7 Most Popular Types Of Basketball Goals

Didn’t you see Barack Obama to play basketball? Yes, it’s such a popular game that even US president doesn’t hesitate to enjoy it. So, it’s natural that you also love basketball and consider buying a basketball hoop for your home as you believe that a home is not a sweet home without a basketball goal. But, the problem is that there are different types of basketball goals and it’s really perplexing to select the most suitable one for our home. However, to help you to choose the most fittest goal system, we’ve arranged this for you.

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7 types of basketball goals at a glance:

  1. Pool Basketball Goal
  2. Portable Basketball Goal
  3. Outdoor Basketball Goal
  4. Kids Basketball Goal
  5. Indoor Basketball Goal
  6. Adjustable Basketball Goal
  7. Mini Basketball Goal

Pool Basketball Goal

Pool Basketball Goal

With a pool basketball goal, you can enjoy all the fun of the amazing basketball, combined with the enjoyment of swimming. You’ll find that there are several different versions out there, and finding the right one is very important, so that you can add a whole new level to your pool fun. The main thing is choosing what seems best to you, from the types of pool basketball goals available in the market.

One of the most common type of pool basketball goals, is the type that sit just outside your pool. So that the goal and the rim are right above the water. These are not unlike standard portable goals in construction, but usually feature larger backboards and shorter poles. The larger backboard can serve as a handy method to ensure that the ball is less likely to fly outside the pool. Plus having the goal located over the water ensures that the ball is always delivered right back to you, so that the fun doesn’t have to stop while you chase down your ball.

There are two basic variants in these type of pool basketball goals. Some feature very large and curved backboards, to try and control the trajectory of the ball.  This type are extremely convenient to ensure that the ball is always returned to you and you won’t have to go chasing your ball after every extremely wayward shot.  There are also pool basketball goals that feature standard backboards. Although these may better represent the way that a real hoop looks, they can also be inconvenient for pool use.  You may find that you’re chasing the ball an awful lot, anytime someone misses a shot.

You can also customize your pool basketball goal, by finding officially licensed NBA replicas. These can feature the NBA logo, or can even bear logos of authentic teams.  With these, you can really give your pool that authentic basketball feel, and you can ensure that you enhance the fun of your pool even more.  While these cost more, it can be worth the added cost, just to really enhance the experience of actually playing basketball while you’re in the pool.

The other most common type of pool basketball goals are small floating versions that can sit right in your pool. Typically these hoops feature smaller rubber balls, while the goal itself is usually made from plastic that has to be inflated. Then the goal will float on the surface of the water, and provide a target for you to try and get the ball through. This floating feature can be a great way to add a different level of fun difficulty to your pool basketball experience, as the hoop will constantly be moving and swaying with the water.  As an added advantage, this type is also extremely portable, and tends to be much cheaper than other types of hoops that are specifically made for pool use.

Portable Basketball Goal

Portable Basketball Goal

A portable basketball goal is one of the easiest, and most convenient ways to turn your driveway into a court.  These allow you to play basketball at your home, with relative ease as they require practically no setup.  Basically, these are ready to go once you purchase them, so you can be playing basketball only moments after buying your hoop from the store. The main thing will simply be purchasing the right type of portable basketball goal for you. That means picking out the features that are most important to you, so that you get a hoop that the whole family can enjoy.

The way that any portable basketball goal works, is by providing a convenient way to take your game literally anywhere.  They are usually full size hoops complete with backboard, placed on a regulation sized pole.  The pole is then grafted onto a heavy base, that often features wheels to make for easy transport. A portable basketball goal is extremely easy to set up, as all you basically need to do, is fold the pole into a standing position. They come ready to go, right after your purchase, so you can ensure that you don’t have to wait through hours of annoying setup, just to play basketball at home.

However, because of their convenient design, there are also a few problems you can run into, if you aren’t properly prepared.  While any portable basketball goal can support it’s weight okay, on it’s own, you may want to think about anchoring the base, for prolonged use.  This can be important, as a portable hoop can be vulnerable to falling over, under the constant pressure it would face while you’re playing a game. That means you’ll want to use sand bags, or fill the base with water, to provide enough extra weight to keep your portable basketball goal in one place.  This way you ensure that the game can take place as safely as possible.

You’ll want to pick your portable basketball goal carefully though, as not all are the same.  If you’ll be using the hoop for dunking, or any other type of heavy activity, you’ll want to purchase a breakaway rim so that it can handle the pressure.  You’ll also want to think about the type of backboard that you purchase.  You can either find backboards made from thick wood or plastic, but there are also professional styles that feature tempered transparent glass.

