Exercise Trampoline vs Mini Trampoline For Toddlers

Lila Marsh is one of my nearest neighbors. She is not any superstar athlete, but she is very conscious of her family health and a big fan of fitness. Last week I saw her jogging on the Oso Creek Trail. She stopped her jogging seeing me there and started gossiping. Her art of speaking is so excellent That I can’t but listening to her whenever she vents.

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However, in the middle of our chit-chat, she expressed her desire of buying a trampoline for her husband. Her husband is a service holder and hasn’t enough time to go out for jogging each morning. So, I got a point to switch on my tongue. The following words are just the excerpt of that frank conversation, which will help you to know the difference between Exercise Trampoline vs Mini Trampoline For Toddlers.

If you are going to buy a trampoline for your kids, any one of these mini trampoline for toddlers will fulfill your demand. Both the exercise trampoline and toddlers trampoline are not large in size. And you should be aware of the fact that kids trampoline will not be suitable for exercise workout and an exercise trampoline surely will fail to entertain your toddlers. That’s why you should know the answer of this question before buying a trampoline.

How To Know, Which One Is Suitable For Me?

which one is best fit

Just like Lila Marsh, if you are also going to buy a trampoline for exercise workout, you then have to choose a serviceable one. An exercise trampoline will be used by the adult person who is much more weight full than any toddler and will repeat short steps with his/her heavy weight, so, it must be durable. Let’s check out a few key features of Exercise Trampoline.


Exercise trampolines are small in size. In most of the cases, this type of trampolines are used by the expert and experienced users. So, small size brings no difficulty to them. If you are new and for the first time you are thinking about buying a trampoline for exercise, you should then first learn how to use trampoline for exercise.

You will get some video instructions here which are really really helpful for beginners. If you watch those videos and practice in accordance with the given instructions, you will be an expert within a few weeks. Here, expert means expert in practicing exercises on trampoline. But, to become an expert in trampoline gymnastics, this resource may help you. So, no need to buy a large trampoline for exercise workout. You may also watch the video below.

Moreover, you need to touch both the trampoline bed and the surface of the ground at the same time while exercising. Watch those videos to be more clear. So, the best exercise trampolines are always small in size. Model 220 JumpSport Fitness Trampoline from Amazon is the one which is suitable for exercise workout. You will see this one along with other exercise trampolines and you will get that all of them are small in size.


Unlike toddlers trampoline, exercise trampoline doesn’t have any major safety feature like thick pad, safety net, elastics instead of springs etc. As an adult person use this workout trampoline, so they are aware enough about the risk factors. Unlike any kids, they perform their workout carefully and they can easily put their feet wherever they need.

Again, as you are not going to show off any deadly moves on your exercise trampoline, so, no need to be much curious about the safety features. Low height and small jumping area make a mini trampoline safer for the exercise workout. About the safety feature of this type of trampoline, you should just remember the line that “the more a trampoline is smaller, the more it is safer”.

Weight Capacity:

Weight capacity is very important for any trampoline and exercise trampoline should be able to endure enormous weight. You know, adults are generally heavier than toddlers. But don’t think to be suitable to bear 1000 pounds or even more weight for an exercise trampoline, because this type of trampolines are designed for the single use.

Yes, 200 – 300 lbs is of course enormous weight for a mini trampoline to be endured. And it is enough because, only a single person can use this type of trampoline. But, don’t worry, if you want to use it along with your friends, then you can easily do this. Just get on the trampoline bed one and then another one. That means, after completing One’s exercise another one of your friends can easily start practicing his/her exercise.


You can see four different shaped trampoline available in the market. Round, rectangle, oval and square, among these four shape, the round trampoline is the best fit for exercise. If you have watched the exercise videos I have suggested earlier, you then can realize the peculiarity of round shape.

Short steps are the inseparable part of trampoline exercise and round shape is the best shape to help your feet keep moving without any blockage. In performing short steps, our feet always follow a geometric metering and round shape always provide the most accurate geometric mete.


