How to Rebound in Basketball to Spellbound the Fans

So many times, we’ve heard that rebounding is good for health, but how many times did you realize that it’s a game changing key in basketball. Most of the average players don’t take it seriously as it doesn’t offer any points. At the same time all the pro players take it sincerely because they expect every shot to be a miss and it’s rebounding which can turn a missed shot into a score. If you also like to be a pro player, then don’t you think that it’s a must for you to know how to rebound in basketball effectively. Moreover, you’ll be happy to know that rebounding is an impervious armor for the shorter player against their bigger opponent.

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What is Rebounding in Basketball

If you shoot a ball to the basket of your basketball goal system properly, two things may happen. The ball may go down through the net or it might bounces off the backboard. Here, the second option is called rebounding. Because of the rebounds in the basketball, a player can get the chance to grab the ball after a missed field goal, three point shot or a free throw attempt. A rebound can be possessed by either one of your teammates or by a defensive player. So, you’ll get only two types of rebounding. One is called offensive rebound and the other one is called defensive rebound.

Importance of Rebounds in Basketball

It’s true that the team with higher points is the winner in this game. But, enjoying the NBA matches proves that controlling the boards is the golden key to basketball success which is not contradictory to that truth in any way. It means that if you get more chance to basket the ball, there will be more opportunity for you to score higher and it’s rebounding which creates an opportunity for your team to possess the ball again after a missed shot. To be more clear, rebounding ensures more opportunities for your team to score higher and less opportunities for your opponents to grab the ball. So, it’s a very important part of the game.

How to rebound in basketball

Rebounding is as easy as drinking a cup of chocolate coffee. Does this sound fabulous? But, trust me, rebounding is really much more easier than three point shooting, crossover dribbling or even dunking. And this is the only skill where a shorter player can easily overstep their bigger opponents. As you know that there are two types of rebounding in basketball, so let’s learn them one by one.

Offensive Rebounding:

As you want to score higher, so, first of all, you’ve to be offensive and there are 3 phases in offensive rebounding. These are – Rolling Back, Gaining Position and Chasing Down The Ball. You know, whenever rebounding comes, my most favorite coach Bill Walton appears to me. Basketball is a game of assumptions, transition and mental acuity. So, instead of simply reading the process of functioning a successful rebound, try to imagine yourself on the court and try to realize the following steps –

Rolling Back:

Basketball is the game of your skills, timing and position and not of your size and strength. So, don’t ever base your game on the facts that you’re bigger or stronger than someone right now entered and developed themselves. As this game isn’t based on physical size and strength,  so there’s no way but to improve your skills and rolling back is such an easy thing which anyone can develop.

I’m going to show you right now a technique that will allow you to get from one spot on the court to the other side of your defender, your opponent who desperately trying to keep in that situation. So what are you realizing now? You have to move around as you can’t go through on.

To move around, at first jabbed up to the baseline where your initial move will be to come back with his inside arm, lift him up out of the way and now you’re flashing to the ball. This technique, like so many of the techniques could be utilized in different aspects. For instance, to get into the offensive rebound position through rolling back that you desire, get into the position you’re trying to establish or may be an offensive attacking mode.

You also have to assume the quality of your opponent if that is of a very high level. If so, then you’ve to do a fake move when you make that jabs step, he’s not gonna allow you to come back, he’s gonna behold you, he’s gonna extend his hand to keep you away from doing that. So, to utilize that situation, as you make that jabbed step, come a little bit farther with one more step (look at the slider below to be 100% clear), position yourself here on the outside of your defender and then you’re allowing yourself to roll back here keeping your armed elbows up and now you’re in that position for either be offensive rebound or to snatch the ball from your opponents. This is how the offensive rebound is performed that makes you feel that you want that ball in your hands.

Gaining Position:

You’ve already realized that the purpose of rolling back is to gain a better position on the court. You know, a critical element in rebounding on the offensive end is to anticipate that the shot will be missed.  Well, try to imagine yourself the situation – I’m here in my position and my opponent will be over boxing me out and have a good defensive stance, that is all right. So, I have to know that my teammates gonna be shooting the ball. I have to be thinking along the same lines here. That’s why I’m always watching the ball, always watching the eyes of my teammates. So that, I can anticipate what’s gonna happen next.

But when that shot is going to be taken, you want to start moving initially to grab the ball in this situation where you may just try the portion shot your way into the basket. Know, this has to be a game of movement, a game of dance. It’s an opportunity for you to express your mental acuity and your motions out their.

So when the play is happening and you’re not shooting, you want to move on a constant basis to get in a situation where the ball is gonna bounce off of and remember that when the shot is taken from this side (maybe it’s your right side), most likely the ball is gonna be bouncing off on this far side. That is just a simple law of physics.

gonna be bouncing off on this far side

Now oftentimes late in the game, some guys should be out there stroke in the shot, you know they’re tired, you know they’re fatigues, and even you can anticipate that hey I’m gonna front of the rim and the ball should be bounced back on this side.

But all of your movement, all of your positioning has gotta be keyed on be in there first, be in there guy, that is on the move, on the attack and don’t be the type of player that is just sitting there waiting for the ball of falling in your lap. Go, chase that ball down and put yourself in the position where ball can come to you.

