Things To Know About The Best Backpacking Backpacks 2022

Backpacking means different things to different person. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, backpacking is “the activity of travelling or going camping while carrying your clothes and other things that you need in a backpack”. Some people are accustomed only with European style backpacking between hostels with a suitcase. But, what it be called, if you go out to hike in the countryside for two/three or more days with one of the best backpacking backpacks on your back.

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I know a few backpackers who love tramping in the forests, camping on the mountain side, sleeping in the tent and snorkeling in the Florida Keys. But there are also another type of backpackers who pack up a few things in the suitcase with roller, used to sleep in the luxury hotels and buy or rent a car to get around the the countryside instead of walking.

In this case, a backpack which seems best to the first type of backpackers might seem to be the worst to the second type adventurers. So, to pick up a reliable backpacking backpack for you, you have to decide first, for what type of activity you are going to buy a backpack.

2 Best Backpacking Backpacks 2018

If you have set up your mind to enjoy the natural beauty of mountain or the inherent live picture of the forest and countryside, carrying your light gear in a backpack between places like campsites, or a hostel, or a residential hotel or even mixture of places, then ultralight backpacks will please you most. I don’t like extra large backpacks of 80 liters because it is too heavy to carry. So, for these type of adventures, you can choose Ariel 65 Women’s Backpack or Atmos AG 65 Men’s Backpack.

About cost, I can assure you that cheap backpacks have the least features to be categorized as best with no reliability and very short span of durability. But, if you are conscious enough about Frame, Weight, Volume, Fitness, Design and Features like Hipbelt Pockets, Shoulder Straps, Room, Rear Mesh Pockets, Internal Compression Straps Adjustability, Ventilation System, Longevity and Comfortability, then anyone of these is really the best choice for you.

Ariel 65 Women’s Backpack:


Ariel 65 Women’s Backpack from Osprey is the best backpack for women when you are planning a backcountry trip like hiking, camping or canyoning. This backpack is obviously reliable, stable and also comfortable for the extended trip. You can easily carry heavy loads with this bag which is available in 4 sizes.

Features of this bag will win your heart for sure. At the top of this bag, you will get a removable top pocket. To have a quick access to gear there is a strong J zipper on the front side of this bag. So, to get a thing from the bag, you don’t need to entirely empty this.

It has dual side compression straps and two horizontal straight jacket style compression straps which support the internal loads keep stable and help to carry large items like trekking poles or tent poles. You will also get side pockets on the both left and right side of this bag in which you can put teeny weeny things like water bottle, snack box etc.

There is also zipped pocket on the hip belt to securely store your pouch, smart phone or camera. For stashing some extra gear, there is a stretching mesh pocket on the middle of the front side and just above this pocket you will get built-in cord loops to attach some other snippets.

You won’t need another bag to carry your sleeping bag because there is a wide mouth access sleeping bag compartment and removable sleeping pad straps attached to your favorite Osprey Women’s Ariel 65 Backpack. To protect pack contents from spills there is also hydration sleeve in the back panel of this bag. What else do you expect into a single backpack.

Pros of this Backpack:

  • 3.5mm peripheral frame effectively transfers loads to hip belt which makes this comfortable.
  • Single center stay maintains backpanel shape which makes it easy to carry.
  • Maximum ventilation facility because of its mesh covered rigid foam.
  • Custom heat molding and spacer mesh fabric for personalized fitness.
  • Comfortable ventilation system.

Cons of Ariel 65 Backpack:

Along with the above pros, it has also some cons. It may seem wafer thin because of its ultra light fabrics, but this won’t affect its durability because this backpack is made with expensive high quality fabrics. So, I don’t mind to highly recommend it to my honorable readers and neighbors.

To conclude, regular backpackers can easily hike for 8 hours even carrying over 25 lbs of loads because of the comfortable design of this backpack. Moreover this one is so much durable that after 10 years of long use some of our known backpackers get it usable for future backpacking. So, I am sure that any outdoor sports store keeper will surely recommend this one for you if you have no issue with budget. Let’s now Check its price and reviews on Amazon.

Atmos AG 65 Men’s Backpack:


Atmos AG 65 Men’s Backpack is also from the renowned manufacturer Osprey. This award winning backpack has become superior to its competitors because of its outstanding ventilation system, anti-gravity suspension system and carrying comfort.

This pack has easily adjustable torso length which is your crying need to make this pack long trail friendly and comfortable. You can access your gear easily via a zippered front panel and you can also do this through the mouth at the top of the pack. You will also get two front panel pockets attached to this award winning pack to keep your essentials away from being disorganized.

