How use of technology in basketball can improve your skill level

The world is digitalized day by day and so the sports world is. In continuation of this up trend in sports, I’m damn sure that you’ve also seen some significant technological innovations being incorporated in the pro basketball games. From players to coach and from audience to referees, everybody likes to use technology, I mean digital devices to get the best and to enjoy to the fullest.

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Use of technology in basketball helps the referees to judge better, helps the coaches to train better and finally helps the players to perform better. It even makes the basketball matches more heart throbbing to its fans. So, I hope you won’t mind to know how use of modern equipment and applications can improve your skill level.

As you know, one of the most effective ways to sharpen your basketball skills is to watch the game reviews. Suppose, you’ve played a game this afternoon and now after having your dinner, you’re watching the recorded video of that game. Won’t this help you to identify your mistakes? Won’t this help you to solve those bullshit faults?

This is the main contribution of technology to improve your basketball skills. Though, technology offers countless benefits to the players, coaches and referees, but, today I’m just gonna show how it actually helps you to improve and sharpen your ball handling skills.

Use of Technology in Basketball

First of all let’s see how does technology apply in basketball. Just to remember, technology is the use or application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. Now, as you know, the game of basketball was invented by Dr. James Naismith back in the 18th century and this game was played with a soccer style ball and a fruit basket was used to basket that ball. But, do you now play this game with those equipment?

Because of the use of technology, that fruit basket has now been replaced with the woven – iron rims, we now play with leather or light weight synthetic basketball and even the backboard has evolved from wire to the tempered glass. Don’t you get the best rebounds from this updated backboards? Now feel free to scroll down to get something surprising!

What do you wanna be skilled at?

The first thing you need to know to play this amazing game is the rules. Without using any technology, it’s so time consuming to get to know all of those rules because the list is not so short. But, using an app, you can learn all the rules from marking a court to making a score within just a few minutes. Even, there’s no chance to forget any rules if you use that mobile app.

From that app you also will come to know that the major skills are shooting, jumping, passing and dribbling. Rebounding is also a very effective skill to score more. Now, to be more specific, technology can improve your shooting and it can tell you how you’re doing.. How?

ShotTracker. Yes, this device is very effective to improve your shooting because the universal truth is that-

By analyzing each shot a basketball player takes the moment it leaves their fingertips, it provides advice on how it can be improved next time.

And the main function of the ShotTracker is to provide this data. This device can also improve overall team performance. ShotTracker is an easy to use system that can provide real time data of your movement on the court. It can map a basketball court in 3D and points out everything that you and your team do on the court. It helps you to know the best positions to throw the ball, it helps you to identify the best moves to pass the defenders and thus it helps you to score more. Now, how about to see what basketball experts say about ShotTracker –

Basketball Shooting Training Aid is another amazing device that can improve your shooting. This device is designed to rectify your shooting form and shooting stance. It’s also very effective to speed up the process of your muscle memory and it’s very easy to use this device. That’s how technology can help you improve your shooting.

Vertical jumping is another crucial fact for the basketball players. If you can’t jump higher than your defenders, you won’t get the chance to basket the ball. So, you need to improve your vertical and thanks God! There’s Vertical Jump trainer that can help you to heighten your vertical. And the most interesting fact is that you won’t have to go to any gurus to learn how to jump higher if you use this device.

basketball shoes

Moreover, instead of old fashioned running shoes, a pair of basketball shoes is better to let you jump frequently and help you perform better on the court. That’s why from children to adults and from elementary school students to pro basketball players, nobody wear running shoes while practicing or playing basketball. Don’t you think it’s the advantage of using technology in basketball?

Now, you may think how technology can help you to improve your passing and dribbling. Well, you’ll get dribbling goggles that’s designed to improve your dribbling and for passing – how it can be identified without the use of any technology that you should focus on your passing?

To identify the standard of your passing, you need to watch your game replay and is it possible to watch your game replay if there’s no video camera, is it possible if there’s no recording technology? And so is to rebounding and other basketball skills. Technology helps you to practice alone, it helps you to identify your weak points alone and it also helps you to strengthen those weak points alone. Nobody will observe your performance 24 hours a day but your technology.

Use of technology will let you know what other basketball players do to sharpen their skills, it shows you how many hours a day does your favorite NBA superstar practice on the training court, it even reminds you what to do, when to do and what not to do. However, let’s see some wearable basketball technology that can help you to make your dream come true –

Blast Basketball Motion Sensor:

It acts as an observer or mentor that can easily be attached to your waistband. The main function of this device is to help you analyze your shooting form and shot mechanics. It also provides the necessary drills to sharpen your shots. Being attached to your waistband it transmits shot metrics to your mobile or iPad via bluetooth. This metrics allow you to analyze your jump height, rotation, hang-time, shooting form and acceleration and thus it becomes so easy to improve those areas.


You need to jump higher to defeat your opponents. But, how high it should be? The VERT Wearable Jump Monitor will tell you this. To get your jump height and jump count you just need to clip this small jump monitor onto your waist and the rest will be done. This device will send all the required vertical metrics to your mobile device and you’ll easily get to know what to do to improve your vertical.

Wilson X:

This is really an amazing device. It just needed to be attached to your basketball and then the ball will sync to your mobile phone via a mobile app and will track your shooting attempts and misses as well as your overall performance on different areas of the basketball court. But, the problem is that you yourself won’t be able to add this device to your ball and the solution is that you’ve to place a purchase order for a new ball on Wilson describing your requirements of Wilson X to the ball.

Heart Rate Monitor:

It’s a technology that monitors your health conditions during and after any physical activity. Clothing+ is the best manufacturer to design custom fitness wear that monitors physical occurrences, from heart rate, temperature and even your emotions to your brainwaves. It’ll help you to know how your external and internal stimuli affect your performance.


It’s an expensive technology that’s exclusive to gather player and game data in real time. It’s actually a camera system that you’ll get installed in all the NBA venue now. It has six cameras and it easily can track the movements of all the players 25 times a second. I can’t believe it! 25 times a second! But, the reality is that it’s happening. It gathers everything from every players. For instance, from their shooting, passes, jumps, dribbles, running and touches, to basketball plays like drives and their isolations. It’s actually very effective to analyze the team performance and thus to generate a more effective game plan to defeat a bigger opponent. You can apply it to your basketball court if you can afford it. It’ll help your team to be unbeatable.


You know, use of technology in basketball can improve your skills, it can help you perform better, it can help you become a better player. But, remember that it even can ruin your life, it can destroy your reputation and it can send you to the trash box of your college basketball team. So, be careful and don’t minimize your practice. Use the technology just to identify your weaknesses and keep practicing to transform your weakness to your superpower. That’s all for today.