days. And the environment of the outdoor court is known to us. Very often we use metal net for the boundary of our outdoor basketball playing ground which is a big foe of our ball. Moreover, there maybe gravels, concrete smithereens or any other ravenous stuffs which can leak or damage the ball. So, the outdoor ball should be durable enough to steadily stand against those adversities and thus will allow you to enjoy your game for months to come.


how to deflate the basketball

This is another key point to be noticed. As you know, the outdoor temperature is beyond our control. And the poor quality basketballs automatically lose their air if the temperature decreases. There’s nothing worse than losing your dribbling in the game of basketball. It’s true that because of the impact of the uncontrolled temperature, all the balls lose their air. But, the deflation percentage of the high quality basketballs is very low which won’t affect your street basketball games. You can come to know about the deflation percentage of a particular ball from the players who have used that ball. Feel free to investigate on the balls we’ve listed here and most likely you’ll hear nothing negative about those basketballs.

Basketball Brands:

Though it’s not a must, but you can take this point into consideration for the better satisfaction. For me, the best brand is Spalding. They’re the official ball supplier for the NBA and WNBA games. Moreover, from 2012, it also becomes the official ball provider for both the Euroleague and Eurocup competitions. They actually know the balls better than the other manufacturers. It’s completely my thinking. That’s why I prefer this brand and maybe you’ve seen that the NBA Street Performance Rubber Cover Basketball from Spalding has the highest customer reviews on Amazon. You can definitely go for the other brand if that brand seem to be better to you. However, Wilson, Molten, Rawlings, Under Armor are also reliable and trusted brands.

The Right Feeling:

I don’t know what do you think about the feeling. But, to me, it’s everything in the game of basketball. A strong feeling can evoke your desire to perform the ankle breaking, most striking crossover dribblings, it can pursue you to rush for the rebounds, it can inspire you to keep moving and getting on the right position on the right time.

The circumstances of the outdoor courts are usually boorish. But a topnotch outdoor basketball can give you an indoor feeling with its smooth and perfect gripping. Yet, a quality basketball comes with a non-sticky sweat absorbing cover which makes you feel better to stay focused to your game. You see, nobody feels comfort to play with a damping ball.


Finally, you should consider the price of the ball. Here the secret is that you’ll get some outdoor balls at a premium price out there in the market, which offers you nothing special. From your minute observation, you’ll come to know that these balls are also made of rubber or synthetic leather. Do you think that synthetic leather is an expensive element? Oh no, this is just the another name of the Composite Leather.

Check out the price of the balls listed above and compare their features to any expensive ball. You’ll see that there’s no major difference between the features of those balls. Moreover, you’ll come to know one more thing that the expensive balls are sold less than the budget street balls. That’s why, we didn’t include any costly balls into our list.

However, occasional outdoor players may go for the costly balls. You can also buy an expensive ball for your special guests. Hope someday I’m on your driveway, okay, it’s not me, but it’s a famous player from your favorite NBA team. Should you then play with him with your wear and teared ball? To celebrate such dream like moment, you can definitely go for a premium ball.

How did we pick the top basketballs

Maybe you’ve noticed that we did create the short list of the top outdoor basketballs last month after a 3 weeks long hard work. You know, my father was a college basketball coach and I’m also a big fan of this fantastic game. A lots of my college friends and also the majority of our neighboring youths come to my dad. They ask my dad about the this and that of the basketball game.

They usually ask about the various drills and rules of this game. But, the interesting fact is that one sunday morning before this Christmas Day, they come to my dad into a group and offer a proposal to him. They wanted to establish a basketball club in our nearest wasteland as there’s no basketball club in our area. I’m talking about Clawson, Utah. There’s no topnotch basketball club except Clawson Trojans in the Clawson.

As my dad is a retired college basketball coach, he didn’t hesitate to accept their proposal. As a result, the exciting journey was started. A lots of things needed to be done within the shortest period of time. Also there was enough hands to get the job done as fast as possible. However, I was always with my dad and his main responsibility was to create a best basketball equipment list at a budget price.

