Ways to Eat Better For The Sake of Your Fitness

This post is all about eating, so we’ll continue with some useful ways you can optimize your cubicle or work area to help you reap the benefits of those homemade snacks and then something about fitness conscience and finally a few words about eating egg. Having a desk, cupboard, drawer, or personal cubby is definitely to your advantage while at work.

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While bringing a lunch box is key, there are plenty of useful resources at your office workplace that can help you better your eating habits at work. Check out how you can supplement your office kitchen tools with some of your own to eat better.

Keep a Set of Cutlery:

To help lighten your lunchbox, keep a set of cutlery and any other implements you might need during noon hour at your desk. I store a spoon, knife, and fork at my cubicle, along with a mug, dish, and small plate for lunch or snack time. Cookware is especially good to keep on hand, since this way, you can avoid microwaving your stuff in those flimsy plastic containers, which in turn makes for a healthier meal.

Use the Machines:

Most workplaces have a kitchenette with small appliances on hand, like a microwave, fridge, toaster, and more. Make use of your resources to add a little variety (and ease) to your workplace snacking. No time to have breakfast before your office carpool? Bring a few slices of whole-grain bread with you and simply toast them before hitting the spreadsheets.

Likewise, you might even leave your jar of nut butter in the fridge to decrease the amount of food you’re lugging back and forth from home. Pro Tip: label your containers in the common fridge to help “identify” what’s yours.

Bring a Tea Steeper or Coffee Press:

coffee press idea for office

Fed up with the mud they serve you in the caf? Invest in a tea steeper or coffee press to leave in your cupboard or cubicle drawer. Bring a little ground coffee or some organic tea bags to work, add some piping hot water, and enjoy.

Pool Your Resources:

Depending on your workplace, the resources you have on site might not be optimal. Between you and a few co-workers, you might try investing in a single-shot coffee machine to share with the office. You can also look to start a coffee pool where everyone chips in for the daily coffee runs. You’ll be able to benefit from the better-tasting stuff in a more convenient way.

Invest In a Glass Carafe:

I always put emphasis about the benefits of staying sufficiently hydrated, so it’s no surprise that I keep a tall glass at my cubicle at all times. Invest in a glass carafe or, at minimum, in a tall goblet that you can refill regularly. Choose a carafe with a lid so you can prevent dust from getting into your drink. Now, it is high time we discussed about fitness conscience.

To Eat or Not to Eat: You and Your Fitness Conscience:

Do you feel bad about missing a workout? It happens to all of us, and it’s hard not to let fitness guilt get the better of you. Whether you’re choosing to stay in instead of going jogging or just opting to have a slice of cake when you should be watching your calories.

Fitness guilt can make you feel embarrassed, ashamed, and ultimately unsure of whether you made the right choice. While generally, guilt can be a tough thing to swallow, there are certain benefits to having your fitness conscience step in every now and then. Now lets see when fitness guilt is a good thing.

It makes you look before leaping:

Impulsive eating is one of the biggest baddies standing between you and fitness success. You see something tasty (or any food item, really), and you just shovel it down without really thinking it through. You may or may not actually be hungry, you might not even really like what you’re putting in your mouth.

You just eat it only for the sake of eating. Fitness guilt acts like that little guy who stands on your shoulder and questions whether you should or shouldn’t eat that donut. That moment when you stop and evaluate what you’re about to do is indeed a good thing. Whether you end up putting your food down due to guilt or not, pausing to make an informed decision is better than eating first and regretting later. Even if you do end up eating whatever it is, at least you know you made a conscious choice to do so, rather than out of pure impulse or routine.

It reminds you of the consequences:

Fitness guilt is there for a reason. Logically, you know which behaviours are likely to bring good results, so when you are tempted to deviate from those wiser decisions, you feel bad or guilty about it. It’s not really ideal to be going through life feeling guilty and regretful of every decision you’ve ever made, especially when it comes to eating and working out, but the guilt is there for a reason.

Fitness guilt reminds us of the consequences of certain decisions. If you skip out on eating properly and routinely miss your spinning sessions, over time, it will start to take its toll on your body. Since you’re undoubtedly concerned with getting to the fitness finish line, this is not the outcome you’re looking for.

However, take note. If your fitness guilt is anything like mine, then it probably tends to run wild and blow things a little out of proportion. One donut, one time won’t make you balloon out to 300 pounds, but in your mind, you might be so conditioned to fear the worst that your fitness conscience always goes there first. Be smart and reasonable. Use your fitness guilt to your advantage as a way of keeping yourself in check; don’t let it overpower you completely.

