24 Inch Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ Mountain Bike Review

There are lots of renowned brands and cool models of mountain bikes for kids out there, though not all can be trusted to most parents’ for their kids. So, to find the right mountain bike for your kid, you have to be careful of what you look for. My 13 years old Alex loves MTB bikes and 24 Inch Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ Mountain Bike is his No. 1 choice.

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  • Padded seat
  • Linear pull brakes
  • Steel full suspension frame
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • Strong yet lightweight Mountain Bike

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I have been buying several bikes since he was little, and this has made me conversant with mountain bikes for kids. Unlike most parents out there, I can take you through the selection process for choosing the right bike for your kid. You must know what to look for and how the bike matches your child’s style and riding capacity. But, first of all, let’s have a look at the details of this amazing mountain bike for kids.

Overview of The 24 Inch Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ Mountain Bike

The Mongoose 2.1 boys’ mountain bike is well known and has immense advantages on its side. Most bikes come equipped with normally sized tires because it is the norm to have tires that aren’t extra-large. This bike however doesn’t follow the rules of the average bikes and it’s exclusively designed with larger tires which kids can easily push.

Sizeable Tires

These are larger than normal tires and they come in handy when the user is navigating territory that is hard for normal bikes to cover. These large tires make travel comfortable in such rough terrains.

Mode Switching

The bike comes with different modes and the switching between these modes is Easy and functional. The presence of different kinds of modes on a bike is one of the most important innovations of the modern age.

Advanced Chain

The chain is the one component of the bike that finds a lot of use. It is important that the chain be able to function well and the way to make the chain function well is to make it durable and functional in a variety of circumstances. That is exactly what has been done with the Mongoose 2.1 boys’ MTB chain. It is therefore able to provide a very good service.

Easy to Use Handlebars

Handlebars are the parts of the bike that are held by hand and are to be used to steer the bike to different places. Handlebars need to be easy to handle because if they are not then the steering of the bike becomes very hard. These handlebars are made to ensure easy turning and also maneuvering. This makes the bike super Easy to steer and control.

Safe Design

Other than the safe foot to floor feature there are other aspects of this cool bike that also make it a very safe MTB to have. The bike is made to ensure that your child is well protected from falling off or injuring himself in any way. This way the child can be assured that they will learn about riding in a safe environment.

Balance Improvement

This bike introduces balance in a way that the child can easily relate to and remember in the long run. The result of this is that the child learns the most basic aspect of bike riding before even embarking on their first bike.

Nice Spokes

Spokes are the pieces of metal found on the wheel, they help to keep the bike tire in shape and prevent it from collapsing in on itself. To do this job they must be of the best quality which thankfully you’ll get on the Mongoose 2.1 boys’ tires.

Alloy Rims

The rims are also an important bike component. This rim is made of special alloy that gives them the ability to last long and also prevent the tire from being damaged. It’s the best rim for mountain bikes.

Reliable Brakes

The brakes on a bike have to be at their best because most of the time brakes are the difference between life and death. Poor or faulty brakes will lead to disastrous incidents of not taken care of. With this bike such precautions are unnecessary, as the brakes are of good quality.

Easy Assembly

The assembly process of this bike is not at all complicated. You need no special knowledge to fix this bike up. Only a basic understanding of mechanics is needed. In most cases, the user can fix this bike up on their own.

Portable & Lightweight

Portability is an important thing for any bike because sooner or later the bike will get spoilt and you will be forced to carry it. It helps if the bike is light enough to be easily carried. This bike has no weight issues due to the light materials used to make it.

Things To Consideration Before Buying a Mountain Bike for Kids

  • Bike Size

Bike size is an important feature that any buyer of bikes for children should consider. Children are obviously smaller than adults which means that their bikes must be designed specially to be able to accommodate them. Kids’ bikes should not be large, they should also not be too small such that kids who are older cannot ride them or find it difficult. This must be a consideration before a bike is bought.

  • Safety Features

The bike must have features which make it a safe bike to have. Kids will be involved in all sorts of games with their bike and it must be made to ensure that it is safe for them to use. The parent before buying any bike must consider its safety first.

  • Maintenance

Mountain bikes are very sophisticated featuring gears and other kinds of mechanisms not found in normal bikes. It will fall to the owner of the bike to maintain the bike as often as possible. A buyer must consider these costs before choosing to buy an MTB for their child.

  • Variety

Boys and girls are very different. Because if this any bike that is being considered for sale must be able to meet the variety test. Some bikes are exclusively boys’ bikes and others are totally for girls. It is important that the bike you want to buy be able to accommodate all sexes, and if not then versions for boys and girls be made available. This shows variety.

  • Warranty

The issue of warranty is very important. A bike isn’t an indestructible thing. There will be times when it will give way. When these times come it helps if the buyer had warranty provision from the seller. This way the bike could be repaired easily.

Final Verdict

The mountain bike I’ve represented here has been proven over years and years of tests to be the very best in the market. Most of the bikes have differing levels of usefulness, and some might do better on certain kinds of terrain more than others. But the bottom line is that the 24 inch Mongoose ledge 2.1 boys’ mountain bike is of the very highest quality and deserves to be bought by any serious parent for their children.