The goal systems were selected within no time as there’s a twin in that group whose dad is a Store Manager at LifeTime. But, the job of selecting the long lasting and high performing basketballs became so challenging. Almost all the balls of the market are sold in a big volume and most of the non serious occasional basketball players are somehow happy with their ball. But, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

So, before taking any buying decision, my dad decided to visit his former college which was really the best part of selecting these classy balls. After their practice session, my dad just simply asked to the college basketball team members to write the name of their top 5 outdoor basketballs with a rule that nobody is allowed to write the name of a ball which they have never used. As the game of basketball teaches some heavenly virtues, they took only two minutes to write down their top 5 balls. And because of that rule, some of the students wrote only two names.

However, we got 19 different ball names from all of them and most interestingly a ball was common to almost all of the team members and that is – Spalding NBA Street Performance Basketball. Here’s the list of those 19 balls

  1. Spalding NBA Street Performance Rubber Cover Basketball
  2. Spalding NBA Intermediate Size Zi/O Composite Leather Basketball
  3. Spalding NBA Official Size Zi/O Basketball
  4. Spalding NBA Intermediate Size Street Basketball
  5. Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Basketball
  6. Spalding Rookie Gear Composite Leather Youth Basketball
  7. Spalding Size 7 Never Flat Outdoor Basketball
  8. Spalding NBA Premium Composite Cover Basketball
  9. Spalding NBA Competitive Play Tack Soft Basketball
  10. Spalding NBA Official Size Street Phantom Basketball
  11. Adidas High Performance All Court Basketball
  12. Mikasa BX1000 Premium Quality Rubber Basketball
  13. Under Armour 495 Deep Channel Basketball
  14. Baden Crossover Outdoor Basketball
  15. Wilson NCAA Microfiber Composite Leather Basketball
  16. Wilson Killer Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Basketball
  17. Wilson NCAA Illuminator Wide Channel Basketball
  18. MacGregor X500 Indoor/outdoor Basketball
  19. Molten X-Series FIBA Approved Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

Did you notice that about to half of the balls in this list are from Spalding, which neatly proves the supremacy of this brand over others and that also makes me fall in love with this authoritative brand.

Howsoever, it was not a wise step to go for all those 19 balls. So, next day, may dad arranged a short coffee break with the current coach of that college basketball team. The most crucial part of selecting the top most outdoor balls did come out from that coffee break. Mr. Coach had suggested some mind-blowing ideas to find out the best balls from those 19.

This is not a right place to share those ideas. But, however, according to his actionable ideas, we started visiting to some of the sporting goods stores and asked the retailers about the features of those balls. We asked about the details of 3 or 4 balls from those 19 to a retailer. So, they also showed their patience with us and provided the thing we were looking for.

We recorded all the features and specialities of those balls. I can’t remember actually how many days it took to complete this part of that job. Next to that, again we went to the college and asked those players to justify these features. This time, instead of group asking, we asked them one by one to get the truth. They attested some of the features and also refused a few of the notabilities of those balls.

This time, we also went to my college and did the same thing. Here, not all the basketball players of my college, but my close friends and a few others helped us. After those adventuresome explorations, we marched forward to the next level of hunting the most remarkable courtyard basketballs.

In this level, we dived deep into the online sports stores and didn’t move back from reading all the customer reviews of those products. We compared their reviews with those players feedback and finally, we became able to minimize that list from 19 to 6. In this step, we excluded all the balls which have any confusing reviews from the several customers along with the negative feedback from those players.

Now comes the most expensive part of our research. We did order all these 6 balls. And after 16 days of playing with all these six balls, we had become successful to create that very short list where there’s now only 3 balls and which are undoubtedly the best outdoor basketballs of this time. To test the durability and performance of these balls, we did something funny. But remember that you should never do this type of fun to your new balls.

basketball durability test

We used a baseball bat, a 4 square feet steel net, a fish aquarium full with mild hot water, a water heater to keep the temperature of the water unchanged, a ball pump and a smart pressure gauge. We stretched out the steel net on our outdoor court and with the baseball bat – oh no, no, I’m not gonna disclose that fun game here. But, after that fun game, the above 3 balls of our list were comparatively in the better physical condition with maximum air pressure. As the environment of the outdoor court is hostile, so we created a more untoward basketball court to test the hardiness and performance of the balls to identify the best one and finally we did it. And still now there are a lots of things to do to establish that basketball club.