Chasing Down The Ball:

Now, just think for a moment, if you are well, that life is like a jump shot. Without the ball is in your hands, there’s nothing you can do about it anymore without deploring, regretting and hiding your face in the shame. So, chase the ball down. Basketball is about transition, that’s the same way as life. So, as a shooter, put the ball up, they can’t sit there and so, you shouldn’t think that my job is over.

Always be to the type of player that’s chasing that ball down. Whether it is shots or going up, each and every time they wanna land in their perfect balance and they move on to the next play. Who can get there quick, who can anticipate where that ball is going is a real player.

Basketball is about quickness, basketball is about anticipation, basketball is about balance, but again, it is also about chasing that ball down. Don’t be the type of person, don’t be the type of player who sits there and wait for that ball of falling in their lap. Chase it down, you determine your own fate. Let’s make it happen while you’re on the court.

Defensive Rebounding

This is the another type of rebound which can help you to stop your defenders from making points. In this technique, you’ll have to do some stunning moves as these are represented step by step here –

Boxing Out in the Paint:

You may have heard so many times over the course of your life from your coaches saying box out, box out. Boxing out is not about getting underneath the basket in pushing back. No, boxing out is the preparations. Remember failing to prepare is preparing to fail as a defensive player keeping your man in an awkward out of position. Imagine the situation. So that, when they shot as alternately take in, you’ve already done all the work. Remember the three rules of boxing out. These are anticipate shot will be missed, keep hands above the shoulders and go get that ball.

If you’re playing good defense here as your teammates or doing the same on the perimeter, you’re always watching the ball because your vision never leaves the ball. little bit a hand contact  on your opponent here at his right chest as you’re playing here on his left (not in front of him, but before him), and that shot is ultimately take in. Then as you turn, hold your position here keeping your chin up and get your shoulder on the turn watching that ball on its way to the hoop.

Then that’s your key to make that move and open up your armed hands cause he’s gonna be coming this way and now you’ve got your man behind you, the basket here before you, the ball out in front of you and then all the rules applied from that point. Go get it, land and get the ball out in transition.

The critical element in boxing out is the position what you do with your feet and  your body before the shot is ever taken from your defensive stance which you’ve guarded, your man denied that opponent from the reception of the ball. Something is happen over here on the other side of the court. They realize that they’re gonna be forced  to try to come here before you. So, they gonna put the shot up and you’ve guard in here before your basket then you’re watching the shot of the ball keeping your chin up behind your shoulder in such a way that the ball is coming to your shoulder from your back.

That’s your key, you know, now you have to go and get that ball. So as it now turned, open up, try to pivot as he keep coming, keep hand in contact to your opponent’s chest and you’ll easily get yourself here able to go wherever you want and incorporate all the other possible aspects.

Boxing Out on the Perimeter:

Rebounding is not just the responsibilities of the big guys underneath the basket. It’s a team responsibility that everyone must concentrate on. You’re gonna find yourself matched up against a high flyer on the perimeter, a Tracy Mcgrady, a Kobe Bryant, a Vince Carter or Kevin Garnett, a Ray Allen, these guys who can kill you buy get into the offensive glass, somebody you’ve to keep off the board.

Remember, it’s not so important that you get the rebound, it’s important that your team gets the redound. When you’re out here playing your defence is the technique which remain as the same as underneath the basket. But, your focus can just beyond stand in here and watch it and hope that your teammates gonna get the ball. Yes, you have obligations and responsibilities to cut the foul line for the long rebound that’s gonna come bouncing up off the radically long shot or the ball that tripped up by the big guys.

But, when you’re out here be on the three point line, remember that it’s all the same you’re playing your defense, you’re watching that ball, most importantly know, don’t let your men get to the basket area and the same principle of keeping him on your back side as in a pose to trying to push him back out of the basket area.

No no no, your position should be by denying him here then at the last moment turning around to the basket. That will let you to be a terrific defensive team rebounder.

Boxing Out a Bigger Player:

Can you remember that the size and strength aren’t the base of your game in the basketball? Realize though, that you’re a real player when you can compete in all aspects of this great game. When your opponent is bigger, stronger and faster. To compete against those big rippling power, you’ve to jump higher, you’ve to be fast, you’ve to be speedy, you’ve to be hard. When you can get these done against those guys then you’ll find yourself being a real player.

Well, for the shorter player, as a bit shorter player, you have to have the daunting tasks to keep your opponents away from the basket. Realize that you must have to have  the quickness in speed and physical fitness and all the little elements, most importantly the mental aspects to figuring out all the rules applied. So, don’t forget to use all the assets that you have at your disposal.

Keep your elbows always hard and wide to prevent your bigger opponent from coming in front of you or gaining his comfortable position, also keep yourself down as you’re sitting on a deep seat chair and use your hips to create pressure right above the knee of your bigger opponent as the lower part of the thigh is the week point of the bigger players and never give up the eye contact with that player. One more thing will make you happy that your sitting like position and light weight will let you to jump higher even than your bigger opponent whenever you’ll need it.

