5 HOWs To Be More Active On Your Fitness Journey

Achieving fitness is not any go get done activity. It’s a long journey through the rough ocean. Sometimes it becomes very perplexing to take the right action on some occasional activities. The aim of this post is to make you aware of those objects and help you to choose possibly the better way and thus help you to be more active on your fitness journey. So, let’s see how should we conduct with the following 5 “HOW”s.

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[5] How Do You Spend Your Downtime:

The weekend is here, and what is the better way to celebrate than to kick off your pumps, jump out of your suit, and go full- pancake on the living room futon. I know what I’ll be doing– cooking up a pot of hot homemade stew while jammin’ to the latest Sean Paul track, glass of wine in hand instead of best backpacking to the backcountry this weekend. Since it’s Sunday, I have to ask: how do you spend your down time? And the answer will be doing some fun activities like the followings:


fun in shopping at night

Okay, so I’m still known to bring my wallet, but I find night shopping can be a fun alternative to going to the movies as I’m on my fitness journey. Sometimes, after a hard day in the office, pampering yourself with pretty things can be a good way to unwind. I either plan to meet a friend, or just head on over to the boutiques on St. Catherine’s Street for a leisurely browse.

Why it’s good: After sitting for long periods of time, getting up on your feet, even if it’s just to casually scan the racks, is a good way to get the blood circulating again. Plus, as discussed, pretty things are good for the soul as well as for the health.

Host a Dinner:

host a dinner

I’m starting to become quite the chef in the kitchen (haha), so when Sunday comes around, I like to clean out the fridge and see what I can whip up. Also, having the girls over for some healthy eats (and soft drinks, of course!) can be a great social bonding experience.

Why it’s good: When you cook your own meals, you have greater control over what goes into your mouth– how much oil, fat, sugar, you name it. As opposed to eating out, it’s much less expensive, and you can sit and linger as long as you like without “ordering” more food. For those who like to get cozy with company, hosting a dinner can be a great weekend activity.

Cocktails With The Girls:

Okay, so we know that alcohol is a major source of empty calories, but most us will agree that social drinking is a fun way to unwind and spend time with your friends. Plus, when it comes to the calories, getting dolled up and going out to that hot new cocktail bar is arguably a more flavorful experience than sitting in with a pizza and a bag of chips. As long as it’s not an everyday thing that you abuse to excess, going out for drinks with your friends can be a fun holiday event.

Why it’s good: The evils of alcohol aside, I love the anticipation of a night out for cocktails. Getting ready at a boyfriend’s place, picking out your outfit and doing your hair, and dancing around to Beyonce’s Girls is definitely not something I want to give up. Going out, whether for drinks, to a party, out dancing, or anywhere you be expected to get dolled up, is definitely linked to your fitness goals and positive mental health.

Like the idea of pampering yourself with an evening of shoe shopping, doing something fun for yourself is an important part of your well- being. Although the event “out” doesn’t have to revolve around drinking, the idea is the same; getting out of the house in your best dress and heels with people you enjoy spending time with lets you show off your bad self a bit and can be good for the self- esteem and of course it will motivate you towards your journey.

[4] How Do You Stay Sane Around the Sugar:

How Do You Stay Sane Around the Sugar

As Easter approaches, three things can be expected: the appearance of the often sought- after and ever- elusive egg bearing rabbit, several days off work or school, and a lot of chocolate Tons. Sugar coated sugar, chocolate covered chocolate, and so forth. Let me ask you, how do you deal with all the seasonal sweetness?

Admittedly, I’m not really a sugar fiend, but around this time of year, we’ve pretty much got the syrupy stuff pouring out of our ears. Whether you actually buy the candy or not, it seems like you can never escape it. At my previous workplace, coworkers would litter the office with all kinds of junk foods, making it doubly hard not to dip your fingers in the honey pot. One chocolate egg leads to another, and then another, and before you know it, half a bag of stuff you wouldn’t normally be eating has gone to your waistline or thighs. Ughh.

So how exactly do you stay sane amid all the Easter Sunday sugar?

As I’ve mentioned, for me, eating sweets is more of an impulsive thing than anything else. If I have a choice, I’d normally go for saltier fare, like chips, pretzels, or popcorn. Chocolate usually doesn’t show up on my radar, so it seems like I end up eating sweets merely because they’re there. This is probably the worst- case scenario, since I can at least justify noshing on chips (because I like them). But, If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then beware of the following…

Office Sweethearts:

Often, workplace noshing is more of a social thing. Everyone’s gathered around the coffee carafe or water cooler chatting, using food or drink as a pretense to take a break from their computers. For me, this is usually how the mindless munching begins. I stop by to see a coworker, and there are treats on the desk. As the conversation goes on, I somehow find myself snacking, as though our chatting somehow justifies the eating. It’s weird, but it happens more than you think.