What basketball should I buy

what basketball should i buy

If you ask the question to a street basketball retailer, he’ll tell you to buy an outdoor basketball; if you ask the same thing to an indoor basketball shopkeeper, he’ll suggest you to buy an indoor ball; if you ask it to a big sporting goods retailer, he’ll ask you to buy whatever you like. But, as I’m not a ball seller, so I won’t give you such type of stupid answers.

You know, to get the best answer of your question, you should first know that how many types of basketballs are there in the market. If I say that there are 3 types of basketballs, then even I don’t know the answer will be right or wrong, because – you’ve already seen the 3 types which are – indoor, indoor/outdoor and outdoor basketball.

But, there are another 3 types of basketballs. These are – Genuine Leather Ball, Composite Leather Ball and Rubber Ball. Again, there are more 3 types of balls. These are junior size ball, intermediate size and official size basketball. Again, you also will get cheap price ball, expensive ball and budget ball. So, to get the most perfect answer, you’ve to consider from all of these aspects.

For instance, the players who play only indoor, an indoor ball will be best for them and leather is the best material to design indoor balls. But, leather balls are so expensive. So, if they have any issue in their budget, then they should go for a budget price ball and most of the high quality badget balls are made of composite leather.

Now, if you don’t play indoor games, then an outdoor basketball will be the best option for you. Outdoor balls are usually made of rubber and composite leather. Here, a composite leather ball will be the best fit only if you have enough budget. But, there are also some occasional players who play both indoor and street games. An indoor/outdoor ball is the most suitable basketball for them.

But, if you’re going to buy a basketball for a player who wanna see herself in the WNBA courts, then an official size ball will be a wrong selection. Again, the junior size balls also will be the wrong choice for them which is, on the other hand, the best fit for the kids. Actually, the purpose behind buying a ball is not only to play, but also to improve the game skills and only the right size of ball can help you to take your basketball skills to the pro level. So, for whom are you going to buy a ball will tell you what basketball should you buy.

How to Take Care of An Outdoor Basketball

How to Take Care of An Outdoor Basketball

An outdoor basketball also can last for years if you take proper care of it. It’s not that hard to take care of your outdoor ball. Just try to fall in love with your basketball and before start playing, don’t forget to sweep your court to make it as clean as possible and also don’t forget to pump your ball up to the recommended air pressure provided by the manufacturer. You can use a pressure gauge to measure the air pressure of your ball.

Now, when your game is over, don’t forget to wipe off your ball with a soft cotton cloth and keep your ball out of the direct sunlight. The temperature of that place should be normal where your ball is kept. You should also make sure that your ball is dry before leaving it off as your ball may get wet because of your sweat. It’s better to store your ball in a cool, dry and open place. For example, it can be the top of your bookshelf.

Clean your ball at least twice a week and use only mild soap or any other recommended cleaners to clean the basketball. Also make sure that you don’t soak the ball while you clean it and never store your ball near any fire or extremely hot place because, extreme temperatures may affect the performance of your ball.

Though, creams or leather coats sprays can bring a new like glittering look to your ball, but you should never apply those materials to your basketball because, these materials will make the surface of your ball a bit slippery and also will damage the sweat absorbing capability of your ball. Also you shouldn’t forget to apply vaseline or any other lubricant to the needle of your ball pump while inflating the ball. Use of vaseline or lubricant will make the needle slippy enough to insert it into the valve of your ball and it’ll keep the valve unaffected.

