Effectiveness of Mobile Fitness to Burn Fat

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What is Mobile Fitness?

what is this fitness

Unlike simple running to lose weight, Mobile Fitness is a complete, unique and innovative method of burning fat which not only restricted in practicing various types of workout like trampolining, rope skipping or jogging, but it also includes diet and even dating into its checklist to provide 100% positive result to its followers.

You may have some extra fat. You might have been practicing a lots of workout routines for weeks after weeks without experiencing any positive result. But, did you have ask yourself, actually why you don’t see any improvement while there are thousands of skinny people out there.

Mobile Fitness is such a method, including but not limited to mobility, which surely will burn your fat without any side effects. It is mobile fitness because, it is suitable anywhere at anytime and going to gym is not must to follow this method. It is 100% natural process of losing fat which incorporates Ultra Cross Training, Gymnastics Cross Training, Power Cross Training, Kickboxing Cross Training and Adjustable Cheat Meals to burn your fat in a fantastic way.

If you just do workout every morning or evening but failed to control your protein and calories then you will see no improvement. But, beside exercising, if you can control your habit, sleep and even means of entertainment for a certain period of time, then fat is bound to be burn out and this complete system of losing weight is called mobile fitness. Instead of enjoying each and every training programs in a single day, lets see only Adjustable Cheat Meals today.

I recently came across a great article written by fellow fitness guru Vince Del Monte. In this article, Vince offers his candid opinion on cheat meals and cheat days, and how he views the effectiveness of incorporating them into your eating plan. He mentions that for some, cheat days or meals are quite effective, since it can be hard to be entirely disciplined 100% of the time; for others however, cheat meals may be unnecessary as the less you take them, the less reliant you become upon them.

I’m inclined to agree with this, and with some personal insight as well. This past week I knew I’d be joined by my folks for the weekend, so I was strategic about ensuring that I ate clean and exercised regularly before they arrived. As many of you already know, I’m pretty well accustomed to making my daily gym sessions and eating clean as a routine, but just to ramp things up, I decided to be extra careful about how I was planning to take my cheat meals that week.

how to cheat meals

I mean, who really wants to be stuck refusing their Mom’s homemade goodies when they only come around every so often? As such, I allowed myself to enjoy a beefburger and fresh-cut sweet potato fries on the day we spent out and about. This was perhaps the first time in maybe 4 or 5 months that I’d had fries— this coming from a self-declared potato fiend.

Although I was indulging, I tried to be sensible about my portion size; I ordered the “mini bison burger” instead of the regular-sized one and opted to share my fries so not to pork out completely. Needless to say, after even a small meal, I felt bloated, greasy, and ultimately heavy. Don’t get me wrong, the burger and home-cut fries were AMAZING.

But my body just wasn’t accustomed to the grease and the high fat content. Simply put, months of eating clean, well-portioned meals in regular intervals had pretty much “emptied the grease trap” of my body’s digestive system. I tell you, I definitely felt it after even a small cheat meal. As a result, my eating intervals for the rest of the day were skewed (I felt full for the rest of the afternoon). To get back on track, I drank lots of water and choose to keep the rest of the day’s snack light and ultimately clean.

Point is, at this leg of the race, I’m better off being strategic about my cheat meals for a couple of reasons:

First, as I’ve seen, months of clean eating have made my body’s system more efficient without the junk. Having a fatty, heavy meal actually messes with this chemistry and throws me completely off whack. Essentially, at this point, my body is less equipped to handle fatty foods.

fatty foods

I don’t physically feel good after a lot of fatty indulgence. This is actually a good thing, since you ultimately want to get to the point where the decision to have a portion of chips is a conscious choice, rather than a physical craving.

Secondly the closer you get to reaching your ultimate goals, the more disciplined you must be. Abs like Becky White aren’t built overnight; it’s a process that’s like running up a slope that gradually gets steeper. As you know, the last 5 pounds or so are arguably the hardest, since your body is becoming more and more efficient at this point in the game.

Although it’s not an exact science, one way of getting there is to be more strategic about your cheat meals. Instead of peppering your week with cheats here and there, see if you can “save” them for events that really matter (like a visit from your parents, as I did). Vince has mentioned seeing fitness gains with or without cheat meals, so it does depend on your body.

However, I’m guessing that even with the cheat meals, he was still relatively disciplined about what he ate overall and how often he exercised, and so forth. That’s the kicker—what you do most of the time is what really counts.

As Vince discusses, cheat meals might be a necessary coping strategy early on in the game. If you’re going from eating whatever you want to a more strict eating plan, the shock of going cold turkey can be pretty tough. The trick is really to avoid falling off the bandwagon altogether, so cheat meals or days can help ease you into a regular clean eating plan.

I totally agree that cheat meals or days are as much a psychological coping strategy as well as a physical one; for example, rather than punishing yourself for “slipping up,” you have some leeway. Like Vince, I’d have to say that it the way you manage your cheats depends on the individual—from my perspective, based on your body, your psychology, and where you are in your journey.

Mobile Fitness and the Cheats:

I’ve experienced many times before about being considerate about how you’re managing your free time so to ensure you’re meeting your gym quota and nutrition guidelines for the week. This directly ties into how you take your cheats, since your social events are usually those times when you’d rather have a beer than a glass of water. For Mobile Fitness followers, I’m now going to take you through the ins and outs of how to better incorporate these cheats into your hectic schedule.

However, If you’re a follower of the Mobile Fitness system, then it’s likely you’re striving to stay healthy and fit without being overcome by the hectic pace of your own life. An active lifestyle like this requires some consideration of how to manage those cheats in conjunction with your healthy habits and goals.

