Top 5 Best Bike Helmets For Kids To Keep Your Child Safe And Happy While They Explore

Bike riding is one of the activities that most of the kids find interesting. They love riding bikes because it gives them freedom of exploring the new world. When it comes to using bikes the one thing that kids need more than most other things is the helmet. So, you need the best bike helmet for kids to help them avoid head injury which is one of the scariest things that can happen.

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The presence of a helmet is therefore one of those things that a parent cannot ignore when buying a bike for their kid. The next question quite naturally then is how to choose the best kind of helmet. There are so many helmets to be found out there and choosing one can present itself to be very challenging. To this end, this brief exposition is an attempt at solving these problems and presenting a buyer with the best helmets there are out there.

Things to Consider : Best Bike Helmet For Kids

When looking for a helmet, a buyer shouldn’t just go for any kind. There are a number of considerations which should inform choices. These considerations include the followings.


The inner lining of the helmet of any bike is what offers protection to the rider in case of accidents. The lining should have the best quality padding that will keep the head safe in times of impact. The padding material should also be long lasting, such that it can be used for longer without giving out. This will make the helmet last longer, and any helmet that lasts long is a good helmet that should be covered at all costs.

Aerodynamic Design

The outer design of any helmet is a very important thing that should be considered before the buying of any helmet. The design of a helmet should be able to aid in the flow of wind beyond the bike. This helps the bike to move faster and face less resistance in the wind. A helmet with poor design should not be considered for buy by any respectable parent. It will be a nuisance and hinder the child instead of aiding him or her in her riding. This should be an important consideration.

Construction Materials

The materials making up the helmet should also be considered before the helmet is bought. The helmet has a number of parts some of which might be made of metal or plastic and others which could be made of different kinds of fabric. The buyer should consider the relative merits of each of these parts and make a choice that should sit well with their conscience.

Helmet Sizing

The helmet of a bike can be made to fit different sizes. When buying a new helmet, the buyer should consider the size of the helmet and whether it fits into the head of a child. Some helmets are too big while others might be too small or not made to fit into the head of the child. The buyer should know all this and choose only the best helmet.

Recommended Best Helmets For Kids

The five helmets presented below are some of the best found out. They have the best specs and they have been made with the best design at heart. They will serve your kid in their biking very nicely.

Razor V-17 Kids Multi-sport Helmet

Razor V-17 Child Multi-sport Helmet

This is one of the best helmets. It is made for kids to fit their heads snugly and offer their best protection services to the child. The specs it has have been known to rival most others in the market. These specs presented below tell more about this bike.

  • Have Vents

Vents are the things on the side of the bike and they serve a very important purpose of sweating the helmet. A helmet with vents is able to prevent excess sweating and in the process offer more comfort to the kid as they are riding the bike. This helmet is therefore very good.

  • Great Color Combinations

The helmet comes in a variety of colors which make the helmet very attractive especially to the younger kids who are usually very pleased by these kinds of things. It is one of the features that will make the helmet sell well.

  • Ample Head Size

The helmets are made to fit the head of the child and cover a range of head diameters for the best for. This ensures that it doesn’t obstruct the child as they are riding not offer too little protection.

  • ​Durable Cords

The cords which tie at the back of the helmet are very secure because they are made of the best materials that could be thought of. This makes the helmet not loose and can fit the child even when he is riding at high speed.

Bell Child Star Wars Multi-Sport Bike Helmet

This helmet isn’t one helmet to joke with. It has been designed to serve your child and serve him well for long. There are specific design features about this helmet which give it an edge over many others in the market.

The interior of this helmet is covered with the best and softest materials that provide enough shock protection to the rider.

  • Padded Interior

As a result of this there is no fear of head injuries or other kinds of incidents when the child gets an accident.

  • Ergonomic Design

The helmet went heavy on good design to give it an edge. The ergonomic design helps both aesthetically and also in improving the nature of the helmet.

  • Bright Exterior

The exterior of the helmet is made of bright and reflective material. The importance of this is that it makes the rider visible especially at night. This visibility prevents accidents and gives the rider more safety as they ride.

  • Non Obstruction

The helmet is designed so that there is no chance of obstruction while the child is riding their bike. The helmet does not prevent the child from seeing the road clearly but only offers the best protection that can be.

Razor V-17 Multi-Sport Helmet

Helmets are made in any number of shapes and sizes. But this is a special kind of helmet with masterful design and some of the best looking exterior varieties out there. Any parent should get this for their child.

The helmet isn’t made with one size in mind but a number of sizes because the assumption is that not all children have the same size of heads.

  • Size Variation

The helmet with these different sizes is then able to be used on a number of different children without any issues at all.

  • Wonderful Design

The helmet is made with the best of design prompts. It is able to allow air flow well enough, and is also good looking on top of that and gives the impression of professionalism. Your kid will love the helmet to bits.

  • Side Vents

There are vents to the side of this vent which drain excess water in case the rider is caught in a situation where there is rain all around him. This helmet protects him as well as diverting the water away.

  • Extra Padding

The padding inside isn’t your usual kind of padding. It is made thicker purposely to give the rider the feeling of real comfort as they are riding the bike.

Bell Kids Rally Helmet

Helmets for kids must be well made. Extra care must be taken to make them especially comfortable and also variable for kids with different head sizes. This helmet offers all these qualities and more. The design of this helmet is such that your child will have the best and safest bike rides while they are using it.

  • Safety Assured

The components are well designed to give the rider the best feeling of their life and in total safety.

  • Breathable Material

The padding on this helmet is made of material that allows the flow of air in and out of the helmet for the best experience while riding. The kid will not swear profusely while on this helmet.

  • Large Enough

It doesn’t matter what size of head the kid is who wears the helmet, it is designed to accommodate them. The helmet is able to serve kids with different head sizes all the same because of the secure strapping on it.

  • Lightweight

Because of all the extra padding that usually is on the helmet a lot of time the expectation is that the helmet will be heavy. This expectation is upended here for the helmet is the lightest there is and offers the child comfort while riding.

Bell Child Frozen Bike Helmet

Helmets are essential but finding a good one is very hard. This helmet is one of the best in the market, and one that I would buy at any time. It has a number of advantages which are listed below.

The plastic used to make the helmet is of the best quality and gives it the ability to be used for very long. The durability is a key advantage.

  • Child Friendly

The helmet is truly a helmet for kids because of its fun design and all the other additional on it. It will be attractive to kids as opposed to more boring bigger helmets.

  • Easy to Look After

Maintaining a helmet can be tough but this one makes all the work easier because of the easy to clean surface and the interior that dries very quickly even when rained on. Easy maintenance results in easy use.

  • Color Variety

The helmet comes in different color combinations. Some of these will appeal to boys and others will appeal to girls. Because of the varied nature the helmets will prove very popular with both males and females. The helmet will therefore be well bought.

Final Verdict

Choosing a helmet can be a tough ask especially in this age when there are so many of them to choose from. Having a guide is one of the best things that a person can do to help himself or herself land the perfect helmet. For children the search is even more important because protecting kids should be a priority for all of us. It is hopes that this guide has been of the best help.