Be careful while inflating your ball. Excessive air pressure can derange the durability of your ball. Using a pressure gauge can be a good idea to ensure the right amount of air into your ball and you can also use this instrument to deflate your basketball if it is needed. You also shouldn’t inflate the ball when the weather is too cold. Moreover, it’s better to avoid playing outdoor basketball in the rain, snowfall or in the very high temperature.

Although I don’t follow it but, it’s really another good idea to use more than one ball if possible. It ensures the longevity of your balls. As the players need to take rest to perform better, so, the players also should allow their ball to take rest for the sake of better performance. Following these easy and simple facts can let you to play with your ball for years after years. It may seem a bit difficult to you to take care of your ball. But, if you consider it this way, it’ll seem to be so easy. Here it is – inflate the ball properly, clean the ball regularly and store the ball safely and that’s all to take proper care of your outdoor basketball.

How To Clean Your Outdoor Basketball

To be honest, I don’t know how to clean genuine leather basketballs. But, I can recommend you one of the most easiest way to clean your rubber or composite leather balls. Cleaning your outdoor ball will seem to be nothing but cleaning your handkerchief, if you follow that easy guide. Well, here’s the easy guide to clean your rubber or synthetic leather basketballs.

Benefits of Playing Outdoor Basketball

Outdoor basketball саn bе fun and of course beneficial іn mаnу different wауѕ. You can сhесk out thе fоllоwіngs to undеrѕtаnd why so many people find this ѕроrt fun and exciting.

  • Bаѕkеtbаll іѕ a vеrу асtіvе sport and when it is played in the outdoor, it becomes even more exciting and more challenging. Evеrу mіnutе оf a bаѕkеtbаll game іѕ filled with асtіоn. Even you wіll nеvеr gеt bоrеd wаtсhіng thе gаmе bу уоurѕеlf, wіth frіеndѕ, lіvе, оr on TV. Bаѕkеtbаll рlауеrѕ perform ѕоmе fancy mоvеmеntѕ, whether it’s outdoor or indoor, lіkе ball drіbblіng оr ѕlаm dunk. These thіngѕ mаkе the game еxсіtіng to wаtсh аnd рlау. Thе excitement will double if the gаmе іѕ сlоѕе аnd it is difficult tо tеll whісh оf thе teams will wіn. In a word, it’s so refreshing.
  • Anоthеr rеаѕоn whу outdoor bаѕkеtbаll is a fun ѕроrt tо рlау is bесаuѕе уоu can рlау іt wіth your frіеndѕ оr fаmіlу without going to any club. It іѕ a grеаt wау tо bоnd wіth уоur family and friends аnd аt thе same tіmе it helps уоu рrасtісе уоur basketball ѕkіllѕ. Many fаthеrѕ аnd sons аlѕо have their hеаrt-tо-hеаrt tаlkѕ while рlауіng bаѕkеtbаll оnе-оn-оnе. It consolidates the relationships.
  • Aѕіdе from being fun, outdoor bаѕkеtbаll іѕ also a gооd wау tо еxеrсіѕе. Most of the реорlе рlау outdoor or street basketball juѕt fоr fun аnd еxеrсіѕе. Chесk оut thе online health and sports blogs to get ѕоmе іdеаѕ аnd іnfоrmаtіоns about basketball as a wау tо ѕtау рhуѕісаllу fіt.
  • Outdoor basketball іѕ a great рhуѕісаl асtіvіtу bесаuѕе it аllоwѕ your whоlе bоdу to mоvе. You hаvе tо uѕе уоur fіngеrѕ, hаndѕ, аrmѕ, fееt, lеgѕ, knееѕ, and so on. Look at реорlе who play bаѕkеtbаll, еvеn those реорlе whо оnlу play fоr fun. You wіll ѕее thаt thеіr muscles are tоnеd and they gеnеrаllу have a fіt bоdу.
  • If you want tо lose weight and also уоu wаnt tо еnjоу doing it, уоu ѕhоuld consider рlауіng outdoor bаѕkеtbаll. Some forms оf еxеrсіѕеѕ саn bесоmе boring аnd mоnоtоnоuѕ аftеr dоіng thеm fоr ѕеvеrаl dауѕ repeatedly. But not wіth bаѕkеtbаll. Thіѕ is bесаuѕе оnе bаѕkеtbаll gаmе is always different thаn the others. Yоu wіll аlѕо nоt fееl аѕ іf you аrе trуіng tо lose wеіght bесаuѕе bаѕkеtbаll is ѕоmеthіng thаt уоu еnjоу doing.
  • Outdoor basketball can boost your confidence and mental stability, improve your awareness of your body and space, develops your coordination and self-discipline, burns calories and also can promote your cardiovascular health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a composite leather cover?

