Learn How to Play Basketball Better Than Ever

It’s my pleasure to shout that being a basketball fan is not an accident. It’s something trained in you way back in the early years of your life. It’s like brushing your teeth and going to school; you do it routinely without the need for motivator. Basketball may have found you in your growing up years, maybe because your dad was a diehard fan too and he inspired you to learn how to play basketball and love it as well. Or maybe, your school is adept to sports and basketball is its top team game. Or maybe you just love the game, play it yourself and dreams of becoming one of the biggies in the industry.

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Well, why not? But the thing is: do you really know how to play this game? If you do then you might want to add something to your strategies, if you are faring on the average then the following basketball tips might help you a lot, and if you actually don’t then you are in luck.

Steps to play basketball more efficiently

There are 9 simple steps or tips on playing basketball more effectively and efficiently. Remember that these tips and steps are basically designed for one team, meaning it’s like you are just playing to win and you have to achieve the best strategies in opposing or defending against other team in the long run.

Step Number 1:

Establish a team. Basketball is a team sport. You will basically need at least five players in a team and if you are one of them then you need four more teammates. So, buy a quality basketball hoop, create a court at your driveway or backyard and then choose those that also have the feel for the game and willing to work together and have the winning attitude. Skill and knowledge will improve later on and basketball rules can be found here.

Step Number 2:

Break the ice. Since you are not opposing a team for now, you don’t have to jump for the ball; instead use free throw to start the game. The first player who scores will get two points and succeeding will be of 1 point.

Step Number 3:

In the event that the first shooter misses the basket, the second in line will have to rebound and go for the basket. Note that the ball must bounce only once or else, the player loses his turn. When that happens, the third in line must shoot from the three points ring to restart the game. This is worth two points though.

Step Number 4:

Jump whenever handling the ball. In this game, no one is allowed to touch the ball with his feet on the ground unless during the free throw. So make it a point to jump when the player ahead of you misses his/her target.

Step Number 5:

Continue the game in this sequence. Each shot during the play mode is worth two points.

Step Number 6:

Free throw after making a basket. Every player who makes the basket will have a chance to do free throws, which is worth one point.

Step Number 7:

Free throw until you miss. In the event that you make a basket, you are to do free throws in unlimited row. This will go on until the time you misses at least one shot.

Step Number 8:

Restart game with the same procedure as before. After missing your free throw, the next player takes the ball for a free throw. If missed, the next rebounds but if it’s a good ball then a series of free throws follow.

Step Number 9:

The game ends when one of the players get exact 30 points. If score goes over 30, then the score automatically drops to 19 and the game will continue.

Does this table of tips seem weird to you? Follow these steps only for a couple of days to realize their effectiveness. With these, the game will be as fulfilling as when you have an opposing team aside from the fact that you and your teammates’ skills and knowledge are improved. In the next games, and when all of you achieved the fastest ends of the game and the shooting range and stamina improve, you can look for team opponents. The internet is where you can find additional tips on how to play basketball; even those from professionals or perhaps from your favorite NBA player. However, after having a good try to these tips, you can go for the following secrets:

Basketball Crossover Secrets

Basketball Crossover Secrets

Basketball is, perhaps, the most famous sports all over the world. And with its popularity, many young men and women are into this sport. Many people are also watching this game; be it a game on television or a live court action. There have been several basketball associations in the United States alone. But the most popular is the National Basketball Association, most popularly known as simply the NBA. Why? This is because it showcased the most finest players as well as the best basketball crossover dribbles that the whole world have ever seen.

The Crossover Dribble

This is the most notable crossover move. Basketball fanatics also love to call this move as the ankle breaker and too many ankles have been broken in performing this move. As you know, this is a low and fast bounce dribbling in front and lets the player to switch impetus as fast as possible. This is being used to outmaneuver the opponent and have the chance to drive to the hoops. The function that you will see in a crossover move is so excellent that many spectators consider it as a very exciting spice on a game. Mostly, the crossover dribble is a very significant and needful move that the players holding the guard positions must know. And it is also such a great move that every player should learn because it will be an advantageous offensive move.

Steps in Making a Crossover Dribble

Feel like learning this amazing move? If you really wish to learn crossover dribble, there are several steps on how you can make it happen on the court;

  • The first step of this move is that you have to learn how to dribble using your best hand. Also you have to learn how to do this while your approach to the defending opponent.
  • Respite and focus on your dribbling keeping your opponent at bay of fog.
  • Now, while keeping your opponent at the bay of fog, you have to push the ball to that side where you’re dribbling. There’s a chance that this will lead your opponent to move with you. When he did that mistake, you have to bounce the ball in other direction and move to the net so fast before he catches up your ball. There is also a technique in this move if you want a three-point play. You have to run in front of your defender; when he chases you and runs for the ball, a foul will be called.
  • You should also keep your eyes on the moves of your defender while being careful with your own moves. If the weight of your opponent shifted, you will then know that he bites out at your crossover move.
  • The most crucial fact about this dribble is that your speed and your control over the ball are everything to make this move successful.
  • Also, you have to concentrate on your defender’s mid section while concentrating on your own moves.