This bag can be your backpacking mate even in winter because there is ice axe loops and trekking pole attachment system combined to this bag. Let’s see its key features at a glance:

  • Removable floating top lid.
  • FlapJacket.
  • Hipbelt.
  • Removable sleeping pad straps.
  • Tool attachment system.
  • Dual zippered front panel pockets.
  • Internal compression system.
  • Trekking pole attachment option.
  • Adjustable harness
  • Anti-Gravity Suspension system.
  • Great ventilation System.

Right now, I can’t remember any more features of this bag. But, surely you will be overwhelmed with such ever expecting features. You will also carry sleeping pads (if you need) through its adjustable and removable sleeping pad straps.

A lots of multi day hikers choose Atmos AG 65, because it is also comfortable for hiking even in winter. You will not have any necessity to buy another extra bag for winter season if you have this awesome one. Yes, I am talking just like a sales person. But, trust me, you will also praise this superb carrying bag to your friends and family if you experience the comfortability of this piece.

This is really comfortable to surpass difficile steep terrain even when it is heavily loaded. This pack has enough room for average hiking gear like one pair of jeans, two pair of shirts, five pair of underwear, five pairs of socks, one t-shirt, one bathing suit, a towel, a jacket, necessary  toiletries, Sunglasses, laptop, charger, camera and so many things I can’t remember I carried last time.

If you are not to go too ultralight, I then can’t imagine a much better option than Atmos AG 65. Yes, I have not tested all the backpacks available in the market. But, I have heard a lot of other backpacks, the tales of which were not so honey tuned and this one is far away from those flaws. For your better consideration, you may watch the video review right here.

Though I highly recommend this awesome backpack, someone may find out some cons of this pack. Yes. the back panel and its back system mesh is not bulletproof. The room of this one may be too small to load for them those who can easily carry 80 lbs with comfort. Its hipbelt pockets are also too small to keep your laptop into it. But, out of these cons, I did not get any major flaws into this glamorous pack. So, if you consider buying this Backpack or want to know more about it and like to read more customer reviews, then feel free to check out more customer reviews on Amazon.

If you have checked out the size of these backpacks, you will have also seen that there are several sizes. Now the question is, how should you know that which size is best for you. Yes, you know, this is a good point.

The size of a backpack is dependent on the size of your torso length to be the best fit for you. So, you need to be aware of your torso length before choosing the size of the best backpacking backpacks.

Measuring the height or length of your torso is not any difficult thing. Just take a soft measuring tape which is used by the tailors and ask your friend to measure your torso. The start point of your torso is the base point of your neck and the bottom point is your iliac crest. The gap between these two points is your torso length or torso height.


All of the above two backpacks are available into three or four sizes, but torso length is generally categorized into three sizes. Be sure that, less than 18 inches of length is a small torso, 18 to 20 inches is a medium torso, and over 20 inches is a large torso. Mine is 20 inches and medium size is the best fit for me. So, now you can easily pick up yours one to enjoy your next backpacking to the fullest.

Yes, for your better consideration, if you expect ventilation availability in the back panel, light weight, additional pockets and extra tools attachment system, hydration system compatibility, compression functionality, padded hipbelt in just a single backpack to make your backpacking more enjoyable and much cozy, then each of these two backpacks meets all of your expectations.

Things You Should Keep In Mind:

Backpacking is a form of adventure recreational activities. Though it is not so tough like motocross or mountain biking, but physical fitness is required. Backpacking means you will have to hike for a long time carrying heavy loads on your back that demands strong legs and well-shaped upper back. Weight lifting, Rope Skipping, Jogging may help you to gain such strength, but to stay in shape you might follow these following tips.

Know Your Physical Condition:

Knowledge is the best friend to reduce the risk of the potential problems of practicing any exercise first time. You know, how much physical strength backpacking needs. It also needs mental stability to keep you calm in any rough situation. Moreover, medical facilities are not so easy in the backcountry. So, I recommend to have a medical checkup.

Already in Good Shape:

If you are an athlete, if you exercise regularly, you may then already have a positive physical condition with a very good shape. But remember that, jogging bare hand is not the same as hiking over a rough terrain carrying loads. So, I request you to put 5 more pounds on your back than you would be carrying on your backcountry trip, then have a short walk of 5 miles around your neighborhood to see how it feels. I think, walking in your city with a new pack on the back will bring a new pleasure. If you become too tired, you then have to strengthen your legs.

Things To Strengthen Legs:

To strengthen your legs and to keep yourself in good shape, you should start anything like Swimming, Jogging with two weights into your two hands or Paddling. There is no problem to rely on Rowing Machines and/or Treadmill to strengthen your legs. Just keep practicing to keep yourself healthy. Who doesn’t love healthy life?