Answer: A composite leather is a man-made leather like material which is used to manufacture basketballs as an alternative to genuine leather. Unlike leather, it requires little to no break in at all.

What’s the best outdoor basketball material?

Answer: In terms of comfort, composite leather is the best material and if you prefer durability over comfort, then rubber performs better than composite leather. And high quality rubber basketballs also provide great feel.

Do I have to buy a costly ball to ensure that I get the best basketball?

Answer: You know, it depends on your requirements. If you buy real leather ball because it’s the most expensive and then play with it on a concrete basketball court, you then only will waste your money. Genuine leather balls can’t hold up in an outdoor court and a simple rubber ball can satisfy you on such rough court. This means that price is not the indicator of quality.

Which detergent should I use to clean my ball?

Answer: You should only use mild soap or any other ball cleaner to clean your ball and avoid using hot water or shoe cleaner to clean your basketball.

What’s the best time to let my kids to play basketball?

Answer: It also depends on their age and interest. But generally, afternoon is the best time for the kids to play basketball as it doesn’t hamper their concentration to their academic study.

Should I buy online or in a reputed sporting goods store?

Answer: It depends on your time and taste of time. If you’ve enough time to visit several sporting goods store, then you can buy from those retailers. Yet, if you like to know several customer reviews on your preferred basketball before buying, then you should buy online. But, you’ve to be careful while purchasing online. If an online store doesn’t have good return policy and if they don’t provide reliable customer support, then your online shopping experience may not so be satisfactory. So, don’t forget to check out their return policy and customer support while buying online.

Your Turn

As you see, we’ve done the most critical part of narrowing down the list of the balls to only 3. Now, it’s your turn to choose one from these 3 basketballs. The secret of the outdoor balls is now revealed. If you’ve enough free time, you can also consider investing your time in researching the ins and outs of the basketballs. Definitely, the result will be the same in most of the aspects.

But, in one point, you can dive deeper and this is price. We didn’t choose the balls which are so expensive. Yes, it’s true that the expensive balls are of high quality. But, we’ve chosen the balls mostly for the aggressive players and not for the recreational or occasional players and a costly basketball can be a good fit only for the extemporaneous games. And I can assure you that in nowhere, we did consider the quality of the ball.

You might dig up some other online resources where you’ll get ten of dozens of basketball reviews. But, what the specialty and benefit of those reviews? Isn’t it so confusing to select a single ball from the ten or twenty balls? Isn’t it a dissipation of time to read dozens of basketball reviews while you just need to buy only one or two balls? Yes, we did this for the sake of those real basketball enthusiasts who are trying their level best to establish a basketball club. And now it seems to me that it won’t be a wise decision to do the same thing which is already done by someone else.

However, we believe that a poor ball can destroy the excitement of the game, a cheap quality ball can affect your focus to the game, an unworthy outdoor ball can even degrade your ball handling skills. So, we’ve excluded all the average quality balls from our list and that’s why our list is so small. Yes, there maybe better balls out there in the market. But, we didn’t have enough time and scope to scrutinize all the balls.

But, the best part of our list is that it’s really so small, so that you can easily pick up your desired ball. Moreover, our list is not a subject to remain unchanged till the doomsday. So, feel free to share the details of your ball if you believe that it’s better than the above 3 best outdoor basketballs. But, if you’re in a hurry and need a ball as soon as possible, then trust me, none of these balls will disappoint you as they have already earned the love and trust from a lot of real basketball fans.