Using Elbows:

Another great thing about basketball is that the head to head competition with who is gonna come up to grab the ball. Suppose, you’re underneath the board and you’re trying to get those rebound. Remember that the guy whose elbows always are placed first on the under arms of their rivals gonna get a favor because of the basketball rules. According to the rules, no player can keep their elbows in contact to the face of the opposite players. Now if you see the players all the time fighting to get their arms on top position, in that case you should keep yourself in a position of leverage and power, keeping your elbows hard and wide and keeping your eyes in contact with their moves. So that once again, you can be the one who is in control of the entire situation.

Basketball is the perfect game. You can practice it and play it by yourself. You never have to wait for anything other than the opening tip. You’re out there running, your playing and sweating.  But one of the greatest things about basketball is when it’s hot and hit in inside underneath the basket with a bit of western civilization is on the line, your playing maybe is not going your way, but there is nothing like the perfectly placed elbow right in the mid section of the other guy to get sure to right back into your game and be sure that this surely will spellbound your fans.

Pro Tips

There’s no rule that you can’t use your offensive techniques into your defensive rebound and defensive techniques in your offensive rebounds. Practice the required drills for your rebounding techniques and be one of the great rebounders. So, all the rebounding techniques are here at a glance to make you understand exactly how to rebound in the game of basketball:-

  • Rolling Back
  • Gaining Position
  • Chasing Down The Ball
  • Boxing Out in the Paint
  • Boxing Out on the Perimeter
  • Boxing Out a Bigger Player
  • And Using Your Elbows

Secrets to become a better rebounder

You know, average players will give you some average tips to improve your rebounding skill. They usually will suggest you to practice some drills saying – Grab Ball Rebounding Drill, Weak Side Rebounding Drill, Four Line Offensive Rebounding Drill, Wall Rebounding Drill, Four Line Defensive Rebounding Drill, Taps Rebounding Drill, Circle Rebounding Drill, Figure 8 Rebounding Drill, Two Line Rebounding Drill, Slide Rebounding Drill, Survival Rebounding Drill, Battle Boards Rebounding Drills, 1 on 1 Rebounding Drill, 2 on 2 Rebounding Drill, Rotation Rebounding Drill blah blah blah which will keep you remain busy in practicing those drills but, won’t take your rebounding to the next level.

You’ve already known that basketball is the game of Skills, Timing and Position. To take your rebounding to the pro level, there are two more things. These are Knowledge and Determination. These 5 things can unlock the next level of rebounding. Let’s see how do they do this job.

Skill is the first thing among these 5. You’ll need the skill of running faster, jumping higher and being stronger than your defender, because you’ve to push them back to perform your rebounding. In that case, jump rope will improve your running speed, weight frog jump will improve your vertical jumping and individual basketball workouts will improve your core strength.

Timing and Position are the 2nd and 3rd keys. If you’ve the skills to run faster and jump higher, then you’ll be able to gain your desired position in time which will allow to rebound perfectly. Just try to imagine that what can be if you start your jumping right after 1 second from the perfect time. That’s why, these are the most crucial facts to improve your rebounding.

Knowledge is the 4th key which contributes a lot to make you a better rebounder. Here you’ll get the difference between the average tips and pro tips. According to the common tips, you’ll have to practice those drills just like a donkey and as a result, your skills won’t be improved. But, according to the pro level tips –

You’ve to study basketball, you’ve to study your game, you’ve to study your team, you’ve to get the anatomy of the NBA games. Seems a little difficult? Yes, taking your rebounding skill to the next level isn’t so easy thing. It needs a lot of hard work. But, nothing is impossible. Know the basketball rules first, then switch on your TV and watch some NBA matches.

Also don’t forget to watch some games of Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Elvin Hayes, Rick Barry and some other basketball stars of that time. You’ll get a huge difference between their game and the game of 21st century players. So, to take your rebounding to the next level, you’ve to watch numbers of NBA games, you’ve record some of those games. You may find those game videos on the NBA website.

Point out each of their position, moves, shots and obviously all of their rebounds. Point out, how and from where they rebound, how often they rebound and the rebounding percentage between the winning teams and the vanquished teams. You can use a whiteboard same as the following one to properly point out all the rebounding positions.

rebounding position on whiteboard

Determination is the final key. If you really want to improve your rebounding skill, then you’ve to determine that you’ll improve your knowledge and skills, you’ll develop your strength and you’ll work hard. You’ve to determine that you’ll practice the rebounds which you’ll get from the NBA videos and then finally you’ve to determine that on the basketball court, you’ll run faster after the ball and get the ball, you’ll keep your eyes on your teammates and also on your defenders, you’ll never let the ball go out of your sight and you’ll never miss any minor opportunity to make a rebound whether it be offensive or defensive.

Maybe this post won’t make you a great rebounder as you know that nobody can become excellent without adequate practice. But, it’s sure that it can make you realize how to rebound in basketball and importance of rebounding in this game. It’s rebounding which can change the game, which can make you a basketball megastar, which can make you an unresisted frightening defender. So, be crazy about rebounding and get it improved.