It helps you get motivated:

success motivation quote

Generally, getting active out of guilt is not the best long-term plan for getting in shape. Ideally, doing things for positive reasons— feeling good, looking good, getting healthy, etc., are the most beneficial route to take. That said, in the moment, a little fitness guilt can be the push you need to finally get your ass to the gym after hemming and hawing about it for half an hour.

Because I’m not really jumping for joy at the thought of getting some exercise in those situations, telling myself all about the benefits of running on the treadmill is not really going to cut it. A good dose of  “do this or else” can be enough to finally get me in gear.

Sometimes working out really sucks, but it has to be done. Thinking about exercise in that way can actually be more effective than trying to win yourself over with all the shine and sparkles of exercise, especially when you’re already thinking. Now let’s enjoy some eggs obviously in a healthy way.

5 Fast and Easy Ways to Eat Eggs:

five eggs to eat

If you’re like me, there’s something you savour and that’s five minutes more in bed in the morning. Because I’m not necessarily an early-riser, chances are my mornings are pretty tight. However, I always make sure to eat my breakfast, and not just because all those doctors and scientists tell you to. By the time I’m awake, I’m starving; my body lets me know right away that it needs to be fueled.

It’s important to eat breakfast to rev up your metabolism and to get your brain and body into gear for the day. Eating healthy, well-proportioned meals at regular intervals keeps your blood- sugar levels consistent, meaning you don’t experience the crash feeling you get from eating a chocolate bar or other high-sugar treat. Point being, you get hungry because your needs the sustenance, not because you prompted a spike-and-crash in your body’s glycemic levels.

Below I’ve compiled some ways of incorporating eggs into your breakfast routine. Eggs offer a healthy source of protein that stuff that’ll keep you full and help build lean muscle. Grab a couple and get crackin’:

Your Own Breakfast Wraps:

Whip up some scrambled eggs (whole or egg whites only, your preference) and add diced bell peppers, onions, or other vegetables. Two eggs will provide you with a healthy dose of around 12 grams of protein; you can even add in some lean sliced ham to give yourself an extra kick. Wrap it up in a whole-wheat tortilla, and you’ve got an ultra-healthy, satisfying breakfast that you can easily take with you on the bus or to the office.

Eggs on an English Muffin:

Using an egg ring, you can make your very own “McMuffin” or breakfast sandwich. Lightly grease the ring in addition to the pan with cooking spray so that the eggs don’t stick while cooking; place the ring in the pan and turn on at medium heat. Alternatively, if you don’t have an egg ring, you can try using a cookie cutter ring or other cylindrical metal cooking implement.

If you’re looking to go extra lean, remove the yolk before pouring your eggs into the ring. You may also decide to scramble your eggs before cooking. Once your egg patty is done cooking, place on a whole grain whole wheat English muffin and serve. As with your breakfast wraps, you can add a slice of lean ham to up your morning protein quotient. The mini sandwich is perfect to take with you on the go, as it doesn’t require any utensils to eat.

Hashed Eggs and Breakfast Potatoes:

It’s as simple as it sounds. Scramble your eggs with some diced bell peppers, onions, and perhaps even some lean cut ham. Add in a portion of diced potatoes to the mix, and you’ve one lean, mean, egg breakfast. For added convenience, you can buy some pre-diced potatoes in a can or even the variety that come frozen. Because you’re cooking the concoction yourself, you have total control over how much oil is used. You can opt for low-cal cooking spray to lightly grease the pan and rely on cumin and ground pepper to give it a kick of flavour.

Eggs on a Pita:

This is a personal favourite of mine, and a healthy one too. In a pinch, I even choose to make this meal for dinner when I’m tired after work but still want a hot meal. Scramble your eggs with your vegetable of choice; you can choose to add low-fat shredded cheese as well. Place a top a whole-grain pita with a dollop of salsa, and you’re all set.

Poached Eggs on a Toast:

toast with poached eggs

Poaching eggs consists of cooking via boiling water as opposed to pan-frying in oil, making your poached eggs an extra nutritious alternative to the fried variety. Poaching eggs can be an acquired skill, but with the advent of “egg steamers” and egg poachers, this technique can be mastered by expert and beginner chefs alike.

As a variation on Eggs Benedict, throw a couple poached eggs on toast with a slice of lean ham, without the creamy Hollandaise sauce, which can help reduce the calorie count. Similar to Eggs Florentine, you can also opt to place your poached eggs on a bed of cooked spinach to add a serving of vegetables to your meal.

Hope you have got some idea on the various ways to eat better to keep yourself healthy and fat free. You know, I love fitness, but don’t think of myself as better than any other fitness enthusiast like you. So, be a friend of us and share your own idea to eat better. Thanks!