Why To Replace Your Trampoline Jumping Mat

If you had bought your trampoline a few years ago, you may now become a big fan of this sporting goods because of its inconceivable benefits. These benefits of jumping on a trampoline may inject you to buy another new trampoline after completely utilizing your old one. But, just a new trampoline jumping mat can bring a nearly new look and reinforced working efficiency to your old trampoline.

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You know, trampolines are of different shapes and sizes like round, octagon, rectangular, square and odd and interestingly I don’t know the exact shape and size of your trampoline because you didn’t show me your trampoline.

Okay, no need to invite me for a cold coffee to your backyard this afternoon to see your old trampoline. I am happy enough to meet you here and as I don’t know the exact shape and size of your trampoline mat, so, if I suggest you to buy a Mat for 10ft Round Trampoline, but, your’s one is not that 10ft, then my effort won’t be able to help you.

Therefore I think that it will be better to know how to find out the best and fittest mat for your trampoline rather than glancing over a few best trampoline mat reviews. So, you need to know how to measure a trampoline mat, how to measure different sizes, which material is safest for your or your kid’s trampoline mat to easily pick up the fittest one from a huge collection of mats in a reputed sporting goods store.

How To Measure A Trampoline Mat:

No technical skill is needed to measure the length or size of your trampoline mat. It is very easy job just like to drink a cup of cold coffee. First of all, be sure that your trampoline is sitting on a level ground. Next to that, count all the springs your trampoline has.

You know, measuring accurately is of utmost importance. Now, instead of measuring the jumping surface area, you have to measure straight across frame width from outside edge to outside edge to get the exact size of your trampoline and now I am talking about Round Shape trampoline. If the size of your trampoline is 10 ft, then you should be known that there is no difference in mat size which are made for 10 ft trampoline.

how to measure round trampoline mat

However, now don’t be lazy to measure again at a different point and like the X model to get the strict size. And both the results should be same. You will get a few trampolines exactly round when you measure them after using them for a long period of time. It happens because of the excessive pressure of jumping.

So, no need to be worried about that. Just you have to come to know the size and if you measure twice, you surely will get that. If you have count all the springs, now you need to measure the length of those springs. To get the size of your springs, measure your spring from the end of hook to the end of hook. To get the best result, take a spring off from your trampoline and then measure it’s size.

how to measure spring

Now, you know your spring size and trampoline size. So, to buy your jump mat, check out that the mat has the same amount of spring hole of how many you have counted. That means, if you have 64 springs then it also needed to have 64 spring holes in your jump mat.

To measure the mat size of a rectangular trampoline, there is no difference in measuring the frame. Just follow the way I have said to measure a round shape trampoline and don’t forget to measure twice but don’t measure it from corner to corner because, the length from corner to corner is larger when it is rectangular trampoline.

If you have an octagon trampoline, then of course you have to measure it’s width from corner to corner and not from corner to flat side nor from flat side to corner. Always measure it from outside edge to outside edge. And the rest 2 things namely springs and their size. Follow the same thing to get their size which I have mentioned for the round shape.

measure octagon trampoline

Now come to the point of measuring springs and its size. If your trampoline is 10 ft which has 64 springs and each spring is 7 inch long, then you should look for the 10ft jump mat and find out the option like 64×7(here 64 means that the mat have 64 spring holes and 7 means that each spring is 7 inch). Another easy and funny way to know the size of your trampoline mat is to measure your old mat. But, along with this funny way, the above measuring process will provide you the exact result which definitely will satisfy you. Here is the video guide to measure your trampoline mat.

Safest Material For Trampoline Mat:

Another important thing to choose the best trampoline jumping mat is to know using which materials the mat is made of. To be satisfied with your new jump mat, first of all, you should be sure that it is made of Polypropylene. To know what Polypropylene is, feel free to visit Wikipedia.

PP or Polypropene or Polypropylene is the most safest and obviously the best material to bring a much more enjoyable dimension to your rebounding experience. You know, polypropene mats are also available in two types. One is calendered, which is considered as best, and the other one is uncalendered, which is not recommended.

The first one is considered as the best one because, calendering is a high worm heat pressure finishing process which transforms the slack woven mesh into the integrated piece of woof which is stronger, smoother and, and you will come to know how much it provides stabilized surface to satisfy its users. You might have a question that why I am talking about polypropylene. Let’s see the answers.

Polypropylene Makes The Mat Stronger:

If you have used the mat made of canvas, plastic or nylon, then you have experienced their strength. They perform well only when they are new. But, after only a few weeks, they become unfit to provide maximum satisfaction. Yes, I am focusing on satisfaction because it is a sporting goods.

