8 Fitness Tips For Healthier Life

How fit are your domestic habits? Did you set your long term fitness goals? When I’m off work, there’s a few things I pay attention to when I’m hanging out in my pad. It’s easier to see your sanctuary as a place of rest and recuperation, but there’s no reason you can stay in shape while maxin’ and relaxin’. So, create a greater fitness atmosphere in your life by following these quick guidelines.

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[8] Do 10 Every Time You Enter the Room:

I was recently reviewing an older copy of Oxygen magazine and I read a quote by one of the fitness models, who claimed to have a pull up bar install in her bedroom. Every time she went into her room, she did 10 pull ups. I was totally inspired by this. See if you can create a “rule of 10” of your own.

Going by the fridge? Drop and do 10. You could also make the room of choice the TV room; this way, sitting on your butt is no longer such a sedentary activity. Similarly, you might also choose to time your Rule of 10 against the amount of sedentary activity in the home. For every half hour you spend on your butt, do 10 crunches/squats/push ups and whatever you like. You can also consider about the following 10 choices.

10 choices to lead a healthy life

[7] Keep Your Gym Bag By the Door:

You’ve heard it before, but keeping your gym bag close to the front door makes getting your butt to the gym that much easier. What’s more, seeing your sneakers every time you come and go serves as a visual reminder of your fitness goals and can help motivate you to get going.

[6] Stand As You Surf:

Most of us spend too many hours a day on our butts, so why add to that total when you get home? Put your laptop on the counter and try surfing while standing. You’ll burn more calories and spend less time on your bum during the day.

[5] Keep Some Equipment:

While we might not all be able to invest in a treadmill or stepper, it’s a good idea to keep at least some equipment in the home for those times when we really can’t make it to the gym or track. Invest in some exercise bands or dumbbells or even a jump rope that you can keep in the closet or under the bed.

[4] Turn Down the Temp:

A warm, stuffy room means it’ll be that much harder to get to sleep. Sleep, as we know, is the time when the body mends and repairs itself, and it’s also the time when it recovers from all your hard work at the gym. Take the temp down a notch so that you can nod off easier and get a better sleep tonight.

[3] Stash a Weight By the Stairs:

Similar to the idea of doing 10 every time you enter the room, stashing a dumbbell can make a routine climb into a more calorie- torching experience. Every time you head upstairs (or down), take the dumb bell with you. Your muscles will have to work harder as you climb, giving you a mini workout as you go.

[2] Watch Your Liquids:

We all know it’s a good call to stay hydrated, but often, routines are easier to form in a controlled, unified setting, like the office. You don’t really have a choice but to sit in front of that screen typing away all day, so it’s that much easier to remember to fill your glass. On our days off at home, however, anything goes, which can make it harder to stick to those good habits. Clock your water and avoid sugary drinks to help keep your skin and weight in check.

[1] Be Aware of Restaurant Suppers:

Last night, I went out for dinner after work for a friend’s birthday. You know the drill— great company, great eats, and some food-related guilt. It’s hard to avoid this sometimes, but when we’re out for supper with our buddies, our choices tend to stray pretty far from the health-beaten path. Ever notice how a get-together always brings out the nachos, fried foods, excessive alcohol, and sugary-sweet desserts?

At the time, it’s all fun, food, and games, but for those looking to keep their waistlines in check, there are some things you can do to make dinnertime out a little less dangerous. See that you don’t avoid getting social and still stay slim during supper by following these quick tips:

Keep It Appetizing:

Those entrees seem to be getting larger and larger. These days, a bowl of pasta can be nearly the same size as your head, which means we’re ingesting way more calories than we need to in one sitting. The point is to walk out of the restaurant satisfied, not so stuffed that you feel like your stomach is at war with itself, so keep your portions in check by ordering an appetizer- sized platter of whatever it is you like.

Most restaurants will accommodate you, so you can be sure to enjoy only as much as your body would normally “need” during one sitting. If not, once your entrée arrives, immediately portion out a more reasonable sized meal out of your pasta and save the remainder for takeout. Feel like that teeny- tiny plate won’t be enough? Order a lean soup or salad or a side of veggies with your appetizer portion to help sate your hunger.

Pick Your Poison:

Often, what really kills us during restaurant dining is overindulgence— in other words, getting your hands on any and every course on the menu. Fried calamari? Of course! Steak and potatoes? Order up! Apple pie a la mode? Who wouldn’t?

Though it all sounds amazing, see if you can order strategically. You can still enjoy the delicious food without pigging out on everything on tap. Opt for either a sinful appetizer or deep-dish dessert— not both. That way, you still get to have a piece of that famous chocolate- chip brownie pie while saving yourself the extra calories of overeating.

Me, I’m less of a dessert person than a salt freak. Admittedly, I love fried foods, so I usually end up with a side of sweet potato fries, calamari, or onion rings as my restaurant indulgence. When the dessert menu comes around, I usually skip it, which is fine by me. I’ve had my amazing delicious dish, and I don’t feel bad for not ordering a slice of cake. Bonus: see if you can keep your entrée relatively lean (think a burger with a salad instead of extra fries), and you’ll walk out of the restaurant one savvy slim chick.

Get Your Drink On:

stay hydrated always with drink

I seem to return to this one often, but H2O is really the best thing that came before sliced bread. Restaurant food is usually sodium-heavy, so it’s best to stick to sipping your water to help even things out. In addition, drinking water will also help keep your appetite at bay, so if following the first two tips seems difficult, you might be more at ease after downing a glass of water.

Socially, if you’re trying to compete with all the heavy drinkers at the table, sipping on iced water with lemon can help give the illusion that you’re joining in on all the festive boozing. Having water keeps your hands (and mouth) busy and takes away from the awkwardness of not drinking something while everyone else is doing the exact opposite.

Pause Before Pastry:

At times, we plough on strong through every course as though it’s a race to reach the finish line. Why all the rush? Remember to pace yourself during dinner. After the empty entrees have cleared the table, take a moment (or two) to sit back, chat, and let your dinner set in before even glancing at the dessert menu. Often, it takes about 20 minutes or so before your brain sends out the memo that you’re full. If you order up immediately after supper, you could be shoveling in an extra meal without really needing it.

If you’re still looking to extend the conversation by virtue of staying longer at the restaurant, order some tea and coffee instead of dessert. Less calories, more comfort, more good times with friends, plus a reason to stay in the restaurant— can’t beat that and finally try to get a good night’s sleep.

Sound sleep is a must to lead a healthy life and there’s a countless number of health benefits of having a profound sleep at night. After a day of working out and hanging out, enough sleep will mean the muscles get time to repair and grow stronger. As a result, your body will help you work out harder the next day and push much harder as you will be re-energized and ready to go again. You should make a very warm and cozy environment so that you can fall asleep quickly. Sound dampen your bedroom so that you are not disturbed and you can sleep peacefully.

Hope this will help you to lead a healthier life. Life becomes more colorful when our body is fit and disease free. If you follow these fitness tips along with other advanced tips points discussed on this site in another fitness related posts, then you will be able to keep yourself away from common weakness and sickness. However, how do you navigate a social dinner out with friends? Let us know. Share your comments below.