Free Writing Contest for the Unknown Heroes to Win $500

We’re searching for the Unknown Heroes. Once upon a time in Rome, gladiatorial combat was the most popular means of finding out the best Heroes. However, we’ve arranged a new form of combat from the beginning of the year 2017 to create an amazing opportunity for you to show off your heroism and excellence which is this free writing contest. This is a great chance for you to compete to defeat the world and to exert your fame.

The amount of Prize Money is $500

Yes, this little amount is nothing to make a millionaire, but this is really a great pride to win a contest and that’s why most of the qualified sportsmen and athletes participate in their local competitions. If you’re also an athlete, if you’re also a sportsman, or if you’re a big fan of outdoor recreation, this free contest is then the best chance for you to share your experience, success story and/or autobiography with your fans. Moreover, this contest is an amazing way for you to make new fans.

Who doesn’t like to be famous? You know, nobody born with fame, but it’s a subject to be achieved. We share the winners of this competition to our readers, fans and subscribers. They’ll come to know about you and will eagerly wait to enjoy your next championship on the stage or trail. If you’re a biker or swimmer, your new fans will inspire you to perform better. If you’re a backpacker or hiker, they’ll motivate you to explore the beauty of the world and also will enjoy your experience if it is exciting and of course awesome.

Table of Contents:

Schedule of the Contest:

This is a monthly contest. We love to announce the winner every month, we like to see the new Unknown Heroes every month. So, we’ve made the schedule of the contest fixed. Here is the schedule:

Date to announce the Winner: 28th day of each month

Date to select the Winner: 26th & 27th day of each month

Date to compete to win the Contest: 11th to 25th day of each month

Deadline to collect Contest ID: 10th day of each month

Date to submit your Writing: 5th to 9th day of each month

Deadline to collect Ticket to participate in the Contest: 4th day of each month

But, don’t worry if you miss the date to collect your Ticket for this month. Anytime you can collect your ticket to ensure your participation in the next month’s contest. To make your participation easy, we’re arranging this contest 12 times a year.

Requirements to Participate in this Free Writing Contest:

We’re sorry to say that this contest isn’t suitable for the professional writers. Our aim is not to find out the world class writers, but we’re searching for the sports and outdoor lovers. If you think yourself inclined to the sports, outdoor or recreational activities then this contest is open for you. To be more clear, this free contest is suitable for the –

Archery Shooter

Basketball Player

Baseball Player

Badminton Player

Boxer (boxing)

Bicyclist (cycling)

Backpacker (backpacking)

Bird Watcher (bird watching)

Bodybuilder (bodybuilding)

Cross Country

Runner Canoe Rider (canoeing)


Fistball Player



Hiker (hiking)

Horse Rider

Handball Player

Hockey/Ice Hockey Player

Mountain Climber

Mixed Martial Artist

Mountain/BMX Biker

Paintball‎ Shooter

Rugby Player

Sport Fisher (sport fishing)


Soccer Player

Swimmer (swimming)

Ski driver (skiing)

Snowboarder (snowboarding)

Snorkeler (snorkeling)

Scuba Driver

Tennis Player

Table Tennis Player


Volleyball Player

Wrestler or any other

Sportsmen, Outdoor Lovers or Athletes.

Additional Requirements:

To let the contest run smoothly you must have to have –

  • An Email Account
  • A Facebook Account &
  • A Twitter Account

Email account is needed because winners will be contacted personally via email, Facebook account is needed because Contest Ticket and Contest ID will be provided via Facebook Message and Twitter account is needed because Winners will be announced and tweeted on our Twitter profile.

How to participate in the Contest:

The participation process is simple. No need to register or create any account on our site to participate in this contest. Just you’ve to contact us to ensure your participation. Use our Contact Us page to contact with us, collect your Contest Ticket, submit your writing, collect your Contest ID and start fighting with other contestants to win the Contest. You can also contact with us via our Facebook Page.

What makes this Writing Contest Unique:

You may get hundreds of writing contests running online. A few of them are also free to participate. But, all of them will ask you to register on their site. This is not a problem, but the main issue is that they ask you to write poetry, fiction, short story or essay. None of them ask you to write about yourself, none of them are interested to listen to your success story.

And above all, they judge your writing by themselves. They even don’t show you all the writings from all the participants. They also don’t let you to know actually why they didn’t chose your writing to be the winner (if you don’t have won the contest). They score all the writings according to their own mercy. You actually have nothing to do, but to pray to win those contests after submitting your writing.

But, we’re completely different in judging your writing. We just want to be sure that your writing is not a copy paste writing from other’s autobiography or success story and along with Google, some other widely recognized tools help us to know that. We also don’t mind to show you the proof and reasons if your content is rejected. If your writing is really written by yourself, then we never like to reject it. And the most amazing fact is that our participants are the judge to select the winner. That means, you’ll judge other contestant’s writing and they’ll judge your’s. This interesting fact makes this free writing contest unique and better than any other traditional contests.

How to win the Contest:

You’ve already known that we just examine your writing if it is duplicate or fresh and unique. You also have known that we don’t accept any duplicate or copy paste writing. So, to win the contest, you’ve to write a high quality content. Your writing should include your success story in your favorite sports or athletic career.

If you’re a novice, then your writing should include the detailed plan to reach your success. For example: Your weight is now 200 lbs. You want to lose your weight. Your expected weight is 100 lbs. You like to lose this extra weight within the next 6 months. Then your writing should include everything you’re planning to lose your weight.

If you’re outdoor lover, then your writing should include your traveling, backpacking, hiking or other outdoor experience. You may also describe how and why did you become a big fan of outdoor. You even can write on your plan to enjoy the next moonlit night. You’re suggested to have a look at the Unknown Heroes section of this website to get ideas which will help you to write your amazing writing.

Submit your writing when it is completed and collect your Contest ID. Writing is the first part of this contest and the final part will be sent to you with your Contest ID. Completing the final part of this contest will help you to win this Contest. Feel free to contact us if you like to know the final part of this contest before participating in the contest.

Terms and Conditions:

We actually believe in “NO TERMS, NO VIOLATION” policy. But, to let the contest run smoothly and freely, we’ve to apply a few easy to follow terms and conditions. Check out our Terms page for the detailed version and here’s a brief terms and conditions which are particularly applicable to this contest –

  • Participants shouldn’t be under 13 years of age.
  • Writing shouldn’t include anything political or religious.
  • Writing shouldn’t include anything spammy.
  • Writing should be your own handwritten.
  • Contest can be paused or stopped at anytime by us or Sporting Goods Info.
  • Anything related to this contest can be changed, edited or removed by us or Sporting Goods Info.
  • Anything can be added to this contest by us or Sporting Goods Info.
  • Anything can be done to this contest by us or Sporting Goods Info without any notice.
  • Winners of the previous months are discouraged to participate again.
  • All rights reserved by

Contest Results:

We were going to publish the results right here. But, a large number of the participants and most of our well wishers have suggested that it could be better if the result would have been published into a community board instead of this static page. Participants would have then got the better scope to express their feelings.

We’re grateful to our well wishers that they have suggested such an amazing idea which also will make it easy for us to share the current status of the contest. Moreover, the best part of creating a community is that the participants will get an opportunity to know each other. This will make the contest more enjoyable. So, we’ve started a Fan Club where the results and all the updates of this contest are now available. Feel free to contact us to be a proud member of our Fan Club.