Home, Sweet Home:

If you live with other people, then it’s likely the sugar comes home to roost. Your roommate’s sweet tooth can quickly become your own, and where exactly are you gonna hide in a two bedroom apartment? Thankfully, I’m on my own at this point, so if I don’t buy it, it doesn’t follow me home. At my parents’ place however, I know there’s going to be an excess of chocolate treats this weekend.

Sticky Sales Racks:

Post- holiday, most of the chocolaty fare become reduced to near liquidation prices. 1.50$ for a bag of 10 dollar treats? Why the hell not? It’s bad enough walking past the treats at work, but unbeatable prices makes a sugar a lot less sinful. If you’re particularly tempted to stock up on the sweets, it could be a good idea to leave the extra cash at home during your next trip to the grocery store.

[3] How To Keep Your Fridge Healthy:

How healthy is your fridge? Besides stocking it up with fresh fruits, veggies, lean protein, and low- fat dairy, when was the last time you stopped to clean out your drawers? Cleaning out your fridge can be depressing sometimes. I don’t know about you, but having to toss out a lot of spoiled and unconsumed food is a little disappointing; I hate having to waste food. Either way though, it’s gotta be done, especially in order to make room for fresher, healthier items. See how you can keep it quick, clean, and painless in no time:

Reassess the Sauces:

Stuff we don’t use all the time— like sauces, for example— should be sniffed and re-assessed. Generally, your ketchup has a relatively long shelf life, but just in case, it’s best to see if there’s any mold growing or any funky smells. Do the same for jars and other condiments; toss anything that’s raunchy. You’d be surprised how much space this opens up.

Rotate Your Meats:

If you’re like me, then you probably have a freezer full of meat that you bought on special. Still, it can be hard to keep track of a heavy freezer. Remember to re-assess your freezer inventory; see if you can get in the habit of including the dates of when you bought each item going into the icebox.

Slap a label (“December 2016”) on the wrapper, or use masking tape. That is how, you can better keep eyes on how old each item is and which items need to be consumed first. Don’t forget to rotate your frozen items— get the older items on top so you can follow the “first in, first out” rule.

Wipe It Down:

Food spills in the fridge can mean a lot of bacteria in your icebox. Take the time to wipe down your shelves, drawers, and door with an anti- bac towel; get rid of all those crumbs, ketchup stains, and anything else that would normally be cleaned up were it on your kitchen counter. For a fresh smelling fridge, keep an open box of baking soda near the back. The baking soda will help absorb food smells, but it also has an expiry date; make sure you change your box to keep it fresh.

Check Your Brita:

I always seem to forget to change the filter on my Brita, so make sure your date sticker is current. Better to check the filter and make the swap before the taste becomes the reminder to reassess the freshness of your water.

Make Stew:

When it’s all said and done, you might end up with a lot of produce or meat that needs to be consumed within the next few days. Instead of going crazy in the kitchen, a good solution is to make stew (or soup). Any veggies that need to get used quickly can easily be tossed in the pot, with either beef or chicken to boot; see that your meat is browned and cooked. Add some water or low- sodium broth, bring to a boil, then simmer for about an hour or so, and voila. Hearty, healthy, homemade soup, and no food waste.

[2] How Good Was Your Sleep:

how good was your sleep

How was your sleep after taking care of your fridge or doing anything else which was so arduous? We tend to over- look the value of getting enough shut eye, but when it comes to meeting your fitness goals, catching the zs is just as important as eating well and staying active. When you’re working out hard, rest is the key to letting your body recuperate and maintain that trim shape. Getting too little sleep (or poor quality sleep) can potentially mess up your metabolism and your eating habits, which can mean the weight won’t be coming off any time soon.

Do You Get Enough Sleep:

How are you feeling when you wake up? I know, I know, mornings are always difficult, even if we’ve had the best sleep. Besides, who actually wants to abandon a nice warm bed in favour of getting ready for work?

Still, there is a difference between wanting to stay in bed longer and actually feeling the lack of sleep. If you’re constantly fighting to wake up in the morning (and I mean really struggling), it could be a sign that you’re physically in need of an extra hour of sleep.

I find that when I’m going hard on the treadmill and pumping the weights, my body needs a lot of rest— at least a full 8-9 hours a night. 8 should be enough, but when you’re involved in a lot of physical activity, you really need to make sure you’re paying enough attention to getting your rest. Otherwise, your hard work could be going to waste.

How’s the Shut Eye:

Exercise revs up your system and can make you more alert, so working out close to your bed time can be tricky to maneuver; however, it’s not the same for everyone. Some days, I zonk out almost as soon as my head hits the pillow. My body has had a good workout, and now I’m physically tired and need rest. This means no more restless leg syndrome, and less tossing and turning prior to drifting off.

