Secret Way of Maintaining Fitness and Beauty At The Outdoor

As a fashionable girl of the 21st century, you know that all the girls of this world are now crazy about beauty and the beautiful girls are mad for bikini body or fitness and beauty brings an extra layer of eye-catching ness to your appearance. So, if you also love fitness and used to go to the gym regularly, then in terms of your after-gym routine, the hot summer humidity can mean more time spent in blow-drying, runny makeup, and sticky clothes.

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As many of you know, I’m often on the road, and this means bringing both my gym and beauty arsenal with me to and from the gym. As such, I’m well aware of the burdens of carrying too much stuff and the considerations that accompany working with limited resources while visiting another gym.

I can’t always tote my hair straightener around with me, nor do I always have the option of blow-drying during my after-gym prep. Still, most of us want to make sure we look fresh and presentable for work, school, or for playground after getting in that hard workout. What I’ve done is master the art of low-maintenance beauty— ways to look your best when time is a factor and you don’t have the convenience of getting ready while at home.

In terms of hair maintenance and styling, you shouldn’t let your look suffer on account of limited resources. The gym might not come fully stocked your arsenal of hair care and styling supplies, but you can still ensure you’re adequately armed without carrying too much in your bag. Regardless of the occasion, you should always be able to capture that look that you want post-gym.

Got More Time? Downsize Your Appliances:

Even the girl who’s most enamored with her appliances knows the importance of keeping her post-gym hair styling routine as mess-free as possible. Mobile Fitness glamazons love those no-fuss, portable ways of bringing her home spa to the gym.  If blow-drying or straightening is a must and you’ve got a little time to spare, take advantage of the mini hair care tools available.

My very first straightener was a CHI, and it never did me wrong. It lasted for about 8 years in perfect working condition, so you know you can trust the brand. It heats up really quickly and doesn’t fry your hair— a must, obviously. The CHI Original Tourmaline 1” HAIRSTYLING Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener comes with a 2-year warranty, swivel cord, and ceramic plates.

CHI Straightener

Exactly what you need to create those smooth summer styles. Because this model is slimmer than the norm, you can easily tote it in your bag without taking up too much space. This one is relatively inexpensive to boot, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much dough for the sake of portability.

Go Mini:

CHI Mini Hair Dryer

For shorter-haired girls, sometimes all that’s needed is a quick blow-dry. Consider investing in a light-weight mini hair dryer, like the CHI Mini Hair Dryer which is available on Amazon. It’s tiny and compact, yet packs a powerful punch to get your hair dried faster. I also like this one because it’s a lot quieter than my old Conair; that way, there’s less risk of hearing damage in the long run. I save my big, heavy-duty dryer for the house (I mean, who really wants to be stuck carrying around their diffuser all day anyway), and carry only the very basics of post-gym glamour; the mini dryer makes this even easier.

In a Hurry? Scrunch Up:

For the wash-n-go girl like my younger sister, sometimes no styling appliances are needed. Low-key ladies can ditch the straightener and go as is, saving both time and space in your gym bag. Simply towel-dry and become the scrunch-n-go girl.

My hair is naturally wavy, so during the summer and after the gym, I like to dab on some styling product, scrunch up my hair, and let it set. The result? Natural, touchable waves for an imposing, tousled look. The one thing you need to worry about during your summer post-gym hair styling routine is usually frizz. So you’ll want to choose a formula that keeps your waves and curls manageable but never crunchy.

I’ve been itching to try Living Proof’s Wave Shaping, Curl Defining No Frizz Styling Cream. It’s specially formulated to offer a humidity barrier while leaving your hair feeling light and manageable. Since my hair is pretty thick and unruly, I’m curious to see what this one has to offer.

To capture that beachy look, air-dry with Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. Not only does this product lock in moisture, tone down the “puffiness,” and enhance natural waves, it also delivers volume for thinner hair types and textures thicker hair. Opt for the travel-sized bottle, and you’re set to look awesome without going high-maintenance.