The whole point of taking cheat meals is not only to allow yourself some leeway if you slip up, but also to provide you with some freedom to actually indulge in some of those guilty pleasures. I love junk food as much as the next person, and I can honestly say that having the occasional bowl of chips is a great joy.

This is why the fitness gods created cheats, so you can experience what I’ve come to consider The Good Life— the enjoyment of social pleasures, including the occasional drink and tasty bite, tethered by clean eating and physical activity. Below I address some of the key concerns regarding your cheats and how you can better manage them.

Excessive social snacking:

In our society, the pleasures of company quite often come with good food, and this is reportedly the root of many of our difficulties with weight management. If you find yourself wolfing down a burger and fries every time you see a friend, this is as much physically detrimental as it is part of an arguably unhealthy lifestyle. When food, more specially the junk food, becomes a necessary part of having fun, you may well find it harder and harder to reach or maintain your fitness goals.

What YOU can do:

Write it down. If you haven’t already, start a food journal in which you keep track of what’s going in and out of your mouth. This agenda will show you how many of your social or extracurricular pleasures really revolve around food (i.e. dinner or drinks with friends), and those where food are optional (i.e. the movies, or shopping with friends).

Keep your cheats for the true food events, and try to make wise decisions for those that don’t. If you’re taking a cheat meal this summer, you might as well make it worth your while. Rather than eating a bag of chips while watching TV, save your cheat meals for those times when you’re at a real event. Invited out for Happy Hour drinks Saturday night? You might consider taking a cheat meal at this time.

As I’ve intimated, take this advice with a grain of salt. You shouldn’t feel the need to pork out every time you meet a friend for coffee, watch a movie, or go see your Grandmother. Point being, being socially active doesn’t mean you need to indulge.

Be reasonable, and take it on a case-by-case basis. If you’re invited to a BBQ, well then it’s obvious you’ll be noshing. If you’re shopping with your best friend, you don’t necessarily need to bust out the burgers and fries. Dinner is dinner, but every social event doesn’t need to revolve around food.

One bite leads to another:

This is what we can refer to as The Snowball Effect. You go for some chips or you order a drink, and it suddenly becomes the entire bag and a 2-4 case of beer. The question is, how do you indulge while avoid throwing caution to the wind entirely?

What YOU can do:

Give yourself some guidelines. This might seem a little counterintuitive. After all, if the cheat itself is based on relaxed eating, why would you try to mix business with pleasure? The way I see it, the concern is going completely off the handle. For some, a taste is just the beginning of the entire pie. As such, it’s a wise idea to establish at least some loose guidelines, if your eating plan hasn’t already done so. There are no hard and fast rules, but rather a system of moderation that works for each person.

I recommend guiding yourself based on portion size more than anything. You’re allowed to have a cheat, but be reasonable. After you dole out a portion, put the bag away, period. This will ensure that you can still enjoy your cheats while not biting off more than you can chew. You’re still enjoying a cheat, but not going overboard.

There’s a big difference between having a slice of pizza and the entire pie, so stick to the same kinds of portion sizes you’d normally be accustomed to eating. When I order a burger and fries, I’m not going to supersize everything just because I can. I’ll have the tastiest burger, but only eat as much as makes me satisfied; I’m not going to binge just because I’m on my cheat day. For some ideas on how to manage the summer drinking, you can check out this article.

Impromptu events mean mismanaged cheats:

In terms of Mobile Fitness and Nutrition, I talk quite a bit about planning and so forth. However, the fact is, it’s not feasible to foresee everything life throws at you. After all, spontaneity, like variety, is the spice of life, right? I completely agree.

The point is not to rule the cosmos or the fates with an iron fist, but rather to have as much control over your body as possible. Life might offer the unexpected, but with your body, the goal is to be sitting proud in the driver’s seat. By this same reasoning, you can’t curse your friends for proposing a last minute night out on the town just because you’ve got fitness goals and only so many cheats. You can be happy with them for the fun, the company, and the friendship; you are in charge of yourself and your body.

What YOU can do:

Save the best for last. There’s a saying out there that goes, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Take this as your motto for both clean eating and staying active. To help account for those unexpected social events, vow to eat healthy and get to the gym consistently on those days you’re physically able to. For example, if I have nothing major planned for the evening, I’ll be sure to eat clean and get to the fitness club, since there’s no point in dissipating a cheat on a day when I’m just kicking it with my bad self.

This way, I can essentially save my cheats for my weekly girls’ night out and the potential impromptu backyard BBQ this weekend (after all, it’s going to be a BALMY 30 degrees out). I take the same philosophy with working out. If I’m typically exercising 6 out of 7 days a week, then I know there’s going to be a day where I give myself some time off from the treadmill. If I’m physically able to, I motivate myself to get to the gym and gett’er done.

Especially during the summer, the chances of an expected social event are high; the sunshine beckons us all out on the patio, so it’s more than likely that someone’s going to organize a last-minute 5@7 Happy Hour excursion after work. If that pops up, I’m totally ready for it, since I’ve been good about, well, being good on those days when I can. Save the best for last.

Moderation is best guideline I can give you. It’s the basis of self-control (surprisingly, right up there beside “discipline”), so keep that in mind as you start your meal-planning for the week. And that balance is what Mobile Fitness is all about— the tools to let you lead a busy life and still make your goals, happily and without resorting to extreme measures. I’d like to hear what you have to say about cheats, since everyone’s experience varies. If you have any additional suggestions, please let us know. We can all help each other fight the fat without removing all of the fun.