Outdoor Basketball Goal

Outdoor Basketball Goal

Installing an outdoor basketball goals around your home is another amazing way to really bring the true basketball experience to your home whenever you want to play. It’s just a matter of choosing the most ideal type of hoop, as you’ll find there are a variety of different types.  Whether you’re looking for something that’s going to be perfect for playing anywhere like a portable hoop.  Or if you’re just looking for the most realistic court experience possible with a full on in ground hoop, there’s going to be a hoop for you.  All you have to do is to find the right type that’s going to provide that ideal experience for you. So that you can really enjoy playing basketball outdoor with all of your friends.

When it comes to any type of outdoor basketball goals, it’s just a matter of choosing the one that’s going to be the most convenient or affordable for you to install. If you’re looking for something cheap that just allows you to play and have some fun, the wall mounted goal is going to be your ideal choice.  With these, you can literally mount them to any surface, like the front of your garage and you can play basketball anywhere. This way, your entire driveway can become the perfect court, and you can really enjoy having a lot of fun shooting hoops whenever the notion strikes you.

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more adaptable to a variety of different situations, the only outdoor basketball goals that you’ll have your eye on, are portable goals. These are specially made to be completely mobile, so that you can literally take them with you anywhere.  Usually they come on big weights and feature a full size pole that can be erected, so that you can literally roll the device into place anywhere to enjoy basketball at your leisure.  However, despite the bottom piece being weighed, you may want to add your own weights as well to make it sure that it’s strong enough to hold up during a particularly competitive game.

Of course, when you’re looking for the epitome of outdoor basketball hoops, you want to go with the in ground hoop.  This is the one for which you’re going to have to dig a hole in the ground, and actually fill it in with cement to form a stable base for the hoop.  This way, you’re able to ensure your hoop can survive anything and you guarantee that it’s going to be around for years to come. In fact, with this type of hoop you’re going to be able to even install a breakaway rim so that you can even dunk anytime you’re playing, to really show off your skills. No matter what type of outdoor basketball goals you’re really looking for, you can find the perfect solution literally anywhere.

Kids Basketball Goal

Kids Basketball Goal

Finding the right type of kids basketball goal can be important, when you’re looking for a fun yet safe way to enable your youngest children to get involved in a great game like basketball.  Getting children interested in sports at a young age can be a fantastic way to ensure that they’ll be active and interested in being totally physically fit later on in life.  But in order for them to get used to actually playing basketball on a regular basis, you’re going to need to buy the right type of equipment. This is where kids basketball hoops come in so that you can enable them to play literally anywhere, so that your entire home can become a court.

When you’re looking to pick out the most ideal type of kids basketball hoops possible, you really want to match your choice to their age group. For very young children, you want to go with small plastic hoops, or even inflatable ones. This way, you can ensure they are small enough to use practically anywhere, indoors or out. But you can also ensure that the material is soft enough to actually prevent injuries. Inflatable hoops especially are ideal if you’re worried about the game getting too rowdy, and anyone getting injured. With an inflatable hoop you can be sure that the game is always safe, until they’re ready for the real thing.

Again, when you’re looking for the most ideal kids basketball hoops for young children that are a bit older, you’ll want to go with freestanding portable goals.  Just like full size goals, there are outdoor portable goals for kids that are a bit smaller than pro hoops.  They aren’t as heavy, and also don’t reach as high, so that the goal is a bit lower to the ground where it can be easier for children to use. It’s just a matter of finding the most ideal kids basketball hoops like this for your child to play on.  You’ll find that some feature standard white backboards, or you can get them with exciting licensed NBA ones as well.

If you’re looking for the perfect kids basketball goals that you can ensure they’re able to use later on In life as well, you want to go with an adjustable goal.  With these, you can actually just install a real in ground, or wall mounted hoop, and just adjust it as they grow older.  There is a very low setting which is ideal for the youngest ball players. But then there is also the ability to raise it as they get aged. So that it can always be at the perfect height to be challenging enough, until it’s finally at a professional height.

Indoor Basketball Goal

Indoor Basketball Goal

Choosing indoor basketball goals can be somewhat difficult, as you want to be sure that you’re able to find the perfect goal to use and you’re able to get the most authentic basketball experience possible. Whether you’re looking to play like a pro, or just have fun playing sports in general, there are a variety of goals that you can choose from.  It’s just a matter of choosing the ideal goal for your price range, as well as what’s going to allow you to play the way that you want.  All you have to do is to find the most ideal indoor basketball goals that are going to give you the experience that you love.

What you’re going to find when you’re looking for the perfect indoor basketball goals of any kind, is that there are two major options that you’re going to have.  There are both wall mounted, as well as freestanding goals that can be ideal for installing in any indoor environment. Wall mounted is usually the easiest, as well as cheapest to handle, as they require very little actual equipment that you don’t already have.  All you have to do is just to pick out the right sturdy spot on your wall, where you can install your hoop to make sure that it’s at the right height, so that you can play the game in an authentic level.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for a hoop that you can place anywhere at your convenience, you may want to think about going with portable indoor basketball goals.  These are special types of hoops that can be folded down into easy to carry and maneuver shapes . But that can also fold out into a full size hoop that you can use for a game, practically anywhere. Plus, you already have known that they feature weighted bases so that the hoop stays perfectly positioned no matter how much or how long you play. That means you literally don’t have to worry about any kind of complicated installation, and instead you can just focus on having fun.