I just got a new cut with a lot more layers, so I’m looking to bring out my hair’s natural texture and shape with this spray. Now I’m going to tackle the basics of building your own portable shower kit to help keep you fresh, clean, and ready to go in no time.

How To Build Portable Shower Kit:

Continuing in this series on your post-gym prep, your shower kit should have all the necessities of your home shower but with less of the bulk. Throw these items in your gym bag to ensure that your after-gym shower is as clean and luxurious as it is at home.

Grab The Two-In-One Shampoo:

Save those extra minutes lathering up with a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner, like Neutrogena’s T-Gel Daily Control 2-in-1 Shampoo. This one will leave your hair feeling silky smooth as it moisturizes your scalp to help prevent dandruff.

2-in-1 Shampoo

If you’re simply addicted to your existing shampoo-conditioner combo, consider investing in refillable travel-sized bottles so that you can leave the economy-sized ones in your home shower. The  Sephora Collection Travel Set makes a quality, no-leak set that will be sure to stand up against whatever else you toss with it into your bag. Use the other jars to for styling products or creams, or simply choose to leave them out to make room for the other items listed below.

Invest In Some Body Wash:

Forget about soap on a rope. Grab one of the refillable bottles from the set mentioned above and make use of your home body cleansers. Soap can be tricky when on the go, as it has a tendency to leave film all over its travel container (and your body too sometimes), body wash can be a cleaner alternative that helps you keep it compact.

To keep your skin smooth and prepped for all your hot summer styles (it is halter-top season, after all), grab an exfoliating body wash or one that’s designed with acne-fighting properties. I like Dove Body Wash, since I’m a big fan of the line for face as well.

For those who are a bit apprehensive about the price, a good mid-range fallback is Neutrogena; it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin but also effective at fighting body breakouts. I use Neutrogena Oil-Free Body Wash in Pink Grapefruit. It smells great and makes sure to deep-clean my sweaty skin. An exfoliating variety, like the ones I mentioned, lets you leave the loofa at home and thus reduces the bulk in your bag.

Choosing a Razor:

Grab a variety with cartridges that have the shave gel pre-attached, like the Gillette Venus Razor Refill Cartridges. That way, you won’t have to tote along any shave gel as well or resort to shaving with soap. The kind that I like for the gym is the Schick Intuition Plus Renewing Moisture Razor in Pomegranate.

This razor has a big bad slab of moisturizing shave solution attached right to the razor cartridge, so it’s easy to get that silky smooth shave. I also like that it comes already ready for travel with its razor cover. This will help you keep things clean, dry, and prevent you from knicking yourself when you’re rummaging in your bag.

Face Wash:

i am washing face

Don’t mess around with your face wash. Because skin care is such a touchy subject, this is the one area where I’d recommend sticking to your tried and true brand, as opposed to solely aiming to keep it gym-portable. I would recommend looking for the travel-sized version of your existing brand, if at all possible, and investing in some of that if you don’t want to haul your home bottle back and forth.

For Neutrogena fans like me, we’re in luck; the Deep Clean Oil-Free Cream Cleanser comes in a portable 7 ounce size, perfect for the gym or other travel. Get it as part of the 30 Day Acne Travel Kit, or on its own in the Cleansers On the Go 7 ounce kit. If your skin is not too picky and you can handle almost any formula, opt for either the travel-sized kinds in your local drugstore, or a full-sized one with a cap top to prevent any leakage.

Flip Flops For Shower:

Last, but certainly not least, see if you can grab a pair of flip flops for the shower. Nothing’s worse than having to hoof it barefoot in a grungy communal shower, so be good to your tootsies and pack a pair. My go-to is Old Navy Flip Flops; Old Navy has sturdy and cheap flip flops for as low as five dollars a pair.

If you’re interested in sporting your sandals in and out of the shower for maximum space saving, choose a brand that comes with a little flair. As far as fashion flip-flops go, Havaianas are a stylish option that can also go in the shower, if need to be. If you’re not worried about the price, grab a pair of Reef Flip Flop from Amazon in a fun color like this one.