But, the performance of PP is much more better than those materials. The ultra durable calendered polypropylene fabric makes your trampoline bed extensile which makes it permissive enough to toler your or your child’s jumping pressure.

You may have noticed that the nylon or canvas mats also use polypropylene to attach spring connectors. So, can you imagine how much will it be strong if the mat itself is made of polypropylene. Yes, that’s why polypropylene mats are the strongest mats available in the trampoline market.

Polypropylene Mat is Smoother:

If your kids go on the trampoline bare footed and falls on the stronger trampoline surface, but feel contuse pain in their foot, then the strength of that mat will be useless. But, you will not see this type of problem in those mats which are made of polypropylene because, these material is smoother. No need to trust me now because, you will come to know about this reality from your friends or neighbors who use polypropylene mat.

Polypropylene Jumping Mat is Anti – slip:

Another awesome feature of this mat is that this is safe for jumpers because it is anti – slip. There is no fear of slipping down while jumping down on this mat. It will help to keep your feet stable while landing on it. Unlike canvas or plastic mats, its smooth quoted graphs make it ultimately anti – slip and enjoyable.

Suitable For Both in Indoor And Outdoor Use:

As a user of trampoline, you know very well that, at times, you are to keep your trampoline outside of your game room ( you even may not have any game room ). In winter, a canvas mat may easily becomes unfit to use because of excessive dewfall. Sometime, you may forget to cover your trampoline which surely will damage your mat if it is made of any other material rather than polypropylene.

Long Lasting:

If you like to use your trampoline outside the home, then its mat must be UV protective to save the mat from the sunlight and the material polypropylene is highly resistant to UV Rays and sunlight. So, this mats are long lasting and you easily will be able to use it for years to come.

Features To Make A Mat Best:

Beside material, you have to consider a few more things to get the best one. Yes, you won’t get springs with your trampoline mat. But, what will be, if there is no spring attachment hooks in a trampoline mat? So, before placing your order, check out the feature.

Some trampolines are spring free. In that case, you will get the cord attachment feature in those mats which are suitable for that type of trampoline. Thicker V rings, anti bacterial feature, easy return policy and longer warranty period surely will improve your experience. So, don’t forget to check out those features.

Reasons Behind Trampoline Mat Replacement:
As an sports and fitness enthusiast, I am sure you know that every sports equipment are subject to wear and tear and so a trampoline mat is. Due to frequent use for a long time, a mat becomes too weak to provide support to enjoy the fearless jump. So, to avoid any accident, it is better to replace the old mat with a new and reliable one.

The mat is so vital element of your trampoline that it tolerates tons of pressures over the years. Your kids may have jumped thousands of times. So, it is natural that after a few years of using, it needs to be replaced to see you happy again though, it has been manufactured with the best material.

Remember that the pleasure of jumping and the safety of the jumpers depend on the jumping bed. So, to ensure the safety of the jumpers, jumping surface always needs to be fit and fine and that’s why you better to change your trampoline mat after a limited period of time.

How To Replace Jumping Mat:

It seems to me that, you are conscious enough about replacing the mat and, here my endeavour is just to show you an easier way to complete your job. If you have decided to change your mat then a step by step process will be helpful to you as it was happened to me when I first time appeared to this situation and got those steps from one of my athletic trainers. So, have a look at those steps here.

Step 1:

Following the above way, measure your trampoline first and get to know the exact size. Watch this video to see how should you measure your trampoline.

Step 2:

Now visit your nearest sporting goods retailers. But, if you don’t have enough time to visit them, then you can visit any reputed online retailers.

Step 3:

Find out the size you have measured among their collection of world class jumping mats.

Step 4:

Check out the features (you have recently seen above) of the mat carefully to be happy with this new one.

Step 5:

Place your order and wait for the shipment. It may takes a few hours to a few days depending on your address distance.

Step 6:

Now you have come to the final step. Bring out the new mat from the shipping pack and go to your old trampoline. Take off a spring attachment V ring from the spring and then attach that spring with the spring attachment hook of your new mat. Follow this process until your old mat completely takes off from the trampoline frame and your new one becomes ready to entertain you.

Finally, it is very important to know exactly when  your mat needs to be replaced. Sometimes, instead of replacing the hole mat, repairing a few points may solve the issue. Just think that, if only a few spring attachment hooks become unfit, then it will be wise to repair those points instead of replacing your trampoline mat. This way, you can ensure the proper utilization of your sporting goods.