Stretching Is Also Important:

Do you know how much important stretching is for your fitness? Yap, stretching reduces muscle uneasiness and allows much better flexible movement. So, beside your daily workout, whether in the gym or at your home, take some time to stretch your legs, lower back, torso, backbone, neck, hands and abs.

Trip Planning:

Now come to the point of a proper planning. A well planned backpacking can bring a divine experience. So, visit a few backpackers around your neighborhood and listen their recent backpacking story, write a plan yourself, discuss it with your friends and then finalize your planning and don’t forget to write a list of all the accessories you need to take up with you.

Know Your Requirements:

The much you keep your backpack lighter, the more your backpacking trip will be enjoyable. So, to experience a better adventure, first of all ask yourself the following questions, write down the answers and then decide what to take up with you:

How many days to stay in the backcountry?

How many people are going?

How many miles to cross?

What is the location?

What kind of terrain is this?

What kind of weather is there?

What is the season? Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Not only this, but there is also something to be aware of while on the trip. You are not going out to keep your eyes closed. You are not taking up your favorite digital camera to remain it shutted down their. You are not going to leave your home without your smart phone charger. So, let’s see what must be done on the trail.

Observe The Backcountry Culture:

As “Industry is the key to success”, so, observation of the backcountry culture is the pillar of knowledge and success is impossible without adequate knowledge. You should be aware of the generally accepted manner and ethical practices of the particular backcountry area to enrich your knowledge base.

It is also necessary to adopt a personal code of conduct for the backcountry because to enjoy excellent outdoor experiences, each one of us should share the responsibility of making it so pleasing. You should not break that code about sanitation, fire use, countryside food habit, camp site selection and natural beauty.

Maintain an efficient attitude:

Be sure that you have packed your bag correctly while walking on the trail. You will be able to walk with comfort if your bag is lightweight. Try to keep your attitude normal while walking on the way. Keep your head up, frequently look around, keep your shoulders back and arms swinging in order to minimize tiredness.

Maintain your hiking pace:

Don’t walk too fast because you are here not to compete with others. Just hike at your natural pace to maintain the comfort level. If you are in a group, ask other members to slow down their pace if they are too fast. Surely you will get most of your group members willing to walk slowly.

Keep yourself healthy:

You may think that adequate eating may cause any harm. But trust me, drinking much and eating much will help you to remain healthy on your backcountry journey. Make a proper plan to have enough break for drink, fuel, & clothes. It is a must to keep yourself healthy on your backpacking journey.

Keep yourself away from sunburn:

If it is not winter season, then try to keep yourself away from sunburn as much as possible. Sunburn will eat your energy. Use wide brim hats to protect your face and wear sunglass to keep your eyes cool.

Stay Found:

You should know that the most important thing of backcountry backpacking is stay found. If you lose your way back to home, then your mummy will cry life long for you. So, make proper use of map and other navigation tools. As the paths are new and unknown to you, so it is very natural to lose the way without a navigation tool or location map.

Hiking with kids:

This point is so much important if you are going to hike with your young kids. You have to include them into your plan. But, the more interesting thing you will get that, though we need to do a lot of things to keep ourselves in shape, but only a 5 years old kid is fit enough to be with you without any training. They are fit for outdoor activities by born.

Just be sure that they have serious appreciation and enough fondness for backcountry and they have no injury. I found that the kids enjoy backpacking much as they don’t have to carry any heavy loads. So, no need to be worried about your kids.

Want To Make Your Backpacking More Enjoyable?

It will be my pleasure to share a few more tips with you to make your backpacking experience more enjoyable. Without any preface, I like to tell you that, an experienced partner is very helpful for the first time backpackers. You know, any type of journey with a good companion is always better than lonely trip. Moreover, being with an experienced backpacker reduces the chance of being lost in the countryside. But, if you like to go solo, the tips from the following video will then be helpful to you.

You can also collect enough data about your destination place before your departure. You may gather information about trip distance, route information, parking service, attractive and historical places, famous sightseeing spots, popular food items etc.

I don’t know how it appears to you, but honestly speaking, you should be very parsimonious while backpacking in the countryside. Being parsimonious will help you to lengthen your journey and you will get the opportunity to see more. Moreover, you should not buy unnecessary goods, because it will make your load more ponderous.

Try to talk to the native people of that location as much as you will get chance. Try to make new friends there to enjoy the beauty of that location more deeply. There you will be far away from your family, so, it is natural to feel down. Whenever you will be feeling down, conversation with new people will improve your mood within no time.

Do whatever you like, just don’t break your personal code of conduct and keep your socks clean. The most important thing is that the more lighter is your backpack, the more enjoyable will be your backpacking trip and buying any one from the best backpacking backpacks is an investment for your outdoor recreation. If you buy the best one, you will not have to expend your cash in near future for another one.