Keep it to these basics to ensure that you’re never carrying an armful into the shower after your gym session. However, these tips may seem dull to you. But, if you are too busy in your professional life and also committed to maintain a bikini body and glamorous outlook then surely this post will be of great value to you.

I have nothing to say for them those who are subconscious about their fitness. Only a God gifted beautiful face is not enough to be satisfied with. You should bear in mind that extra fat is always causes harm to our health and it also decreases our beauty.

If you don’t do anything to keep your belly fat in control then today or tomorrow your abs will be just like the belly of an impregnate lady. So, if you don’t like to enjoy that type of fattish belly, you will then have to go the gym. But, if you don’t have plenty of time, then you will need to minimize the time spent in your fitness workout and from the above discussion you will get the idea of reducing time on after gym toilette.

Moreover, if you are to spend most of the time in the outdoor, then your face as well as skin may get faded. In that case, if you know how to take care of skin spending no time, then your skin will get rid of being pallid. So, don’t you think that this post is disclosing the secret tips of maintaining fitness as well as beauty? Now let’s see the rest of the secrets guarded for today.

5 Ways to Stay Active During Your Downtime:

When the end of the week rolls around, most of us just want to kick off our shoes and head for the fridge or pantry. Before you throw all your resolve out the window, you should take the time to plan for an active weekend. By incorporating some physical activity into your downtime, you can be sure to see those pounds melt away quicker while still enjoying some laughter, rupacarca and quality time with your loved ones. Read on…

Take a Hike:

Make the act of walking more than merely what gets you from point A to B. At first glance, hiking can appear to be nothing more than spending time with Mother Nature— boring, I know— but hitting the trails can be a way to add physical activity to your weekly catch ups with your best friend. Opting to walk ‘n talk can make transform a sit down get together into a calorie-burning gabfest— all you need is a pair of comfortable shoes.

Go Shopping:

For the financially conservative, this might not be the best option, but for the rest of us, shopping can be an excellent way to unwind, be social, and get some mild exercise at the same time. Any time you’re on your feet, you’re burning more calories than when you’re parked at your desk or couch, so you might as well do something enjoyable while you’re up.

Call up a friend, grab your mom, and make your way to the promenades or boutiques; spending is optional. To help keep it healthier, pack a light snack or better yet, a picnic lunch, weather permitting. Avoid the fast-food that comes with the food court; instead, take a break from trying on duds outside while noshing on a homemade wrap or natural trail mix.

Play Ball:

This is pretty obvious, but playing sports is probably the best combination of fun and physical activity out there. Slap on the sunscreen, fill up your water bottles, and head to the field for some active R&R. Even leisurely games like lightly tossing around the baseball or Frisbee can amount to some considerable fitness gains, so even if you’re not keen on hitting the court hard this weekend, you can still make good use of the campus commons.

Work That Green Thumb:

Since many of us may use the weekend to tend to our lawns and gardens anyway, you’ll be pleased to learn of the therapeutic benefits of puttering around your back or front yard. Aside from the obvious physical upside to pushing the lawn mower around, gardening can be an opportunity to de-stress as it allows you to expend idle energy and be productive in a non-traditional sense.

At work and at school, we often quantify productivity in terms of mental output— how many chapters read, the number of contracts reviewed, etc. In other words, for the office workers or for students, productivity is measured by what you can do with your brain rather than with your hands. Gardening, mowing the lawn, trimming your hedges, or any other activity lets you put that thought process “on hold” while you take care of business with your body.

Go Dancing:

For all you club-hoppers out there, you can rest easy knowing that you’re potentially burning some calories while out until the wee hours of the night. Dancing is a great way to combine physical activity with a popular late night social event. If you can survive without relying heavily on the alcohol (which adds a lot of empty calories), a night out dancing on the bar can be hysterical fun and a way of staying active at night.

And again, I can’t but loudly screaming that you need to take care of your outward beauty. Do you consider getting out of that bar or fitness club with a grimy look? I know that your answer is obviously NOT and that is why I have talked about portable shower kit. No more today. Enjoy your beauty and fitness even in the outdoor. Have Fun!