But of course, you may want to think about purchasing the right type of indoor basketball goals based upon who’s going to be playing as well.  If you have a hoop that both children and adults are going to use, installing an adjustable one is usually ideal.  This way, you can lower the hoop a bit for small children, and make using the goal a bit more easy.  Of course, for adults, you may want to think about installing a breakaway rim as well, so that you can dunk without damaging the backboard.

Adjustable Basketball Goal

Adjustable Basketball Goal

Buying  an adjustable basketball goal for your home can be a great way to ensure you have the perfect net for anyone from kids to adults to play on. They are easy to use, and enable you to lower and raise the hoop to match the age or difficulty level of the participants. You’ll find that the right goal is going to be essential, when you’re looking for the perfect way to allow your children to play on the same hoop as adults, and it’s just a matter of picking the right type to put on the outside of your house. There are all different types of  adjustable basketball goals, so you’re never going to be short of options, no matter what you’re looking for.

When it comes to  adjustable basketball goals that are easy to just set up and play, nothing is going to work better than portable goals.  These are special types of goals that feature their own full size pole, in addition to a heavy and sturdy base that features wheels.  With this type of goal, you’re going to be able to actually take them wherever you need to play, with no installation required. That means you can simply put the goal up and play in your driveway, when you’re camping, and practically anywhere else.  That makes this the easiest type to pack up and play, literally anywhere.

Although if you’re looking for something a bit more stable, you’re going to want to look to other types of adjustable basketball goals. The problem with portable, is that they can be knocked down, especially if you’re going to be dunking or rough housing. But with wall mounted hoops, you can be sure that your net isn’t going anywhere. With this type of goal you can place it simply on the side of your house, or even above a garage, so that you can play in your driveway.  The possibilities are practically endless, and you’re always going to have plenty of options to play the way that you want.

Of course, when you’re looking for the most ideal adjustable basketball goals, you also want to be sure you choose the right type of method for adjustment. Some goals feature a clicking system, by which you actually take a pole, or even broom handle, to move the hoop to the right setting manually.  Otherwise, there are also fixtures that require you get up near the hoop using a ladder, and you’ll have to unscrew the joints to adjust it manually.  The clicking type are ideal for their quickness but also aren’t as stable or sturdy. But the screw in type are ideal for providing you with more stability for grown up players.

Mini Basketball Goal

Mini Basketball Goal

For many people, basketball is a lifestyle, and one that you really want to be able to represent practically everywhere, including the home and the office. However, installing a court in your room isn’t always an option, even when you really have the will to play. For that reason, buying the right type of mini basketball goal can be the perfect way to let you to replicate the experience in a really fun way, throughout your home. It’s also a matter of choosing the right type, so that you can have fun shooting hoops after the sun goes down, or just so that you can have a momentary distraction when you’re trying to think.  Plus there are a lot of mini basketball hoops, meaning you can find the perfect one.

What you’re going to find with any type of mini basketball hoops, is that they are all about the same. Typically they feature a special type of smaller backboard, as well as goal, in addition to a smaller ball as well. Usually they can be attached right to the back of a doorway, so that you can ensure you can play right in your room. With the right type of mini basketball hoops you can really replicate the feel of the game, and you want to select all of the components to ensure they really present the feel that you want, even when you’re just playing for fun.

What you’re going to find with any type of mini basketball hoops, is that you really want to think about the type of ball that you’re using. What you’re going to find from most is that you’ll be using a smaller bean bag style ball, or even a foam ball to ensure that you won’t accidentally damage anything inside your home. For that reason, you may want to go with a set that actually features a real rubber ball, so that you can actually bounce it, and have a lot of fun with real like shooting.

The most basic version can be found practically anywhere, and feature a plastic or engineered wood backboard, with a plastic rim and a foam ball. These are fairly cheap, and not very visually impressive, but can still provide a great way to replicate the fun of basketball indoors.  You can still get those that actually feature clear glass or plastic, to give off the look of the same type of hoop that the pros play on. Some even have mock breakaway rims, so that you can ensure they really have the look of an authentic hoop that you could dunk on. No matter how wayward a shot goes, or where you throw the ball, it’s light foam composition ensures that you’ll never have to worry about accidentally breaking a lamp, or a television screen.

Though we’ve represented 7 types of basketball goals here, but now you’ve already come to know that there are only 3 main types of systems. These are Wall Mount, Portable and In Ground hoops. But, the inflatable and mini basketball hoops are just for making some fun. However, when you’re going to consider buying a basketball hoop of any type, first of all you should read some customer reviews which surely will help you to pick up the right one and here you’ll get some valuable clues to select your desired one between in ground and portable basketball goal.