Durability is another important feature of fitness trampoline. If, after only 30 minutes or even 30 days of exercising, a trampoline becomes useless, then you won’t feel happy and never recommend others to buy that poor trampoline. It is expected to use a fitness trampoline at least for six months.

So, a high quality exercise trampoline is obviously constructed with high quality materials. Long lasting jumping mat, reinforced metal framing, high quality ultra durable springs are those elements which make a trampoline durable and also reliable. Springs and frame may last longer than a year, but jumping mat should be replaced after six months to make a six months old one just like new.

Considering these key features, an exercise trampoline is superior than mini trampoline for kids. But, kids trampolines offer much more higher jumping experience because, kids always want to jump high. And safety is the most important feature of kids trampoline. However, from a point to point comparison, you will get far difference between fitness trampoline and kids trampoline. So, now let’s enjoy a comparative study which definitely will help you to pick up the best one.


Spring is the small coiled metal and it is an element of trampoline. The size and strength of spring varies depending on the function of a trampoline. In exercise trampoline, springs are usually short in length but comparatively stronger to let you jump fast.

On the other hand, the springs of a toddlers trampoline are longer in length and designed to let a kid jump higher but not as fast as exercise trampoline. Kids love to jump high. So, their trampoline is also designed to let them jump high.

Trampoline Mat:

Mat of a fitness trampoline is a little harsh to make it long lasting and to endure the pressure of fast and repeated kicks. Any soft mat won’t be able to endure thousands of kicks and even 100 within minutes. So, this mat is made of durable material.

On the contrary, mat of the kids trampoline is made with soft fabric to ensure the safety. It is also much stretchable to help the kids jump easily. Kids feel comfort to jump on a soft mat rather than on a harsh surface.


Padding is an element to ensure the safety of a trampoline for the users. It actually covers the springs and let the springs perform their duty properly. Thin pads are used to cover the springs of an exercise trampoline, because, the users are here adult and aware enough of safety.

But, springs of a toddlers trampoline are covered with thick pads to keep them safe and secured while landing on the trampoline bed. Thick pads keep the springs far away from pinching the fingers.

Enclosure Netting:

Enclosure Netting is another safety element which is optional when buying a trampoline. No exercise trampoline is designed to be fit with Enclosure Netting because, you know, an adult person won’t fall from the trampoline bed, rather they need to get down frequently to perform short steps.

But, on the other side of the coin, kids trampoline are very often covered with safety net. It helps the kids to be on the trampoline bed and prevent them from falling down outside the trampoline which may cause fatal injury.


I’m here not talking about the weight capacity of trampoline because, I have already said this earlier. This weight is the total or gross weight of a trampoline. Fitness trampolines are generally lightweight which helps you to carry your trampoline anywhere easily if it is needed. You may practice on the roof, you may even do thin in your balcony.

But, kids trampoline are heavy to carry in comparison with exercise trampoline. If it is too easy for kids to carry their trampoline, they will then make the trampoline jumping rather than they theirself jumping on it.

You have now seen that there is a lot of differences between these two types of trampoline. Toddlers love to jump high, but you need to jump fast. So, a kids trampoline will not be able to bring smile to your face, if you want to use it to achieve a great shape. Just like the same reason, an exercise trampoline will make your kids bored soon.

That’s why manufacturers have designed specific trampolines with special features for fitness purpose. If a simple kids trampoline would be fit for fitness workout, then they wouldn’t have manufacture different trampolines for the fitness lovers.

So, if you need a trampoline to improve your fitness, I can assure you that Model 220 JumpSport Fitness Trampoline will be your best choice as it was my recommendation to Lila Marsh. You also can checkout the features of a few kids trampoline here, but none of these will be suitable for exercise workout, though those are of course the best choice for kids to keep them fit and fine. Best wishes for your Fitness.