Do you drift off right away? Sometimes, 8 hours of sleep really isn’t 8 hours. If you take a good half an hour to fall asleep, you’re cutting closer to 7.5 hours, which might not be enough and so get some solutions to your Shut Eye Situation here:

Block out the light:

Make sure your curtains are drawn and that your bedside clock light is covered. Excess light signals your body to wake up or stay alert, so even the smallest sliver of light could be impeding your ability to get a good night’s rest.

Take some time to wind down:

As I mentioned, sometimes 8 hours really isn’t 8 hours. Sometimes, it takes me a good 20 minutes to nod off after getting under the sheets. I’m mentally reviewing the day’s events, thinking about what’s on my plate for tomorrow, and so on, and so forth. Stop it! Remember that sleep is not for ruminating, but for resting.

If you have the tendency to stress before you sleep, take a good half an hour to an hour to wind yourself down prior to getting under the covers. Go through your bedtime routine, turn off the club beats or anything that would other- wise amp you up. The idea is to prep yourself for rest, so try to avoid doing anything that needs to be “finished” before you go to bed.

Make a tea:

Chamomile tea can be really soothing and helpful before going to bed. Warm liquid (like drinking warm milk) can assist you in getting cozy and ready to drift off, so ditch the cold water (which can be useful in waking you up in the mornings) and grab a tea.

Get off your computer:

If you’re over-stimulated, it can doubly as hard to drift off. It might not seem like it, but being on the computer can actually keep you up at night. Mental stimuli can be as bad as the physical kind when you’re trying to nod off, so try to avoid surfing the web ‘til the eleventh hour tonight.

Get in bed ten minutes sooner:

If you know it takes you some time to actually fall asleep, get into bed 10-15 minutes earlier to account for it. Now it seems to me that your shut eyes issue has got the solution. Now let’s have a look at the last HOW for today.

[1] How Long Does It Take You To Get Ready:

It may sound like a funny question, but let’s be honest. As girls— women— it can take us a fair bit longer to get going in the morning (or before the gym or going out, for that matter) than it does other people. My other half always teases me that when I say I’ll be ready in 5, it really means more like 30. As such, he has a pretty good idea on how my conception of time works. Here’s what you need to know to help speed up your prep time in the morning, before going to the gym, or prior to heading anywhere you need to go:

Add 10 Minutes to your ETD (Estimated Time of Departure):

I love how our idea of time totally varies per person. I think I can get ready for work in an under an hour or get totally set for the gym in 5 minutes flat, but experience— and those flashing numbers on the digital clock— tell me otherwise. I don’t know you about you, but absolutely hate being rushed. Adding a grace period of 10 to 15 minutes to your allotted prep time can save you a lot of headache when you’re running to make your 7:15 spinning class.

Consider Modeling…Later:

Ever find yourself trying on all your pretty things as you’re getting ready to go out? Sometimes, you just have to see how that vest looks with those pants, oh, and topped off with that scarf. For those of us with a little extra time before going out, this is all fine and dandy— trust me, I end up doing this more often than you think.

When getting dressed, I sometimes confuse this with doing an impromptu inventory check. I suddenly realize that there’s a cute dress pushed to the side that I haven’t worn in awhile, or my studded jeans have somehow reappeared on the top shelf.

If you’re on a schedule, taking time to model all your outfits in the mirror and down the imaginary runway can set you back a bus ride or two. Remember this the next time you start getting ready to hit the gym or go out to meet friends; try not to get distracted by all the fun things in your closet.

Don’t Forget the Little Things:

Sometimes, our powers of estimation fail simply because we forget to include all the little extras that also factor into our pre-departure time schedule. Brushing your teeth, throwing your gym clothes in your gym bag— oh, along with your training gloves, lock, shower gear, and anything else that should be in there, too— filling up your water bottle, wiping off your runners, and anything else you can think of that aren’t a “major” part of your prep routine can all add up to time unaccounted.

Personally, this is why it always feels like it takes me forever to get ready for the gym. I forget that I have certain things I like doing before heading out the door aside from getting dressed. Similarly, leaving for work in 5 min- utes isn’t really 5 minutes if you forget that you also have to grab some granola bars from the cupboard, rinse out your portable coffee mug, and lace up your best boots. Remember the little things and you’ll have a more realistic idea of how much time you actually need to get going.

My dear friends, may be I have forgotten to mention few things (who knows what), but I willingly didn’t hide anything here on how I conduct those “how”s. You know, I don’t want to be an overweight chicken. So, I always looking for some better means of everything to be focused to my fitness journey. But, only God knows each and every better things. So, be friendly and don’t mind to share how you do those things with us.