Even if you think from having a sight at the pro basketball games that a crossover dribble is such an easy technique to execute, you will be surprised at just how hard it is in your actual practice. And you will need several things in order to full command over this move. First, you have to have strong and agile hands. Next, your legs should learn how to be responsive to your hands.

You know, excellent control of the ball combined with speedy foot works are the main key to crossover dribbling. Your upper body should also be sturdy and tough; you have to learn how to coordinate your body movements with the rhythms of your foot works and ball handling. Lastly, and probably the most important spice is a deceptive mind. Yes, this is what you need because you are not only convincing your defender but yourself as well that what you are doing is real, until the very last moment. Hope this video will help you to subjugate this fast:

Basketball Point Guard Secrets

So you want to be the quickest ball handler on the court? Then you might want to try 16 of the simplest but best ball handling tips used and practiced by both NBA and WNBA superstars. Doing so will not only make you better in controlling the ball but also in creating plays and get openings for the winning shots. The ball handler, which in basketball lingo is noted as the point guard, must know how to manage the ball at high speeds because the entire team is dependent on his capability to score. So, the 16 basketball point guard secrets are as follows:

1] Introductory ball handling drill: Stand at one of the ends of the court with both hands holding a ball each. Walk towards the opposite end of the court and bounce your right ball first, followed by the one on your left. The timing should be in the manner that as the right ball hits the floor, the left ball is released. As you get acquainted with the drill, pick up pace. In the long run, you will be running with two balls dribbled. If you can do this then you can be better with one ball at hand.

2] Around the world drill: Stand with a ball in both hands. Start circling it around your head, waist, and knees. Bend and spread your legs, circle the ball around one leg to the other. This will help you get more feel of the ball while promoting hand coordination as well as your speed.

3] The Scissors: With your left foot ahead of the right, bounce the ball between your legs starting from your right hand and passed to the left hand. As it passes, shift the position of your legs. This time the right leg is ahead and the ball passing between the changed positions of your legs.

4] Catch-catch-catch: Hold the ball between your legs with both hands on it, right in front and left at the back. Quickly switch hands without letting the ball fall.

5] Crab Walk: Stand at one end of the court with your left leg forward and pass the ball under. Change steps going forward with the ball being passed under the ahead leg.

6] Figure 8: Spread your legs and circle the ball in an 8 figure around the legs with your head looking forward. Increase speed as you continue doing so. This drill will help you get a feel of the ball and increase speed.

7] Figure 8 Dribbling: Dribble with your fingers while you are bent at the waist going around your legs in a figure of 8. Increase speed as you continue.

8] Figure 8 drop: Circle the ball from the outside of your left leg to the outside of your right. As it reaches the back between your legs, let it drop and reverse your hands and catch the ball before it bounces again.

9] Figure 8 drop reverse: Do the drill in tip #8 and when you bounce the ball, reverse your movement. Circle the ball outside your right leg and around your left leg starting at the back to the front.

10] Figure 8 running in place: Do the drill in tip #8 but this time run in place.

11] One on two: Advance the ball against two supposed defenders to force the use of variety of maneuvers and being alert of defense at the same time.

12] Pass and Catch: Practice the body awareness drill. Bounce the ball with two hands into your spread legs going to the back. Then catch it with both hands and pass it back to the front with both hands again.

13] Sit-up while dribbling: Do sit-ups while dribbling with your right hand around your feet, then switch hands as you lie down. Dribble with your left hand as you sit up again. Do this faster as you continue.

14] Squeeze the banana: Squeeze your fingers and thumb together as you move the ball quickly from one hand to the other at eye level. Doing so will improve your finger and arm strength for ball control.

15] Touch-touch-touch: ball between your legs; touch the ball with your right fingers then with your left. Do the same at your back. Continue touching as fast as possible.

16] Up the ladder: From in front of your waist, pass the ball from one hand to the other with your finger tips. This will help develop your finger tip control in handling the ball properly.

These drills are actually difficult to master but with constant practice, you will surely get it. In a matter of time, you will be a great ball handler by doing so and overall, all these practical tips will help you to learn how to play basketball. You can also check out these old school tips to improve your basketball skills. Best wishes and dream for the best.